Aflați cum să construiți un interior de barcă

Aflați cum să construiți un interior de barcă

Canalul nostru este posibil de tine! Consultați contul nostru Patreon pentru a obține acces la actualizări săptămânale în timp real (în timpul sezonului de ambarcațiuni), acces anticipat la videoclipuri și poate chiar scrisori surpriză scrise de mână livrate în căsuța dvs. poștală. Patronii sunt cei care mențin acest canal în viață! Magic Carpet II este un Cape George 36, construit în Port Townsend, WA în 1982. Coca și balastul ei au fost construite de Cape George Marine Works, iar restul a fost terminat de către proprietarul inițial. Consultați site-ul nostru pentru a afla mai multe despre noi: Dacă doriți să ne susțineți, dar patreon nu este lucrul dvs., puteți face o donație o singură dată prin PayPal și vă vom trimite multe multumesc in schimb!! PRODUSE PE CARE UTILIZAM MULT: (linkuri afiliate marcate cu *) *TOTALBOAT: epoxidice, materiale de umplutură epoxidice, grund, etc. Folosind acest link vă veți oferi 5% reducere! VOPSEA EPIFANES: Vopsea și lac de înaltă calitate. Atât Magic Carpet I, cât și Magic Carpet II sunt ambele finisate în întregime cu produse Epifanes, în interior și în exterior. *PANTALONI DE LUCRU LUI ALADINO: SIA SANDPAPER: șmirghel elvețian de înaltă calitate, care nu se va desprinde și nu va lăsa un finisaj neuniform: CAPE GEORGE MARINE WORKS: șantierul unde a fost construită barca noastră. Situat în Port Townsend WA, lucrează de înaltă calitate pe bărci în stil tradițional. De asemenea, pot construi bărci noi la comandă. Vezi muzica Mayei pe Spotify și iTunes! SPOTIFY: iTUNES: Suntem pe instagram la @Carpet Color graded cu @SaiMagi Phantom Luts de Joel Famularo Adresa noastră de e-mail este doar pentru întrebări de afaceri, vă rog! Dacă aveți o întrebare de afaceri sau o altă propunere, vă rugăm să ne trimiteți un e-mail la SailingMagicCarpet (la)


46 thoughts on “Aflați cum să construiți un interior de barcă

  1. Your productions are excellent, so I hesitate to pick at anything, but I really don't like the side quarter view where Aladino appears to be talking to an interviewer off to the side. I would rather he just talked to the camera, which is us! It's not just you guys …I see this technique in other videos, but it always bugs me.

  2. Slowly getting better at it? From another BCer, best fucking shelves I've ever seen on a boat! Top that Aladino! Pfffth. I think Maya needs to take over the description chair for the next episode.

  3. Hi guys, you gotta get back out there. Time to wrap up the projects and make hay while you are young. I get that EVERYONE is doing boat work right now. Maya, project manage more. Aladino, let her deal with your OCD and move forward. You guys are a good team but for chrissakes can one of the sailing channels actually sail??? Delos is great because they keep sailing, projects to a minimum. Just my 2¢. When you are sailing you transport us.

  4. We have the same finger latches on all locker doors on our Ohlson 41, which we have sailed over 25K miles. They work great.
    You should put fiddles on all shelves, otherwise those cans will come flying out in rough seas.

  5. You seemed kind of beat up by the shelves. Tell Aladino I said to give you a big hug because you are worth it. Not one of those quick ones either, a comforting hug that goes on awhile. We all need those sometimes to know that those close to us know our value. And since a big hug from 150K subscribers, (who all know your worth is mighty), might be just a bit much, Aladino will have to stand in our stead. Thanks Aladino:) You may think, "Oh, in real time the shelves were quite awhile ago, I don't need the hug for that." We always need hugs. Tell Aladino to hug frequently (and now).

  6. I assume that you know that there is another great YouTuber and boat builder in Port Townsend. Leo, who rebuilds the Tally Ho. Have you ever thought about a collaboration?
    I would love to see how you discuss similarities and differences between the struggles on a wooden boat vs a fiberglass one. An I'm also sure that you would love the Tally Ho.

  7. Don't worry about making your patterns out of wood. Get some cardboard boxes ,cut them into two inch strips and put it together with a hot glue gun.

  8. I absolutely love watching these videos. I came across them recently and have finally gotten caught up. I grew up in the PNW and spent many months sailing in Desolation Sound. The additional views of the Port Townsend and BC areas bring back wonderful memories. The boat I sailed on was a Wauquiez Pretorian 35, very similar to yours in craftsmanship (at least your new version of your boat), made to sail in the North Atlantic, so very seaworthy and still relatively fast. You both have such a sense of vision and creativity, each in your own area of expertise. I also love the small glimpses we have been shown of Maya and her violin, I also play the violin and know how much that can recharge your batteries. Maya, don’t be so hard on your self. You have taken on a challenge, and acquired new skills. No you might not make things up to Dini’s level, but you also do not have his years of experience. I think you have done a wonderful job implementing your new carpentry skills. Everyone has to start at the beginning, you don’t just get to jump to the expert level. Keep up the good work, remember you learn from your mistakes. Just look back at how much your video skills have improved since you have begun your channel. I love how you work together and play off of each other and blend your visions and dreams together to make a beautiful,strong and fulfilling future. Good luck with the refit and I look forward to seeing many more videos in the future. I have also enjoyed the cruising videos (only the Scandinavian so far, but I will go back and catch the other ones too.)

  9. Enjoy watching the two of you work thru this beautiful project. I wish you would spend far less time and effort on defending your choices to the naysayers and critics.

