Echipa de dans în Seychelles!

Echipa de dans în Seychelles!

Coborâm de la andocare pe Lagoo 52 din 2017 de la Navigare Yachting din Seychelles și pornim în jurul insulelor frumoase. Seychelles sunt un loc minunat pentru a naviga, iar echipa mea frumoasă se distra și dansa! Acest canal este finanțat de spectatori ca tine. Vă rugăm să ne ajutați să menținem acest canal să creeze conținut grozav devenind un patron. Alăturați-vă acestui canal pentru a obține acces la avantaje: Donați prin Paypal pentru a ajuta


39 thoughts on “Echipa de dans în Seychelles!

  1. Once again a great video Bobby the ultimate professional Stephanie as beautiful as ever, a smile that can light up any dark space, the ultimate companion. The Hammer the universal fix it tool. 🥰🥰😃😃😃😃

  2. Frankly, the click bait and bikini shots only go so far with me. I originally came to Sailing Doodles to live the sailing experience vicariously through your adventures and misadventures, but any more your content seems to be mostly about promoting Navigare and searching out the next party opportunity. I'm sure you're doing what is needed to sustain your lifestyle and pay for that new boat, and will continue to have a following, but it's no longer what I'm looking for. Fair winds and following seas to you.

  3. Love Steph's bikini diaper bottoms. Kind of hot in a creeper kinda way. Lol!! JK, Looking good. Love having Sydney back. Was wondering about her just the other day. What about Megan, do you think she will make another appearance?

  4. What has happened to Sydney?
    She is not the Sydney we know of 2-3yrs back that was always with Bobby.
    Sydney is now odd. Like weird. She literally looks and acts bat shit crazy. Look at her eyes.
    Like WTF did she do to herself?

  5. As always, the secret to sailing is alcohol has always worked for me. Great video and looking forward to more.

  6. Hey Bobby, another great sailing video. The fact that you showed the anchor issues I think was very good. Just adds a little realism to the series, not everything goes as planned, but you were able to adapt. Looks like you have a fun crew on this trip. Steph is a great asset to your channel. Looking forward to another adventure as you sail along. Until then, be safe, be happy, and smooth sailing. 🤟💙

  7. There was a channel, I think La Vagabonde but maybe Jared Watney..not sure..but on their drone they mounted the handle from a jet ski or something but something that hung down the middle of the drone so that when it came in, you just grabbed the handle and didn't reach up in between the spinning death blades. I think it might have even been just a handlebar cover. And another channel had a wire hanging down that was half the length of the drone so it couldn't get caught in the blades, but the wire had a simple hook and he would pilot the drone over another wire strung up horizontal between two posts made from a ping pong net. The hook caught the line like a tail hook on a Navy fighter.

  8. Did I miss some episodes ? I only saw one where you were working on the monohull to take it out. Did you decide to not use it and sell it ?

  9. Another great video Bobby! Craig and Katy have shown up on other channels but seem to be a good fit with your crew. Must be nice having all those seasoned sailors on the boat.

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