S-a terminat viața așa cum o știm? (Calico Skies Sailing, Ep 186)

S-a terminat viața așa cum o știm?  (Calico Skies Sailing, Ep 186)

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38 thoughts on “S-a terminat viața așa cum o știm? (Calico Skies Sailing, Ep 186)

  1. You guys look pretty good at the end. I hope it is a trend in your well being. The reality is, you just have to keep putting one boot in front of the other until you get through this. You will win if you stay positive and help each other.
    I'm no stranger to Hyperbaric chambers. I've been decompressed in several and treated twice. Once for the bends and the other time to pass a test; In the 70's at dive school. 05, July, I had enjoyed myself a touch too much the day before. I had an exam in physics, showed up to class and the instructor knew at one look I would not pass the test. He had a couple of my class mates blow me down to 30' on O2 for a half hour. After a nice nap, I passed the test. I would have been booted if I failed the test. Good instructors and chambers are good medicine.

  2. You are a strong person Grace. So sorry to hear all your struggles but are happy you are sharing your struggles with us. I have been watching you guys for many years now so feel a friendship even though we have never met. You will be in our prayers.

  3. I'm so sad that you got bad news, but I know in my heart with your strength, and the progress that has been made in treatment, You'll be A OK in no time . Love Ya'll

  4. Hi Grace I am a nurse in Australia and a sailer what you had done is on small step . Thinking will take time to get better you are a strong woman and you have Bill there to help you. What I have seen so far is that Bill is doing a great job if I could get some time off work I would be happy to come and help you out. But at the moment I am stuck in Australia working hard so my wife and I can set sail at the end of the year and start sailing full-time. Good luck with it all and stay safe and Bill keep up the good work you are going for Grace. Cheers from Craig/ SvOneDay

  5. You are so strong and it's amazing to see how you are getting through this ❤ Hoping you can rest and heal now. Love that you have such support team ❤️

  6. Your apparent strength, transparency and sharing rich content is a blessing to others. Wishing you complete and rapid healing. All the best.

  7. I was were Bill is now. Very scary to see the woman you love going thru this trauma! Keeping both of you with your eyes on the future is the only way! You will be back sailing again!

  8. From my heart to yours, I wish you love, joy, peace and relief and recovery from this chapter. Experiencing something not too dissimilar. I will genuinely keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Fair winds and good health. ❤

  9. My wife is going through the same thing. She is done with treatment 18 months worth and is recovering now. Looks like she is doing good hoping for the best in both cases.

  10. My thoughts and prayers are with you Grace. As someone once told me, "welcome to the club." Not a club we would pick but we are strong and fight together. You are not alone! I'm fighting breast cancer for a second time. This time I have done my research and here is what I have learned and wished I knew 12 years ago: Breast Cancer feeds on sugar!! Along with medication, a round of radiation, and a healthy diet (whole foods low in carbs and no added sugar) my cancer is about gone. Keep your positive attitude. This is just a little speed bump that you and Bill will sail through. Fight like a girl!!

  11. I have always loved you guys sailing. The honesty you have shared with the world is fantastic. We somehow avoided so much catastrophe in our lives, and then we run into the stupid unavoidable things. Hang in there, you are fantastic humans that deserve the best. I believe one day soon, you will be flying a spinnaker are running under double polls on a down wind sail and all of this will left behind at 6 nots. You really deserve all your sailing to be down wind with following seas, but if not that, beating up wind with a terrible swell will still be better then the hurricane you find yourself in. Hold fast dear sailors, just hold fast.

  12. I'm so glad your able to do this together. Grace your sunny disposition goes a long way EH. You keep a positive outlook it will get better! Bill I don't envy you it's hard to know what to do and say in a situation like this. It's not like when your out on the ocean and the weather changes. For that you have backup plans. All you can do is be there for Grace, hold her hand, be supportive like your doing and wait for her to tell you what she needs. You are her Anchor and she will draw strength from you! Nobody said it was an easy job being the man! You got this buddy!
    Prayers and Big Hugs from Northern Canada! Love you Guys! 😉😉🐻🐻

  13. I feel your pain, I had a double mastectomy at the age of 28, I had reconstruction done, but they didn't tell me that the reconstruction would only last 9 years . . I got 11 years and I had to go through it all over again but this time I did not have reconstruction done, I am no longer married but I am happy and alive. I am so SORRY for what is happening with you. Take care you ❣🙏🏻❣🙏🏻‼

  14. Hi greetings always positive remember that what you have is a diagnosis please avoid eating carbohydrates what cancer cells like is sugar don't eat anything that turn into glucose and a lot of intravenous vitamin C God cares and protects you.🙏

  15. my poor brother is suffering , throat cancer has a grip, wont let go, Save Ye Jesus. You're doing Well!

  16. Ya know. I watched my daughter go through this. Double mastectomy nipples and all. I made her so many things. Like a lap around pillow, drain bib type things. Then numerous hats. . HER + i believe. She is now five years post the surgeries, chemo, radiation etc. so there is always hope. Stay positive and know you are not alone.

  17. You guys are doing great. Keep it up. Having been through this with my wife, I can assure you that you will make it through. It can seem like it can’t get worse, and I’m not going to sugar coat it, it can. But you’re doing great and you’ll be through this and in a few years you’ll be back to normal. Really, you will. And yes, as the caregiver, the drains were the worst. The second time my wife had them, I had to bail, and I’ve cleaned up quite a few messes and seen and cleaned some pretty disgusting wounds.

  18. I looked you up on google, that was a popper ! To find out how you are doing, I found you. thanks' google. re-watched your post, I'm hoping the best for you. I said I had to man up to deal with cancer, well I have. My brother has another blood transfusion booked, he is very cool about it. I have a new job, keep him there. x

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