săptămâna din viața ADOLESCENTELOR SAILING | Marea Caraibelor

săptămâna din viața ADOLESCENTELOR SAILING |  Marea Caraibelor

de la zile proaste la sărituri la stânci, la zdrobire, la navigație și la parkouring… eu și groms. aceasta. toate. să zicem că dormim bine noaptea 😉 *luați în considerare să vă abonați pentru un videoclip nou în fiecare duminică* vă mulțumesc pentru vizionare!!! Iubire, jadyn 🙂 IG-ul meu: https://instagram.com/jadynmorse?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Canalul familiei mele www.youtube.com/everydaysaturday IG-ul familiei mele: https://instagram.com/_everydaysaturday?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ= = #travel #sailing #teensailor #ocean #boatlife #sailboat #adventure #caribbean #catamaran #sunfish #efoil #cliffjumping


29 thoughts on “săptămâna din viața ADOLESCENTELOR SAILING | Marea Caraibelor

  1. Agree with your Dad saying that he is proud of you, Jadyn, my comment is impressive, that the content, learn all the foil & sailing skills from Brent II from Collette, adding all the boys from Banana Pancakes & your brothers too and editing this into your best video yet. Keep it up.👍💯♥️🎦💦 #bestlifeever #newcomputeryes 🍏🍎

  2. I'm sure you edit these yourself….. You have a great ability to tell a story, a personality worth being interested in, and an instinct for capturing everything. Welcome to the doorway to a successful, abundant and expansive life here on Earth, Starseed!

  3. Really good video Jadyn 🔥Just Suscribed! Simple question : are you guys sailing during nights ? or do you stop motoring or how is it working ?

  4. Heyy Jadyn! Just discovered your channel:)) Watched two of your videos with my mom she was instantly hooked lol😂 greetings from Guyana🤙🏾🫶🏾

  5. Jadyn you are so so talented! Keep pushing through and making these amazing videos! I absolutely love watching your videos

  6. A great week of fun! Sad about the laptop, but in the end even that had a happy ending. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us all 🥰

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