Întrebând milionarului Care este primul lor loc de muncă?

Întrebând milionarului Care este primul lor loc de muncă?

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27 thoughts on “Întrebând milionarului Care este primul lor loc de muncă?

  1. I’m so opportune that irrespective of the economy crisis and financial conditions I am still able to earn $19,500. Success so far on my trades…

  2. Y'all better show this young man some love cause he go get the knowledge and bring back to y'all🙏💯💯 that's love

  3. You work for 40yrs to have $1m in your retirement, meanwhile some people are putting just $10k in a meme coin for just few months and now they are multimillionaires, all thanks to Mrs Ella , God bless you ma 👏

  4. Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy 😊I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 12days

  5. 🍁Thanks bud for keepin us financially Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy, I still make over $22,000 every single week.

  6. First job was working at a fruit farmers market when I was 14. Fell under farming rules back then so could work 70hrs a week. Worked some during school and then unlimited hours over the summers. We would unload 18 wheelers by hand (flowers, pine straw, wheat straw, potting soil, back of rocks, pumpkins, watermelons, etc.) Had a manual hand truck. You learned hard and fast work real quick but we also had fun as well. Next job was K-mart cashier and kids complaining parents made them work at 17. I told them you do not know how easy this job is air conditioning and occasionally ringing someone up. My first job was so hard that it taught me every other job in the future was a breeze in comparison. Eventually after various jobs I got into commercial real estate. I will never forget our instructor in licensing class gave this advice. ( In the beginning when you are young people use their labor and quickness for a job as they have little knowledge. As you age your body starts slowing down and you get replaced by younger people. So learn to earn with your MIND so that you make more as you age with experience ) At 48 years old today this rings true for me owning the company. When you get a certain age you value time more and more than money so you put systems and processes in place so the machine runs itself and you add more people to the machine. The ones in their late 20's and on have some experience and willing to put in the hours to try to get where you are in your 40's. That helps keep propelling the company forward without me working more than 30hrs a week so that I have harmony in my life for all aspects. When you make many millions a year profit a business can take on a life of its own and easy for people to become too engaged and unbalanced with their lives feeding off the success. You have to diligently watch the metrics of your life to keep them in harmony with each other.

  7. I'M so happy I made productive decisions about my finances that changed my life forever, hoping to retire next year… Investment should always be on any creative man's heart for success in life.

  8. Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time

  9. I am new to the stock market. Every stock that I bought so far, I was out of luck because I bought them when they were expensive. I feel I missed out on all the stock opportunities so far for the tech stocks.I believe having 175K yearly income would be a good investment so I want to plug all my savings into the stock market. I know this sounds a bit dull but I would like to know if I should learn investing or let somebody else (more capable like a FA) do it for me? Please share your thoughts. I am kind of tired of searching for a good stock to buy and losing all the good opportunities

  10. I feel one Of the greatest challenges that we first timers face in the ma rket is that we end up losing all we have,making it difficult to find ourselves back to our feet. My biggest advice is to always seek the services of a professional just like I did when I ventured into it for the first time. Big thanks to Samantha Jack. I now make huge profits by weekly through her services while still learning to stand on my own.

  11. Making money is not the same as keeping it there is a reason why investments aren't well taught in schools, the examples you gave are well stationed, the market crisis gave me my first millions, people shy away from hard times, I embrace them.. well at least my advisor does lol

  12. dude…I don't make nearly as much as these guest, but asking for your NET WORTH is super rude. stop it please. just asking for 'what you can make in your profession' and 'how you got there' is good enough.

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