SSL672 ~ Confesiunile căpitanului..

SSL672 ~ Confesiunile căpitanului..

Acesta a fost inițial intenționat să fie un videoclip exclusiv pentru patron, dar știu că mulți dintre voi vă întrebați și ce s-a întâmplat cu noi și, desigur, toți spectatorii noștri sunt importanți pentru noi, așa că am decis să îl lansăm și aici pentru a vă completa de ce am fost plecați atât de mult. Vă mulțumim tuturor pentru sprijinul dumneavoastră continuu și vom reveni mai puternici ca niciodată, promit. Noroc, Capitan Rick, Maddy, Ricci și Tiki. S/V „Sophisticated Lady” Alătură-te Patreon-ului nostru și alătură-te echipei noastre SSL! Vino și alătură-te nouă în timp real la: De unde găsim toate acele melodii grozave în videoclipurile noastre? Tuturor celor care contribuie la următoarele aventuri, Vă mulțumesc! http://www.Paypal.Me/SailingTheLady Colecții de videoclipuri SSL pe Vimeo!


31 thoughts on “SSL672 ~ Confesiunile căpitanului..

  1. Captain Rick, you could try and spend some time on land away from the water see if that makes a difference, you may be allergic to something on the boat or the salt air?

  2. it should take 50/60 secondsto rub it out but you have multiple hytle hernias address each one at a time the motorcycle accident set it off compressed it pinched affects everything heart lungs liver stomach all hytle issues find a accupreasurist trained in chi kung

  3. Your good health means more to Maddie and Ricci than boobtube vids so, take it easy. And, I'm a big believer in Honey, lemon juice and a good splash of whisky as a hot drink, more than taking a drug. stay safe.

  4. Captain Rick Moore, take care yourself and your lovely family, thank you for sharing yours adventures with the Planet, 😊 you don't have to apologize for that, Keep in going 😊 🎉🎉🎉 get well Captain. Big hugs from Florida, and special for baby 👶 Riccardo. God bless you guys. 🙏

  5. Rick. Keep in mind that it's always a good day when your doctor doesn't refer you to a taxidermist. Thanks for the video.

  6. So Rick it looks like you'll have gone back to San Andres? also I would like to mention two products to check out one is baking soda for heart burn and the other has amazing uses for just about everything, its called Castor Oil just rub it on where it hurts, use it as a Poultice with ginger or garlic, wrap it around your neck over night, Pour some on a paper towel add the ginger wait for it to soak in to the towel place it on your neck and wrap with Saran wrap to hold in place, leave over night, this can be done with any injuries. It works!

  7. Rick I suffer from your exact symptoms; however I know what my problem is; allergies! Had you changed to a new product of any kind (shampoo, food, cleaning chemical, etc.)? I found a solution to end the discomfort. It is an over the counter anti-allergen Cetirizine Hydrochloride 5mg tablets. It won't make you drowsy, but you have to take it for several days before it kicks in. See if you can find some and give it a try. If you are leery about this discuss with your doctor first.

  8. It appears Maddie has some new tattoos around her ankles, that I don't recall seeing before. I've done the acid reflux and hiatal hernia thing. No fun at all. Sitting in a restaurant with a beautiful ribeye steak in front of me, one bite and the throat plugs up and I can't swallow. Just a horrible chunk stuck in my esophagus that doesn't want to go up or down.

  9. Rick I recently had two serious choking incidents that come to find out was also acid reflux. Omeprazole seems to have stopped it. It did scare the hell out of me tho lol. Glad to see you back in San Andreas and take care of yourself and the family

  10. Your ears must have been burning HA!. I follow several sailing channels and always looked forward to yours, especially your "fix it" videos. One of the sailing channels I hadn't heard from in a long time, recently popped up a new video(they just had a baby so that is why they disappeared) and I was thinking hey I haven't seen anything from Captain Rick in awhile, I wonder what's up. Next thing I know a new video comes out and I now know why. Get better quick, can't wait to see where your adventures take you next.

  11. Rick, I watch some channels where cars are being restored like JNH classics. His are pretty much silent and they are very enjoyable. Maybe try your hand at that….I’ll watch.

  12. Captain your health is more important than anything else in this world
    There is only one life enjoy it with your love ones
    Wishing you the best health buddy take care yourself

  13. Hey Rick just an observance you might consider getting a pair of sunglasses for Richie so nothing hits him in his eyes like a bug or a rock or something. Just thought about it while I was watching your video. Love the videos Hope your throat gets better and we can see more of your videos we're still subscribed and whenever they come up we watch them. Love you guys 😎👍✌️⛵

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