Sosirea Turciei! Fethiye / Sailing Aquarius Ep. 153

Sosirea Turciei!  Fethiye / Sailing Aquarius Ep.  153

După ce am părăsit ancorajul frumos în Lindos, Rhodos am decolat. Vânturile nu erau perfecte, dar măcar nu erau împotriva noastră. Așa că încet, luându-ne timpul, am navigat cu motor spre Est, spre Turcia. Destinația noastră Fethiye, potrivit multora, unul dintre cele mai frumoase locuri din Turcia! Si e! Alăturați-vă nouă pentru a-l vedea singur 😉 Și vă mulțumim foarte mult pentru vizionare 🙏 Rămâneți pe fază, deoarece vinerea viitoare, la 12:00 EST, lansăm un nou videoclip 🎥 Facem tot posibilul să vă ținem distrați și informați, iar dacă vi se pare distractiv, plăcut sau informativ, luați în considerare devenind parte din echipa noastră și ➡️ alăturați-vă nouă pe Patreon: ➡️ doriți să ne susțineți, dar nu sunteți sigur de angajamentul pe termen lung? Fă o donație o singură dată pe PayPal: NOUA noastră marfă o poți găsi aici: Mai multe despre noi: https://www.sailingaquarius. com/ Videoclipul nostru tur cu barca: YouTube este principalul nostru obiectiv, dar pe Instagram sau Facebook postăm actualizări mai frecvente: Facebook: Instagram: http :// Etichete asemănătoare: 1. Barcă cu pânze, 2. Traiul cu barca cu Sailing Aquarius, 3. Croazieră în Marea Mediterană cu Sailing Aquarius, 4. Familia de navigație cu Sailing Aquarius, 5. Navigarea cu Sailing Aquarius , 6. navigând singur în jurul lumii cu Sailing Aquarius, 7. familie navigând în jurul lumii de Sailing Aquarius, 8. navigând în jurul lumii cu Aquarius Hash Tags: #sailingaquarius #sailboatbysailingaquarius #sailingboatbysailingaquarius #sailogbysailingaquarius #sailingvideobysailingaquarius #sailingbysailingaquarius #livingaquariusaquarius ingfamilybysailingaquarius # sailingbysailingaquarius #sailingaroundtheworldbysailingaquarius #familysailingaroundtheworldbysailingaquarius #sailingaquariusaroundtgheworld


18 thoughts on “Sosirea Turciei! Fethiye / Sailing Aquarius Ep. 153

  1. The marina will be full with charter boats , they make a living out of them,
    Why are you upset about a visa , for me a brit to go you the USA is a visa , $$$$ for me to sail a yacht to the USA is a $$$$ bigger visa and a interview at a embassy , in Greece you will be limited on time spent with schengan ,
    Marina prices will shock you wherever you go in the med , Croatia €€€€€ Italy €€€€€€€€€ Spain €€ and another thing that effects the prices , look at the beam of a modern yacht compared to older boats ,, less boatsnfitt in,,,,, I first worked in Greece 2009 and hardly saw a multihull now masses , less room at the inn , all those tiny docks around the islands full by lunchtime. I delivered many new yachts to Turkey, and had to have a visa , was 30 € and lasted 2 months .

  2. My wife just got back from Turkey. The men were pests. One of them said to her 'I want to kill your husband so we can be together.' Wish I'd been there to tell him to go ahead and try. Lots of Russians there who mostly behaved quite badly. The prices were going up daily. Fortunately it was quiet when she was there as it was Ramadan. I hope you enjoy your trip.

  3. That was a short one! I take you are not thilled in Turnkey. I've heard pluses and minuses fom others as well. To bad, because it look beautiful and is rich in history. Take care!

  4. Greece is number 1 for me, Croatia is nice too , i have my boat in Croatia but must say Marinas in Croatia are cheaper as in greece

  5. Maybe some more info about living in Turkey. We are originally from Belgium, Europe. We came to Turkey because the tax is much much lower here. Life is very cheap over here. No European tax or Belgium tax to pay anymore. My sailboat a B57 is UK flaged, again out of Europe and we seascape on a tax of 21%. It is all about money. But for the rest, is it nice to live here. And indeed we like Greece, Malta, Italy mush more, but that is Europe again. For us, is it a win win. Also, a negative point is, that Turkey is a Moslim country, so no pork meat to find, but the bushes are plenty of it.

  6. I was reading about Turkey on Noonsite and came across the requirement to have your holding tank (Black) pumped out and the Blue Card requirement. With all the boats that you mentioned, I can see why they don’t want people emptying their holding tanks overboard!

    The inflation rate in Turkey is quite high so I assume restaurants and price of other items is also high.

  7. Your in the Busiet harbour get done towards Kas and Finike think you will find things will change abit

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