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  1. You did a great review of the BVI's. Much has changed. I have chartered there 8 times, between 1978 and 2002. There were fewer moorings, none in Great Harbor and the first 4 times in the Bight in Norman island. two times before the Willy T. While it is sad that the Peter Island Yacht Club is still closed (never went there) and Bitter End is a a shell of its former self, Marina Cay or The last resort (Bellamy Cay) are nolonger operating. . Saba rock used to be a dive shop. Some of the places are new and it appears the BVI'S are thriving. Maybe a little over crowed.

  2. Good job on the cruisers guide to BVI, makes good use of all the amazing video you’ve been shooting for weekly videos. Also like the great tip about anchor dragging. I’ve never sailed one but I imagine those 50 ft cruising cats (with flybridge) put a huge wind load on anchors.

  3. Nice and honest…
    At my age i dont see a sailboating life a head of me, but for the cruising folks, sure great info… as an airline guy, was neat to hear such information too.
    Did see in your drone shots, there is a ton of cats down there that must do charters. Hopefully those crew members show some love your way…
    Sure the only unanswered question,,
    How is wifi around? Or cell service. GPS?


  5. First time watching y'all, and I'm only a couple minutes in and already like y'all's content, from y'all going to visit all the islandsz and exploring everything the BVIs has to offer not just the , tourist spots, that you could get reviews off Google, but y'all have first hand knowledge as to what has the best of water clarity, snorkeling, diving, fishing, beaches, hospitality, best boaters accommodations (being groceries and ease of travel to and from, laundry, best restaurant's etc.) Also love y'all respect and admiration y'all have for one another when each one is speaking, how the eye contact with the person is captivating especially her, 5he way she looks at him is something all men should want in their wife or girlfriend, as it shows respect, how much she looks up to him and values his opinions, her love for him, and how she is captivated by what he is saying and even being with him 24/7 she still get lost in his eyes and caught up in his point of view and perspective. Congrats on y'all's proposal and future together, and look forward to watching more of your content… I'm 34 now, and gree up sailboat racing all my life, had raced in the noods on j/24, Melges 24, and Melges 32, raced Clearwater,Fl to Key west a dozen times, raced Clearwater, Fl to Isla Mujeres, Mexico several times l, Clearwater, Fl to Cuba twice, and the second race our mast broke off 40 miles off of Cuba, at 3am, in 6 to 8 ft sees and no moon. We had 2 guys that had never really been sailing before in their life office type guys, well we had an outboard 4stroke 10 hourse motor that we out downstairs in the center of the boat to make the weight as centered and even as possible, the tied 8ndiff roper to the motor to ensure we didn't drilop it in the middle of the gulf stream thousands of feet deep, so we thankfully were able to get the motor over the back stanchions and on to the tiny motor mount, then those of us putting the motor on the mount were able to focus our attention with the rest of the crew on cutting the shrouds off of the boat. We had to spend 3k for additional off shore racing insurance for insurance for all the guys going with us, and international waters, we went through an insurance company out of Europe, well we had a band new $6,000 main and $5,000 jib along with all brand new vectran halyards, and new shackles and rigging, and brand new 3 track headstay, along with brand new mast mounted compass, monitor for wind direction, speed, and digital compass all mounted on the mast about where it broke at the deck. Well it took us 3 bolt cutters, and 12 hack saw blades before we could finally get all the shrouds, headstay off and were able to shove it off into the water… We were in a race against time because every wave that would crash in how push the spreaders into the side of the hull, causing increased stress that it would poke a hole in the boat, thankfully It only chipped away at the gel coat. We then had to motor all the way back to key west, and we had to conserve as much fuel as possible because we may not have made it, we used our spinaker pole, and an extra sail to use as a small sail for when we had the wind on a 5ight downwind angles that had us doing 3nktsz and helped us limp into the keys… Once we got back to our hometown and called the insurance company the insurance had the audacity to ask why we didn't try to save the sails and rigging, we said it was 3 am and 6 to 8 foot seas as the masts spreaders we're banging into the hull on each wave, didn't have a choice, then the idiot said you could have jumped in and swam 5onthe mast head and cut the halyards, then swam back and pulled the sails down the track to save the sails,. We thought u can't be serious jump in the water in middle of the night, with no doubt sharks around, bulk shark territory also, and risk being trapped under the sails and drowning all for $10k plus in sails, I'd think a life is worth far more… They finally cut a check after 9nmonths to replace everything, just insane, and had to fight ecmxtra hard to ensure they replaced the.mast with the same Carbon Fiber mast, they wanted to replace it with the cheap option aluminum, when we had carbon fiber and showed proof. Last time we ever used them… Had also done several Abacos race weeks that was alot of fun racing from island to island, the fishing was incredible, just stay away from the piranha timeshare cinartists, all because my mother wanted " an Authentic Mexican Blanket" that turnee out to be the resorts llextra large beach blanket they sold in the gift shop for $40, hell could've bought 5 authentic Mexican blankets on the little corner stands for that price lol.

  6. I think if you called the video "BVI guide" you would get more hits.
    Not sure thou, but its more related to the video ?
    Meow meow, Love you guys.

  7. You Americans are really on the prude side. So many more actually harmful things than a few naked, as god (which there is none) had created them, sailors and sailoresses .) Great channel though, love the vids.

  8. June 1, 2023 starts the new Hurricane Season! You two need to be out of the area if you have insurance on your boat! If you do not need insurance, well no insurance company can drop you! And of course you two are on your own if you have a loss!

  9. Well. take your cell phone and film all the stuff you went through! Usually if it is illegal, they will shut you down, or walk away as they do not wont to be seen live on You Tube or FB or what ever social media people are filming these days!

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