Superyacht de 115 m percheziționat de poliția germană | SY News Ep212

Superyacht de 115 m percheziționat de poliția germană |  SY News Ep212

#superyacht #superyachts #yachts #boats 00:00 YotSpot – Opera 01:17 Operațiune de salvare a iahtului la sol 02:21 Navă de cercetare răsturnată recuperată 05:04 Superyacht de 115 m percheziționat în Germania 07:56 Alăturați-vă nouă pe Patreon Alăturați-vă clubului eS Patysman Superyacht ! Obțineți acces exclusiv la videoclipuri nemaivăzute până acum, la fragmente de locații filmate în întreaga lume în timp ce filmați superyacht-uri și multe altele. De asemenea, discutați direct cu noi și puneți întrebări pentru întrebări și răspunsuri viitoare și sugerați subiecte pentru videoclipurile viitoare. Canalul de știri SuperYacht | Alatura-te aici! Link către canalul de știri! 3 Minute de Maritime Aboneaza-te acum! Urmărește-mă pe: Instagram – Twitter – Facebook – NOTIFICARE DE PRESĂ Toate imaginile sunt drepturi de autor al canalului de Youtube eSysman Superyachts. Nicio imagine nu poate fi reprodusă sau reutilizată fără permisiunea expresă. Dacă utilizați orice informație din acest videoclip, vă rugăm să creditați canalul eSysman SuperYachts. Dacă doriți să utilizați fotografii preluate din videoclip, contactați-ne în avans. Trebuie acordat și creditul canalului de youtube. Dacă doriți fotografii sau videoclipuri pentru utilizare sau sindicare, vă rugăm să ne contactați. Muzică de – Epidemic Sounds


29 thoughts on “Superyacht de 115 m percheziționat de poliția germană | SY News Ep212

  1. How badly was she grounded that they had to dismantle her…… surely they could of raised her enough to pull her off with floatation attached.

  2. Sysmen.. Can I ask a question? Do you remember that video clip with the young boys running away from the otter that wanted to play? I was wondering where to find it

  3. I think (I'm not fluent in Greek) Chania (@ 00.25) is pronounced Han-Ya. Opera must be anchored well out into the bay. A motor yacht of this scale would dwarf the Venitian vernacular achitecture around the harbour. Vid not too long BTW, just like a magazine packed with interesting content to browse or whatever…….

  4. Was hoping to see a timelapse of the Petrel being righted but alas, that will have to wait for another post! Regardless, great content, quality, production and presentation by eSysman. Cheers.

  5. Due to the action I took the second vessel grounded had been dismanteled and not sunken as the first one ! Thank you the team at Interpol Environnement Crimes !

  6. If I were going to vote on the short video or the long video, I would prefer the long video. But that is just me. I like how the news is put together in one because I will view it over lunch or dinner when I want my eyes to travel and see yachts that I would otherwise not be able to see. Thank you!

  7. Boss "Hamburg Blohm und Voss" spell the Voss the V as a hart harsch sharp V like Frank F-
    not like a soft W. Volkswagen VOLVO sharp. Like Vuck….

  8. I was wondering if you could help me find information on the Cult: ' Scientology' ship 'free winds' , There are people on this ship in very bad conditions, and being exposed to asbestos thanks for your time. Deb in CT

  9. If Petrel damaged the dry dock when it rolled over then that could be the reason they moved it out of the dry dock. They might need to repair the dry dock first before they can start the repairs on Petrel. Or maybe they are delaying the repairs because of legal reasons. It will be an interesting story to follow. Also, does someone need to start a marine salvage business in Hawaii? The last couple of salvage operations have not gone well.

  10. For what it might be worth?
    A recent docu told that a .Billionare 600mil. yacht owner hat a single painting, worth 300 millions, hanging in his boats saloon!
    Would have loved being a German Cop on a modest salary to search such a yacht.
    A Rolex here…a stack of 100ooo dollars there,….a kilo of coke under the pillow…..all very small change….. know one would ever have missed it!
    Just joking…of course😉😊😊😊

  11. On Dilbar, copy/paste from me on older video.

    😂🤣YaY, Yacht Seize News!! I think it's Hilarious🤣😂 Ukrainian Government didn't put sanctions, they want to just take them toy yachts away from Russia. Yeah Yeah, bring your yachts here. Then there's the US, where I'm at in Detroit, we just at first anyway just take away Russian Government toy's as allies have to follow suit, but not Ukraine, heheh. Why? We have to know why, that is human, we need a full rounded story, one easy to remember. We all take away the toys, but no one, I mean no one has Putin's ear with this, it's a personal thing with Ukraine and Putin. Putin is literally in his death throws, he doesn't care about boats nor his generals.Trump knew all about Putin's plight, and gave Putin Cart Blanch to get his ducks in a row. We provided Putin with a lot of things, them knowing what is happening, yet Trump put an anti Ukraine spin on the situation giving us no reason to expect it ever. That's when he got in trouble he wanted news from Ukraine about Biden's son, holding back hundreds of millions, cock blocking Ukraine from strengthening it's military, so that was trump. I can go on, but it gets worse, I don't want to cough up anything. Today our allies and us have delivered in billions upon billions worth of heavy hitting equipment. I saw a video of a trapped Rus fighter plane, trapped itself in a valley trap Israel put together Iron dome concept, cool how that happens, but it finally dropped nose down strait, I didn't see a chute. I can see if I was protecting my country I would be happy to put my life on that line, but these soldiers aren't protecting anything, and one, ONE person wants this, that's it I believe. But that all leads me back to WHY Ukraine has no sanctions on the allies sanctioned yachts?

  12. Seeems like a huge overeaction by the Hawaiian authorities to that grouded yacht.
    That poor owner. Its like if your Ferrari got a flat tire and swerved into a flower bed and having the cops arrive and they put your car in a crusher and then fine you 800 grand.

  13. Hi eSysman, i am in a discussion forum regarding flat or spherical shape of the planet. Can you please answer the following question in your next episode please: What is the maximum range of a ship radar system? Kind regards and namaste 🙂

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