Întoarce-te în gaura ta, Hunny! /Jackery Solar Generator (Calico Skies Sailing, Ep 180)

Întoarce-te în gaura ta, Hunny!  /Jackery Solar Generator (Calico Skies Sailing, Ep 180)

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44 thoughts on “Întoarce-te în gaura ta, Hunny! /Jackery Solar Generator (Calico Skies Sailing, Ep 180)

  1. When applying thickened resin to strengthen the thru-hulls tape the hole, from the outside and apply the paste from inside the boat. The paste won’t run out and the exterior surface will be flush.

  2. Yall are going to be looking great when you are crossing the ocean. Great work! I keep you both in my prayers (when I remember), but that is often. Try and get out of the hunny hole and enjoy yourself.

  3. I picked up a Jackery 1500 and solar panel as well a few weeks ago. Will be trying to use on my 26’ sailboat for a bunch of stuff too. Just launched yesterday for the season!

  4. It's great to see that you're so careful with the work Bill. It pays dividends in the long run. As a journeyman carpenter I stuck to the "measure twice, cut once " mantra myself. Calico Skies looks better all the time. A warm hello to Grace and I hope you're doing well.

  5. Hope Grace is getting better.
    When following a hole repaired with epoxy, run the hole-saw backwards. It wont grab and rip as much. Filling the whole void with epoxy is likely best.
    Jackery; 2 is 1, 1is none.
    In a pinch, you can weld, using an 8-D, jumper cables and an 1/8" rod.

  6. I'm assuming the boat will be ready before Grace is through surgery and recovery and able to travel again, so is the plan to just get an apartment in Arizona? Again, assuming.. cheaper to keep the boat in the yard than in a slip at the marina? That Jackery would come in real handy if you ever get back to the Two Titty Yacht Club… or anytime you want some music on a deserted beach, not to mention actual emergency uses…

  7. Did Grace turn into a smelly man? I was half way thru the episode before I realized Drew was holding the camera, not Grace! For a while I thought those treatments were really making some significant changes, but the beard gave it away… bwahahahahaa! (Not really, who could mistake that angelic voice).

  8. Well done finishing that solar arch and prepping the hole all that work will pay off and letting Grace deal with her health issues while keeping you occupied is of benefit to both of you.

  9. Wow, you guys – what a lot to get done, and what a mountain you have accomplished. Grace, you are in my thoughts pretty much every minute – best, best wishes for a phenomenal outcome. The new solar frame looks like a great design – I am looking forward to seeing this make life easier on CS. I welded my way through university, and stainless is definitely not falling off a log – you did so well to engage an experienced and talented craftsman for your custom construction – I look forward to following the lifecycle for a few years, along with seeing you reap the benefits of so much of the other re-fit bits.

  10. Great job Bill, 👍 were praying Grace gets well and back to sailing soon. Its early May here in Arizona and its starting to get hot and Grace will be going through a lot of treatments in Scottsdale, were right down the road in Mesa' we have an extra room for you if you two need a weekend away from Graces loving mom and sister. My wife has gone through the same thing, and two other types also and the treatment regiments, so she can give her positive thoughts on healings.

  11. I found you guys through watching Delos. Love your channel and have watched all your videos. I love how you share the reality of maintaining a boat as well as the fun side. Wishing Grace a quick and full recovery and the both of you safe travels. Thanks so much for sharing your lives with us and inspiring the rest of us. Cheers!

  12. All the best for both of you and especially to Grace. I'm guessing the videos are lagging 2 months behind, so here's hoping that surgery and post-op treatments went well!

  13. I've only recently noticed the "gravely voice" penetrating the already "trying" US accents. It sounds "affected". Anyone else becoming thoroughly annoyed 😮 ?

  14. Awesome video!! Prayers for Miss Grace full recovery!! Missed her on the video and yea good byes are sad n hard why I always say See ya later some where!! Fair weather for projects!! Take care

  15. Thanks Bill and Grace! I can't wait for the day that Grace kicks this disease to the curb and you two are sailing again! Hugs from Vancouver Canada!

  16. I sure hope you get what you need done and then you will need to hurry up and catch up to Delos. We just love it when all you guys are together. Are your plans to follow delos?

  17. I am very happy for you two. Grace, you are brave and keeping your dream alive. On a side note, when you are heeled over, your solar panels will make good fixed mizzen. Bill may need that 8th screw. 😂 Love you both and prayers for you. Fairwinds…

  18. When you see through with light hull is not as thick as could be sure hide with paint I like a very diffused light any place I can double or triple hull thickness inside or inside I will do

  19. Sad to see Delos leave but to sailors the 🌎 World is your playground. You will see them again. I hope you find more buddies to sail with. Still praying for Grace and complete healing! Blessings over you both and your repairs.

  20. Coincidentally I hooked up a couple of old solar panels to an Ecoflow solar generator last weekend. I was surprised how fast they were able to charge it up. We plan to use the panels and Ecoflow with our camper..

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