Cum arată un charter de 1.100.000 USD

Cum arată un charter de 1.100.000 USD

Acest videoclip vă arată cum arată un charter de o săptămână de 1.100.000 USD pe Motor Yacht Loon. Alăturați-vă nouă la primul nostru charter al sezonului în timp ce călătorim în sudul Franței, vizitând St Tropez, Cannes, Villefranche, Monaco și multe altele. Vă oferim o privire în profunzime asupra a ceea ce se întâmplă pe o carte de această amploare și a modului în care funcționează totul. Capitole: 00:00 Ziua 1 Marsilia 01:47 Ziua 2 St Tropez 06:00 Ziua 3 Cannes 07:07 Ziua 4 Villefranche 10:30 Ziua 5 Monaco 13:30 Ziua 6 Menton 15:00 Ziua 7 Cap-Ferrat 15:40 Zilele 8 și 9 Frumos Urmărește videoclipul anterior aici:👇 „Am cumpărat un SUPERYACHT nou!” 🌏 pentru întrebări de charter și pentru a verifica iahtul, vă rugăm să vizitați site-ul nostru oficial: Pentru actualizări zilnice, urmăriți-ne pe : Instagram TikTok Filmat de videograful de la bord @Blair_vb Cu Dean Harrison @theyachtchef2101 #superyacht #superyachts #yachts #yachts #boats #megayacht # Yachttender #charter #monaco #sttropez #villefranche #cannes


26 thoughts on “Cum arată un charter de 1.100.000 USD

  1. It's obvious that there's a bond among the crew which is a key factor for a well established team. Knowing how demanding their job is, with these back to back charters, all the long hours put to please the guests and still they look so fresh and smiley. All the best to whole crew, keep rocking. Compliments for the videography as well.

    Ps. Maxine looks gorgeous. It's amazing how she manages to stay in such a shape.

  2. the shots coming into Monaco made me subscribe immediately, that was stunning.
    In terms of filming and editing, you guys have a lot to learn but i dont mind too much when you take me on board and show me around cool places.

  3. Wow!!! you guys are very professional and its great to see you all get along as well as you do. The video footage and areas you had covered in this video are amazing. It brings back memories for me from last year travelling over there. Enjoying your videos and looking to see more down the track.

  4. pretty crazy that someone charters a yacht for over a million bucks only to go eat at restaurants somewhere almost every day.

  5. watching this video I was wondering how many crew would be required and then near the end you said 20, which was about what i thought.
    I'd be interested to know the crew breakdown re operations and hospitality.
    I'm thinking 6 or 7 running the boat and 13 or 14 hospitality.
    And also there would be quite a few in the hospitality that play a role in operations particular when docking.

  6. Commercials suck but vid. it ok. who wants 65 OOOO EV CAR GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE . CAPS SO FUCKING WHAT. IDIOTS AND SELL OUTS. PREIOD.

  7. Great video, all the angles and quality were great. The night shot near the 6 min mark was cool. Good looking crew and yacht.

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