Sofia Franklyn despre consecințele ei cu Alex Cooper Ep. 39

Sofia Franklyn despre consecințele ei cu Alex Cooper Ep.  39

În acest episod din Anulat o avem pe Sofia cu un F pornit. Ei discută că Tana îi aruncă din greșeală umbră prin Twitter. Ei trec peste viețile lor sexuale și unde se încadrează la o scară îndoită și relații toxice. Ei discută despre cum a cunoscut-o pe Alex Cooper și cum a apărut Call Her Daddy și multe altele! Odder are 50% reducere la aproape orice articol + TRANSPORT GRATUIT + PROCESARE RUSH Codul este TANA Tana Mongeau Instagram: Tana Mongeau Twitter: Tana Mongeau TikTok: Brooke Schofield Instagram: Brooke Schofield Twitter: Brooke Schofield TikTok: https: // Brooke Schofield YouTube:


35 thoughts on “Sofia Franklyn despre consecințele ei cu Alex Cooper Ep. 39

  1. Tana gets buried in her casket with an giant Jersey Mikes sub laying from her mouth to belly button. Everyone who pays their respects puts a potato chip in the sub.

  2. I love how Sofia conveniently tells a completely different story than Alex & Dave. Alex edited the sizzle reel for Dave & edited the show herself. Sofia was 'just along for the ride' as she said. AND Alex went to school for Communications & Media. Like COME ON. Still beyond out of touch.

  3. So are we just not going to hear any of the updated call her daddy tea?!? Blew this one could’ve talked about your bowel movements and Mexico trip when it was just you and Brooke

  4. yeah like i love the guests they are having on but i miss just the tana and brooke episodes and then like guests come on here and there. and wtf they need to do a episode with lilah like asap

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