Un alt nou ancoraj – Suntem din nou în mișcare!

Un alt nou ancoraj - Suntem din nou în mișcare!

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49 thoughts on “Un alt nou ancoraj – Suntem din nou în mișcare!

  1. Love you’re on the move again particularly where you’re going in Dorset. Your new snubber looks as though you hooked it through a link, most I’ve used hook over the waist of a whole link putting two pieces of the link in the hook – is yours capable of both or just hooked through as you’ve done.

  2. Bucklers Hard is such an historic place that is definitely worth a visit. Dom's 15 second description needed a bit more. Lovely video as always guys. Well done.

  3. I'm anchored up in Chapmans pool on the Jurassic coast hiding from the eastly winds.
    Beautiful area, but anchorages are far inbetween. I'll check out your site.
    Crackin video as always.
    I'll look out for ya'll… My boats called Saorsa… Red raven Norse flag flying on the mast

  4. Welcome back as you have been missed. I think I have watched all of your videos as I checked your main settings periodically but, did we miss any additional DIY stuff while you were gone?

  5. Thanks for taking me along for the sail. I am so glad you have chosen to tour us in your home waters first. I’ve not been to “jolly old “ so am enjoying immensely. Your videos are superb .

  6. Loved that your back…GREAT video. Just one question. What’s that lump on the front of your throat? Hopefully just a sting or bug bite and nothing serious.

  7. Great episode, loved the intro! I was rather hoping you'd tender past Gypsy Moth IV as I knew she was about that area a few weeks ago. What a beautiful river though, and so full of fascinating history. Thanks guys, enjoy the Summer!

  8. That prolonged north east wind blasting down the channel has created some horrible seas. Just got back from Normandy (Le Havre) with a 19 hour crossing in a short swell up to 3m at times.

  9. You need a mortgage to stop in the marina at Bucklers, even our first little 23 footer was expensive, wouldn't like to think how much our current 40 would be.

  10. Nice to see you back on the water.

    at 6mn30, the chain hook is not made to pass through the chain, but blocked between 2 links.

  11. Your videos are so professionally done ,so easy on the eye, so beautiful and then there is Carly and of course Hank,nothing more required
    Waiting for more ,Fair Winds,Stay Safe

  12. Great following you on your adventures! When are you going to venture east into bandit country beyond Selsey Bill and risk the delights and perils of the Thames Estuary and the Essex and Suffolk coasts? Delightful and quiet – free – anchorages in beautiful rivers and creeks with charming towns and villages to explore, plus wonderful bird and wildlife reserves. Give it a go!!

  13. Minor disagreement: William The Conqueror (aka William The Bastard) removed a bunch of villages and their people to create an extensive hunting ground for his amusement, hence he created the New Forest – in about 1079 – long before Henry VIII caused oak to be planted for shipbuilding (500 years?)
    Whatever, it is a glorious part of the country – really special

  14. So lovely to be on the move with you three again. Always so interesting with so much more to come. As Tina Turner said, 'Simply the best.'

  15. Hey guys hope you are well, good to see you out and about, especially Hank 😀 Just a heads up on the chain hook, we made the exact same mistake for a while too. You should not hook it through the link of a chain. It is designed so that you place it the over the side of a link, from the outside. If that make sense? Don't hook the centre of the link, hook the entire link. If you hook the centre it will crossload the link and compromise on its strength. Stay safe 😀

  16. Nice to have you guys back out and about. Looking forward to more great episodes of your adventures. All the best from us here in Australia 👍

  17. I left the channel for a while, but I'm back and watching all that I missed. Could you tell me what the headphones you both wear for comms. Geoff

  18. Glad to see you are back on the move, it is funny to hear the pronunciation of Beaulieu ( I'm a Brit living almost all my life in Quebec Canada, so I speak french) , that name is from the Norman conquest, it means beautiful place, in french the beau is like Beau Bridges the actor and lieu is still used in english eg. in lieu, in place of. Your pronunciation is correct for England. My other favorite one is Beauchamps, in french meaning Beautiful or Fair field, in England pronounced Beacham. Good to see back Dom, say hi to Carly and Hank .

  19. Dom….Sorry to be alarmist but please get your thyroid checked…. it looks like it's enlarged.- at least on video. Most likely shadow… but please at least self check.

  20. Ah guys. So good to see you back. This your marina buddies here from our soon to be sold boat. 😢😢😢 still we will be living and breathing the happy seas along with you guys. Thanks for sharing. Luv ya. Xxx

  21. Good Show, Mate’s.✅
    Glad to see you out from under the cold 🥶 winter rain 🌧️ and back on the sea 🌊 ways again With some Sunshine 🌞 too..!!! 😎👍🥳

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