Ați cumpăra o barcă scufundată pentru 150.000 USD? Pentru că am făcut-o!! – (Episodul 214)

Ați cumpăra o barcă scufundată pentru 150.000 USD?  Pentru că am făcut-o!!  - (Episodul 214)

Uraganul Irma a distrus sute de bărci, SV parlay fiind una dintre ele, care s-au scufundat pe babord și a fost considerată o pierdere totală constructivă. Atunci am cumpărat-o cu 150.000 de dolari la începutul lui 2018 și am continuat să petrec următorii doi ani reconstruind-o. Acum, am avut un moment incredibil de special când i-am arătat proprietarului anterior, Bob, cum am reînviat-o pe Parlay la gloria ei de odinioară! SV Parlay este un catamaran Lagoon 450 avariat de uragan, pe care Colin l-a reconstruit împreună cu prietenii și a început să navigheze în jurul lumii. Au găsit avarii în peretele etanșului catamaranului lor din Panama, așa că au reparat-o și sunt aproape gata să traverseze Oceanul Pacific!! Pentru a ni se alătura pe Patreon și pentru a obține conținut exclusiv și șansa de a veni cu noi, faceți clic aici! https://www.patreon.com/parlayrevival Pentru a cumpăra marfa Parlay Revival faceți clic aici!! https://parlayrevival.com/collections Toată muzica este de la sunetul Epidemic! Înscrieți-vă aici și obțineți o probă gratuită de luni pentru a vedea dacă vă place! https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/ym5nvt Urmărește-mă pe instagram pentru actualizări zilnice! https://www.instagram.com/parlayrevival_colin/ ​​Pagina de Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parlayrevival Editat de @flippyhipped (instagram) #sail #livingonaboat #sailing #boatlife #sailingchannel


20 thoughts on “Ați cumpăra o barcă scufundată pentru 150.000 USD? Pentru că am făcut-o!! – (Episodul 214)

  1. There really nothing I can say that hasn’t been said already. Thank you for all the improvements and repairs, you and Jamie have made to Parlay. I remember watching from the beginning and wondering how it would turn out. She is beautiful and in your usual kind and generous manner sharing Parlay with Bob was the ultimate act of kindness to Bob and the chance for Parlay, to show off her splendour. 🎉🎉🎉

  2. Was that Brit pretending she doesn't sleep in Colins bed? 😛 can you give us why he called it Parlay again?

  3. Very cool giving Bob the VIP treatment. 🤟. Colin and Bob, Win Win situation after Momma nature put her foot down in the BVI. 👍 Table tops great idea! Better than getting knee knots filleting a fish on the transom 🥴.

  4. Thats so great Mr. Bob came an went out with you guys on his former love!! He looked so happy at her helm and you could see in his face the emotions he has for her!! Thats a really great thing yall did for him Colin, Great video brother, Until next Sunday, Stay safe guys!!!

  5. Great episode. I bought a boat and had its only previous owner come over to me in the marina on a night stay and he said oh wow my boat. It was quite a special moment to meet him and him to see his boat.

    This parlay version is even more special because Colin / Jamie and the gang have made this Boat amazing. Bob could not have been anything but blown away.

  6. I have a friend that got a a 42 ft Cat for 10g. Sunk on one pontoon. all Electric and Motors out the water. He scored!! Then he went and rapped himself around a poll in a kit car. RIP Craig Bobbitt.

  7. What a great video and how awesome the previous owner must’ve felt seeing the beautiful job you guys have done with her. You should be proud. He seems like a really good guy. Kudos guys. Can’t wait to be escorting you guys across the Pacific with everybody else. That is gonna be so cool. All the best be safe and smooth sailing. Kisses

  8. Great episode! I watched this one 4 times and teared up every singe time… it's so touching! Absolutely amazing to see Bob at the helm, appreciating all the hard work that you guys have put into The Revival of Parlay!! Good on you Colin! I've watched you from the beginning and had always wondered if the original owner had ever contacted you! Poor Dave…he's such a trooper! The phone number 🤦‍♀️…lol. Congrats on the passage guys!

  9. Colon, can i tell us where you found those foam pads for the beds? Been looking all over for something like that! Much appreciated! Your videos are amazing and so informative and interesting! Never stop doing what you do! You guys are the best! Thank you

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