Navigarea OFF GRID către REAL LIFE Remote Island

Navigarea OFF GRID către REAL LIFE Remote Island

Explorând alternative de viață în afara rețelei pe barca noastră cu pânze de oțel. 📺 ACESTA ESTE DAWN HUNTERS SEZONUL #2 EPISODUL 15 ➡️ S2E15 ⛵VREȚI SĂ VINE VIDEOCLIPURI? SPRIJĂȚI PRODUCȚIA NOASTRĂ AICI: Dacă doriți să ajutați cu această producție, vă rugăm să luați în considerare să ne susțineți pe Patreon. (NIVELELE DE SUPPORT MERGE CÂT CU 5 USD PE LUNĂ) De asemenea, puteți susține canalul nostru distribuind magazinul de bijuterii al Ianei prietenilor și familiei dvs. – – she’ Vom actualiza site-ul cu selecția de bijuterii nautice pentru bărbați pentru tine în câteva zile! 🎥 Iată videoclipurile Bluewater Sailboat OFF GRID LIVING care ți-ar putea plăcea și 🎥 ⚓ Alone OFF GRID ⚓ SAILING OFF GRID ÎN GOLUL PIRAȚILOR ⚓ Întâlnire sălbatică în afara rețelei (Camera de urgență Următoarea oprire) ⚓ TRAIȚI OFF GRID pe BATĂ CON VÂLE AUTOSUFICIENTĂ + TUR COMPLET DE BARCĂ! Vă rugăm să vă abonați la canalul nostru pentru videoclipuri săptămânale Restaurarea unei barci pentru a călători în lume! 🛎️ Activați notificările 🛎️ și reveniți din nou pentru mai multe videoclipuri de navigație și croazieră în curând! ⛵🌒 Colaborări sau întrebări de afaceri: ⛵Găsiți vlogul nostru Sailing și aici: Dawn Hunters Website #offgrid #SAILBOAT #Sailing Vă mulțumim pentru sprijin, Dawn Hunters


40 thoughts on “Navigarea OFF GRID către REAL LIFE Remote Island

  1. I have been there, we sat on the beach and were surrounded by hundreds oh Iguanas, not agressive at all but just fighting a little for the food!

  2. Glad you are trying the sails,at 10 knots of wind why not the big headsail?A big headsail works really good and could save fuel and wear on your engine.But I also understand you both are still learning the boat and what works the best.That underwater drone is amazing 🤩always enjoy watching you two👍👍

  3. lmao – judging by the annotations you read too many comments but its great to see you making light of them. .. also Williams schiss when the first iguana approaches, very good. Keep having fun you two

  4. Hey just wanted to say that these last few videos have been so much "smoother" and not jumping around so much! Thanks for the entertainment and fun you guys share with us ! Stay safe !

  5. ?Did you hear about the iguana that couldn't mate in captivity?

    He had Ereptile disfunction!!? Haha! Another fun episode. Thanxx for the share. <3 😉

  6. Bet you are glad that you made an electric outboard extinct for mist occasions! Can Tell by the Captains Smile that Power and Speed are a wonderful experience to go exploring away from the Anchorage, And……….being able to go much further without time restraints! Enjoy the Ride. Fair winds, Hope you find your way to running a full course if Sails One Day Sooner than Later! It has its rewards. Be Safe Always

  7. Absolutely can’t wait for each and everyone of your videos. Saturday just wouldn’t be complete. Can’t wait to be out there with you all, having some fun and thank you for responding to me a Patreon.⚓️🌴💜 to both of you

  8. Boy I bet William is a little peeved with the ridiculous fuel prices. You could sell cooking oils and then contract for the used oil feedstock and make bio-diesel on board. I have an extra set if you need them, the raw water pump=brass for raw water can be used on your engine too.

  9. It is 9:00 p.m. here in Seattle.
    Just want to say how fun it is to watch your videos. The editing is getting better also! Keep the videos coming, please.

  10. I'm in the south island of New Zealand but the Bahamas look so lovely and warm. Thanks for sharing your journey. Such a cool couple.

  11. Another hilarious episode, you two really have a great chemistry, what a way to brighten up our lives, thank you. You may need a sheet on that foresail 🤣

  12. Hey guys, Thx for another nice vid. I love watch u guys, u are so funny and and down to earth. Hope we will se more of the refit of u boat. And maybe some more Teck talk vids with william? And maybe cooking vids with Iana.
    Stay safe and strong.


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