Vânturi puternice și probleme majore în timp ce navigați spre Alaska.

Vânturi puternice și probleme majore în timp ce navigați spre Alaska.

Am ajuns în Alaska! Sud-estul Alaska cel puțin 😉 Și am fost concediat și acum voi face aceste videoclipuri cu normă întreagă (verificați sfârșitul videoclipului pentru mai multe informații). Și tocmai mi-am dat seama că ultimul segment despre mine că am renunțat la munca de traducere (cel puțin deocamdată) ar fi putut suna puțin sumbru, dar nu am vrut să spun așa, cred că a fost o schimbare bună pentru mine și pot Încercați întotdeauna să obțineți noi clienți de traducere, dacă vreau. Dar chiar acum vreau să aprofundez acest lucru video! Și acest lucru nu ar fi posibil fără ca toți să vizionați aceste videoclipuri, așa că vă mulțumesc! Doriți să susțineți crearea acestor videoclipuri? http://www.patreon.com/alluringarctic Patronii au acces la videoclipuri fără reclame, la un grup de chat WhatsApp și la o hartă de urmărire a bărcii cu o listă cu toate ancorajele și porturile de până acum 🥳 Tricouri și hanorace organice + autocolante: https ://alluringarctic.myspreadshop.com/ Mai multe lucruri: http://www.instagram.com/alluringarctic http://www.facebook.com/alluringarctic


26 thoughts on “Vânturi puternice și probleme majore în timp ce navigați spre Alaska.

  1. I just realised that the last segment about me getting fired and quitting from my translation work (at least for now) might have sounded a bit gloomy, but I didn't mean it like that! I think it has been a good change for me and I can always try and get new translation clients if I want to. But right now I want to delve deeper into this video thing! And that wouldn't be possible without all of you watching these videos, so thank you!

  2. Thank you for such interesting videos. I'm sorry about you losing your translation job. I have you in my prayers for a new source of income. You and the future PHD doctor be careful in your travels.

  3. hello i am a fashion design student and i need to design clothes for people who are engaged in sailing. You can contribute to my project by telling me what kind of clothes and fabrics you prefer when sailing.

  4. Exciting news! What may seem difficult at first glance can be a door opener to new adventures and you are in the middle of them! Good luck with your new working life and Kiitos, että jaatte elämän meidän sohvapurjehtijoiden kanssa!

  5. One basic tip for sailing downwind in such a weather is to have preventer lines running to both sides from the main boom as wide as possible approx at the sides of the masts. And always have the downwind side tight down. You could normally use genoa sheeting winches and deck hardware with couple of extra blocks, as genoa would not be in use anyway. Those can also be then used in a controlled jibe to ease the main down the whole way but especially in an accidental jibe which will eventually happen with (auto)pilot failure.

  6. Have you guys considered a pair of headsets on the same channel? I can see that being a big help for you both. I'm sorry you lost your job translating. That's hard. But I hope that opens other doors for you. What's the next big jump in YouTube income? 250K subscribers? Best wishes.

  7. Just watched your last video, sorry to hear the news….but go for it mate! We are motor boaters ,coastal Brittany France but really enjoy watching and sharing your adventures. Good luck for the future.👍 Sid &Pat

  8. Really wish you the best. You have already passed the 100.000 which is great. You are sailing places that not many other sailing yt channels are. Plus, you are unique in your making and presenting your adventures. And you are also Finish 🙂 Not many Finish youtubers out there doing it in English. You also have a pretty unique boat and taking us to places not many do. And you guys are also unique. Keep it going!

  9. I wish you all the best in your new life. Your sailing videos are so interesting and you are a skilled sailor Göran from Sweden

  10. I have to say you have chosen the right vocation as you are a very good sailor you know a great deal about sailing and your videos are awesome so why not do what you know so I think you will make it big time I have not long been on your channel but watching the last few videos I can tell you have the knack of video filming and editing so why not do it full time a great choice so now I've got to go back to the beginning and catch up as your English is perfect from an ignoramus who can only speak his native tongue English all the best from John From Rugby UK.

  11. Life calls you to focus on the things you love! Go for it! I am here to remind you that you create the purest and most honest content regarding sailing adventure and liveaboard. Your audience is therefore loyal and appreciative. If you want to grow your audience further, i suspect you will have to work on narration and storytelling. The slightest improvement will make a huge difference, but thats just fine tuning compared to the excellent content you are already offering. Keep sharing your knowledge and enjoy the life you have chosen!

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