AKIZUKI șterge ECHIPELE CLASIFICATE în World of Warships

AKIZUKI șterge ECHIPELE CLASIFICATE în World of Warships

Amestecarea Ranked cu Akizuki poate avea rezultate intense. Să vedem de ce este capabilă această canonieră populară într-un cadru competitiv. Interesat de joc? Obțineți bonusuri pentru noul cont la https://warships.net/TheSailingRobin #worldofwarships Muzică oferită de https://www.audionetwork.com/


42 thoughts on “AKIZUKI șterge ECHIPELE CLASIFICATE în World of Warships

  1. As always a great vid. I always look forward to your YT videos and wish we could get more. Your World of Warships content is the best on YT.

  2. its my first time seeing your video. I noticed a slight frame drop or jitter or lag in video. No hate just a new fan.

  3. When Windows OS mugs your CPU threads for background processes 😉 Masterful play. C'est tres bon, Robin. Tres bon!

  4. Yeah, welcome back! Great video as always, love the intros. Your chat was surprisingly salty, since you always seem so composed… Seems that happens even to the best of us 😀 Thank you for sharing that!

  5. Silver ranked is what I played too, subs and CVs and now Hybrids are awful and oppressive, but the game has devolved so much it’s still the refuge from most of the bullshit providing the most WoWS experience.

  6. ijn ships are really pretty in design, kind of like a japanese katana, smooth, powerful but needs to be wielded by a trained and experience captain otherwise they get punished easily.

  7. Akizuki is so much fun, it was one of my faves (Fletcher too). T-61 and Cossack were my top DDs.

    I quit WoWs after they put submarines in ranked. Subs are garbage. So I left. No regrets, not missing anything. I was just below reaching 54%wr and really enjoyed playing DD for four years.

    The Little White Mouse incident and the recent surge in premium ships where premiums being released outnumber tech tree releases. That stuff just made it easy to leave.

  8. Man, Akizuki is my second favorite IJN DD (Shiratsuyu is #1).
    I don't remember what I have on her but I remember mine has the extended fire range.
    I love downing planes (Divebombers and Torpedo Bombers… "Attackers" not that much), and doing BB-Qs (Burning BBs to hell).

  9. Robin: explaining every detail of the match and his decision making processes which lead him to ultimately win the game
    Me: haha funni ship with fast guns go brrrr

  10. Aaayyy, Robin is back! Youtube decided not to notify me of the previous video lol. Love the addition of the map summary thing at the end!

  11. Beyond your usual excellent gameplay Robin @TheSailingRobin, I just want to compliment you on the opening title sequence with the tracked ship and captain specs and the overall edit. They looked great and your edit was outstanding. That's some extra effort and talent and I want you to know it was noticed and appreciated. After Effects your tool? The glitchy transitions felt a bit like one of the Red Giant suite.

  12. Hi Robin, how do you shoot your intro in the drydock so smoothly? Is there any way to move the camera at a constant speed?

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