Traversarea Mării Coralilor din Vanuatu în Australia – Sailing Greatcircle (ep.296)

Traversarea Mării Coralilor din Vanuatu în Australia - Sailing Greatcircle (ep.296)

Victor și cu mine navigăm 1150 de mile peste ocean spre Mackay, unde vom fi transportați pentru o nouă antifouling. Oh, înainte să uit, Marijke a sosit și în Mackay, așa că, desigur, vocea ei vă va ghida din nou prin următoarele episoade…


14 thoughts on “Traversarea Mării Coralilor din Vanuatu în Australia – Sailing Greatcircle (ep.296)

  1. We are just in awe of your video today and using the fish eye lens showing the dolphins swimming with you and when your drone pans and shows both of you watching the dolphins, it brought a huge smile to my face! This was one of your best, Mark, and you always have superb videos! Thanks!

  2. You left Nuku Hiva a week before I arrived last year, and no way I could catch up with you, although I met quite a few of your buddies, like Loly. I really appreciate your videos this season from New Caledonia and Vanuatu as that is where I am headed later this season. But I have to wonder about your obsession with keeping your boat sailing as fast as possible. I understand it is a very expensive performance cat, but then once again you end up arriving at night (I am sailing solo with a lot less experience, so I always would heave to and wait for light in that situation). But I was also relieved to see even a big cat like yours gets the stern slewed around around by passing waves, at 5:15. Happens to my little monohull with every wave!

  3. Who came up with the name of your boat? I know what a Great Circle is, what I want to know is when did you decide on this name? It's perfect, really.

  4. Having your full main up and a small self tacking job makes your cat want to head to weather and puts much strain on your auto helm. That's why I don't like the self tacking jib. The boat isn't balanced with your set up.

  5. Hey Guys I know these are behind real time but welcome to Australia the place i call home please enjoy it and what we have to offer

  6. Missed seeing you on the water by a couple of days. Delivered a boat from Hervey Bay to the Whitsunday Islands and passed Mackay Friday morning. Safe travel and enjoy your adventure

  7. Absolutely love all your videos but wish the sound was more balanced. I watch while on the treadmill and have to continuously jump on and off because now the sound is too loud and soon after it's too low. Maybe my Apple AirPods are too sensitive, but it seems something that could be adjusted fairly easily in editing. Please don't take this as a criticism, I LOVE your adventures and offer this only as a suggestion. Thank you.

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