Condiții perfecte de navigație către un port perfect

Condiții perfecte de navigație către un port perfect

Kilmore Quay la portul Dungarvan


12 thoughts on “Condiții perfecte de navigație către un port perfect

  1. Smashing vid and great sailing. Dunno about Caribbean sailing, but it most definitely resembles Greece sailing. My wife promptly falls asleep as soon as the donkey goes off. She says the sound of the water lapping the hull just sends her to sleep. Never sailed in local waters (U.K.) maybe I should try it one day.

  2. Hi mick been following you in dugarvin Harbour,its Barry marks mate from Liverpool. Just wanted to no no if you where going to visit Cork, always been interested in titanic that's place before she sank, very interesting Harbour, hopefully you visit, thanks mick, hope to have bevei with ya in the spoons in caernarfon, good luck catch ya l8ter

  3. First I thought reading a book is better than sleeping pills. Than I discovered snooker tournaments. Now I'm listening to you, dreaming about my future voyages and falling asleep:-) great videos, very calming (except one about 40kt wind😂)

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