  10. I'm sure there are times when you are just so tired of reading so many comments about what to do when what the commenter's mindset is totally different. Well…..This is another "one of those". Are you going to glue, say double ribs….maybe 1/2" square ribs under the shelves for extra support since possibly heavy canned goods may be stacked on said shelves? That seems to be a significant length of shelve for holding large masses. Just a thought. Love your rebuild and look forward to seeing the blog every Friday. Take care.

  11. Maya , I think you are doing so well . If you've not done woodwork before ,p I think you're doing great . You're so clever , congratulations 🎊 😂❤.

  12. Finger holes and life on the ocean. I have to agree with the people who have cautioned against them. Someone will inevitably forget to hold on to the grab rail at all times as they poke through the locker looking for that one special treat. And those little catches will not hold the force of a locker full of cans if the boat gets thrown on her beam ends. They are only used by production boat builders because they are cheap and "nautical". The solution is a 3/4 turn button made of metal and held on by a 1/4" bolt.

    A real life circumstance. November 10. Crossing the Gulf Stream on the first real opportunity to head south after a NE gale had blown itself out. I'm making a sandwich in the galley when we are thrown on our beam ends. I land upside down on the chart table 16' away. The boat was a 60,000# Oyster– stable and built like a tank– not exactly a ULDB.
    I was sure I had a broken bone in my elbow, until three days later the ER in Bermuda gave me an all clear and a bottle of pain killers.

  13. Maya you are a great gal. You just need to keep Ur eye on finished product which you will sail in for years. Perfect by alidino is less maintainance and more enjoyment. He is a great builder and you his apprentice. Lots of faith. Love you guys. From Australia.

  14. One thought for you. The storage behind the seat backs includes the triangular shaped space below the mid shelf. This is hard to use. Consider installing a net that has a bungy along the top in this lower space. Basically you could then stretch out the net and place whatever you wanted to store behind it holding it in place. Example think about storing provisions. Without the net they would all spill out when the hatch was opened. This is probably what you planned but just in case!

  15. @Aladino: nice finish on the end grain of the plywood lockers in the back rest! @Maya dont be so hard on yourself. I know it is hard to work together with someone with such an amazing eye for detail and precision like Aladino, it can make you unsecure sometimes because you think you can't keep up with such level of craftmanship and therefore afraid for criticism, but you are doing allright girl. Do, succeed or learn.

  16. Hi Maya and Aladino. I'm so excited seeing the tremendous progress you are making and with such beautiful craftsmanship. Maya you bring to the build what is needed and as an equal partner to Aladino. You both need each other to build your home to your exquisite specifications ! You are allowed to be very pleased with yourself ! It has taken me way too many years to stop comparing myself to others and it was not an easy learning curve. As an older woman with sometimes some sage advise, please allow yourself to breathe and if taking an hour or half an hour out of your day to play one of your instruments gives you an outlet and calms you please gift yourself that pleasure for you certainly deserve it 🤗💖
    I hope you will realize at some point how hard you have worked and how you have stretched your abilities and that all of this adds to your wonderful personality. You are doing so much behind the scenes that we don't see but we know that we wouldn't be able to come along with you without your own craftsmanship putting these episodes together brilliantly. What is that silly but true saying " teamwork makes the dream work" !
    I am so impressed with both of your abilities ! You two are fantastic and your home will be spectacular ! It''s a good thing we aren't all visiting because we would drool all over the boat with envy😂 💖💖💖, Ellen

  17. Suggestion on "The Plan"; cross off item that were done in the last (or near recent) video at the beginning of a video rather than at the end. At least we get an idea of the progress you've made and what to expectantly look forward. Love the most excellent work you TWO (yes too Maya) are doing on your boat.

  18. You talked about making a box for cold storage. About 10 years ago I was in the same situation for my boat. Then I made an inner shell of gelcoat, polyester and fiberglass. I made a mold out of board and rounded the edges. The mold was given a generous layer of polyester that was allowed to flow out to a smooth surface, one side at a time. The inner shell was laminated on the outside of the mold. Then both shell and mold were sawn with a horizontal cut, and the mold was picked out of the inner shell. The opening was also included. I also used the same type of insulation you showed. The most difficult was the meeting between the opening with the hatch and the worktop. I made the hatch recessed without hinges to avoid dirty corners that are difficult to clean. Gelcoat resists discoloration and other stresses quite well. This was a suggestion. There are probably many others. It will be exciting to see how you will solve it.

  19. Great job Maya and Aladino The boats going to look fabulous. And yes the to do done list not easy at all when videos aren't in real time. I think it is safe to say we see from each video the progress you both are and have done on refitting. Keep up the excellent Video's and the refitting .

  20. I just read in the New York Times that a South African lady won the around the world race on a Cape George 36. Looks like you picked the perfect boat for your around the world adventures.

  21. My favorite channal, no thought about not doing the crossing on a plan. I hope that you get to the water soon. We sailing without plans and timelimits now. Today scotland. Hope we see us one day.

  22. 1 thing I would suggest for shelves is a batten under shelves along the front edge especially if you are going to store such heavy things like cans otherwise the front edge will sag over time. you probably moved on from this project now.

  23. Maya
    Good explanation of the conundrum of trying to do project management/planning in the real world. That is why using basic project management software (usually free) to keep track of the overall progress and identify the upcoming critical path roadblocks along with Aladino's blue tape daily work planning usually works best. The advantage of having the overall plan on a computer instead of a whiteboard is that it is easier to keep track of the actual time line and update it as soon as it becomes obvious that you are going off course. And with your editing skills it would be child's play. In the real world there is always a start and an end date for any project and only so many resources to fit into the area between them! Better to identify those that won't fit in the time/money available at the start than a week before the end!

    Do all your fans and yourself a favor and pick up the violin for a few minutes every day!

    Fair winds and spring breezes!

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