Pregătirile pentru traversarea Pacificului, probleme cu motorul și curtea fermei Hull Ep 116

Pregătirile pentru traversarea Pacificului, probleme cu motorul și curtea fermei Hull Ep 116

În episodul din această săptămână, continuăm cu pregătirile noastre, pregătind Atlasul pentru trecerea de 4000 de mile în larg peste Oceanul Pacific. Avem probleme cu motorul și ne curățăm corpul sub linia de plutire. De asemenea, facem o plimbare pe Insula Taboga și urcăm 800 de metri în condiții înăbușitoare. Mulțumim tuturor abonaților noștri, fără voi canalul nu ar exista! Mulțumim imens tuturor Patronilor noștri incredibili pentru că au făcut posibilă această aventură. Ne place să citim și să răspundem la toate comentariile voastre! Dacă ți-a plăcut episodul, dă-i un like, distribuie și te rugăm să te abonezi. Mulțumesc pentru vizionare, sper că te bucuri de episoade. Actualizări în timp real Ajuta-ne? Patreon: Paypal: Cumpărați-ne o cafea: Vă mulțumim pentru tot sprijinul acordat Luke and Adam The Sailing Brothers #hullcleaning #Tabogaisland #Panama Declinări de răspundere și drepturi de autor : Tot conținutul video de pe acest canal/pagină este drept de autor și nu trebuie utilizat fără permisiune. Toată muzica folosită în această serie este originală sau, folosită gratuit, fără drepturi de autor, folosită cu permisiune. Fără încălcări ale drepturilor de autor. Toate afirmațiile sunt opinii personale și nu trebuie să reprezinte neapărat fapte. muzică redată în ordine Muzică de LiQWYD: Young Love http://www. „strange day – ambient” este sub o licență Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0). Muzică promovată de BreakingCopyright: • 🔥 Chill Backgroun… 🔺 Track: Static — Land of Fire [Audio Library Release]
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37 thoughts on “Pregătirile pentru traversarea Pacificului, probleme cu motorul și curtea fermei Hull Ep 116

  1. For whatever it's worth, I don't understand why you would have your raw strainer so high above the pump?
    Pumps like that tend to be push not pull just my thoughts. As you enter warmer water maybe it's becoming an issue.

  2. I have yet to hear of a boat in the tropics where coppercoat was effective. And on your passage to FP you will grow a huge farm of gooseneck barnacles, no matter what antifouling you have. When you arrive, do not bother to try to scrape them off, if you anchor for a week or so they will all die and drop off. Anyway, forecast looks good with northerlies helping you along, just like I had last April. Have a blast, and don't forget to take time for a swim every few days. I hope you catch lots of fish, and enjoy the pelagic birds.

  3. White vinegar and rubbing alcohol half and half will help with any thing trying to infect ears.. and i think vinegar can be pushed through piping for the engine to clear stuff inside. unless you can get your hands on some Barnacle Buster… it's all that warm water… sheesh breeds bugs lol

  4. I was just doing the same thing. Troubleshooting overheating. Also lots of fouling. Man you want a clean bottom with good paint for your crossing. I use a dive hood when i do that job and always gloves. Have done the same thing to my knuckles. Ouch. Fair Winds!!

  5. Yeah I think I'd skip the whole Panama experience. Poisonous frogs, snakes, & spiders everywhere you go on land, death dealing swarms of Lord knows what kind of bugs and disease infested slime and sludge in the water, the smell of death everywhere you go, too!! I'd want to take a dip in a tub full of bleach, rinse off with hydrogen peroxide, and then have a good wipe down with hand sanitizer all before I take a shower! I think it's time to sail a little further away from the equator fellas 🤔 I think I need a shower after just watching this one! 😁

  6. That was another good video guy's , not a pleasant task scrapping off Barnacles oh yes they are sharp . Like the way you both get out on trail's, not sure of wild life but I'd be bit scared of exotic snakes or spiders ???
    Hope you get your weather window soon & stay safe.
    Dave B . Thailand.

  7. When I clean the hull on my boat I run two lines under the keel. This gives you something to hold onto while diving. I find it really speeds up the job

    Always cover your ears as I once got a very bad infection

  8. Have you checked the exhaust mixing elbow. They foul with carbon in the exhaust gas and slow the flow of water. Assuming you have a cooling water thermostat, that is worth checking for build up and functionality
    Agree with buying some ear cleaner. We call it swim ear and it is a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and an acid, citric or acetic I think

  9. That's a good one fellas. The accompanying music was excellent…tiny 2 cylinder…? Fouled prop and underbelly…yikes. beware cuts from barnacles wanna get nasty…bacteria etc.

  10. G'day , from the land down under lads. I have been travelling with you guys since the UK and am proud of your achievement. I wanted to take the time to wish you all the best for your up coming Pacific crossing and more, I will pray that the Lord Himself would watch over you and keep you in your journey. Cheers

  11. I doubt very much, if anyone will forget you two… You own this space on youtube… There is only a handful of channels that have your integrity, and honesty… That's why I follow you both… A couple of down to earth people having the time of your life… Bloody amazing…

  12. Vinegar is a simple but effective cooling channel cleaner. Ideally set up a 5 gallon bucket with a small 12 volt pump drawing the vinegar from the bucket directly to the line downstream of the saltwater pump, then connect a temporary hose from the exhaust injection line back to the bucket and circulate until it's filthy. repeat if necessary, if you get no cloudy/muddy circulation you're good.
    In a pinch just take the hose from the salt water intake into the jug of vinegar, but this is very wasteful as you'll need many gallons of vinegar.
    The engine cooling channels in ALL engines, but especially the salt water cooled ones need regular cleaning.
    Some people like to fill the engine with the cleaning solution then let is sit and wait, but if you do this ensure the system has an opening for the bubbling up pressure to be relieved.

  13. Glad you are managing a bit of sight seeing, you need a break from the boat and the preparation work for the next stage. Think the hill climb would have killed me, best wishes for your next part and looking forward to your next video. Mentioned to friends about your voyage, they've started watching your video's from the beginning and up somewhere on the West Coast of Scotland, and loving it.. Stay safe👍

  14. Copper coat does not work. I thought that every one knew that. I am on my second lot. I launch in May & have to have the boat hauled & jetwashed in July to get my yacht through the season to October. However the cost of the scrub is the same as the cost of antifoul paint & I do not have the hard work & hassle. So I reckon Coppercoat is worth it as I am now 76 & am too old to spend time sanding & antifoulpainting the hull. I do antifoul the iron keel ( that is easy compared to the entire hull & I can deal with any rust spots) & that lasts all season whereas Coppercoat on the hull does not- hence the mid season jet wash.
    I am in the UK though. Not as lucky as you 2. Although you are not really "lucky" you have worked for what you have & that is not down to luck. Just shear effort to get where you are

  15. A bit of vaseline on the outboard prop and tailpiece works a charm! But those barnacles in spite of the coppercoat, live is resilient. Have a safe journey lads!!!

  16. Sincerely all the very best to you fellas! It's a big trip ahead and there are a great many people conscious of what you're doing and willing you on! Once again, sincerely ,the best lads! ✌✊

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