DEFECTAREA MOTORULUI: Testarea compresiei și tragerea motorului pe o barcă cu pânze în Opua Noua Zeelandă

DEFECTAREA MOTORULUI: Testarea compresiei și tragerea motorului pe o barcă cu pânze în Opua Noua Zeelandă

Episodul 307 : Sezonul 10 : Noua Zeelandă – Aotearoa Bună, prieteni, bine ați venit în sezonul 10! Acest sezon va acoperi toate aventurile noastre din Noua Zeelandă în anul 2023 (și acest episod din 2022). În acest episod, primesc diagnosticarea problemelor la motor și o scot din barcă și o mută pe Triteia la ancorajul din Opua, NZ. Dacă vă place canalul, vă rugăm să „Like” videoclipurilor și să vă abonați pentru a nu pierde niciun episod viitor. Dacă vi se pare că videoclipurile sunt utile sau distractive și doriți să contribui, puteți deveni Patron la: Alte modalități de a susține canalul: PayPal: Aplicație Cash:$triteia Bitcoin:$triteia Fair Winds, James Website: Tracker: tracking/display/Triteia Instagram:


43 thoughts on “DEFECTAREA MOTORULUI: Testarea compresiei și tragerea motorului pe o barcă cu pânze în Opua Noua Zeelandă

  1. Hi James, hopefully you can put one of those outboard brackets on your boat that you can push it up and push it down into the water. That would probably be the cheapest way out and you can use your out boat from your dinghy. Anyway, hope you get through even if you get a self funded me page up to help, I would like to put some money in Cliff from over the ditch. At Logan city, Queensland Australia 🇦🇺 from the big island 🏝️

  2. Putting an electric motor in mine after doing the same thing ur doing. 100 reasons y not to go diesel and only i reason not to go electric. Never been happier. Life is free now

  3. Glad you made it safe to your next journey sorry your motor went out i hope its something easy to fix

  4. Insurance on sailing vessels is difficult to find. Even for older Trailable sailing boats insurance is very hard to find, Even harder if the yachts is home made.

  5. you could try Edward William insurance their third party insurance covers old boats and has 20million public liability insurance they are online based in spain no survey required for third party insurance

  6. James, any idea how the water entered the engine?sorry if that question was answered before. Just asking so as to prevent it from happening again. Thank you

  7. Low compression can also be caused by carbon buildup on the exhaust valves. There's an old trick where you pour a little auto trans fluid and kerosene mix on top of the pistons while the cylinder head is off getting a valve job. The atf and kerosene mixture will leak down into the compression rings and dissolve the carbon buildup, the cylinder head valve job will fix compression leaking out the exhaust valves, you put it back together and your all set! Another 2000 hours. Sometimes. But "sometimes" is still definitely worth a shot!

  8. Maybe a stupid question….Is there any special techniques for driving the boat with the dinghy on the hip? The only reason I asked was that I noticed the outboard motor was turned toward the sailboat (as if the dinghy was turning right). Was that on purpose? Thanks for all your great videos!

  9. "Chaos mode" is what it was like in most cases we did an engine-pull for liveraboards. You gotta lift the stinkin' lump of momentarily useless castiron everybody fullheartedly hates by now right between the spicerack and the charttable without spilling all of the unpleasant liquids all over their dinner, their countertops or their children. Some production boats need somewhat extensive cutting into parts fitted after the engine was put in during being bodged together, too, which adds to the trauma an engine-swap or outboard-full-rebuild usually is for the owners not only because of the pricetags a lot of shoreside shops have to put on their work, given they're competing with fancy seafood-restaurants, expensive watch-sellers and high class boutiques for the sheer space to offer their services from. So You seem to be right in the middle when it comes to the range of inconvenience: no kids to entertain, boat still watertight and capable to anchor out (imagine having a saildrive that's gotta come off in order to free the engine enough to get it out …), awesome shop to work with ….. Could be worse I reckon. Resilient self-reliance of the dedicated singlehander, obviously. Thanks for sharing!

  10. No wonder you had a tough time getting the Yanmar started. As far as why it was getting raw water in it, there would have been several things I would have checked. The siphon break which must be installed between where the raw water comes out of the engine and the mixing elbow is clogged or not there (I've seen new engines ruined because of this). A bad mixing elbow. Some other exhaust defect like hoses or lift muffler. Overcranking with the raw water inlet open (pump still turns). I've even seen where a scoop was installed on the thru hull force water past the pump that did it. Hopefully the cylinders and head weren't too pitted and you didn't have to bore the cylinders out. At the very least I suspect you had to change the pistons and rings, and most likely the valves.

  11. I would think the sea water in the engine is from cranking the motor over without closing the seacock. It was pumping water with no exhaust, and it filled the exhaust up with water and into the motor

  12. mechanical diesels (non-computerized and stuff) are the most reliable, practical engine types there is. Yanmar has been making marine diesels for almost 100 years now. I'm surprised

  13. What about a 20hp long leg outboard bolted on the stern? Probably get that in yourself for cheep. Inboard is nicer for sure. Beta marine sells 14hp inboard for $2,500 – 16hp $2,700 – 20hp $3,000.

  14. James you're so calm about these things, I suppose one must pro-act rather then react. I remember reading your log about the engines woes, great to see the action as it unfolds. Anyhow sending you best wishes, stay safe, good travels…..Neil.

  15. great to see you here in Nz .. just a thing parents sailed around the world on a 26 footer with no motor .. they used the sails in every condition .. they had no life raft ether …. only thing i dont get ..yu say its christmas holidays ..but we are now in june …so i imagine your not in the marina anymore …would have visited if so … welcome to the wild Nz waters ..

  16. Has it not got a heat exchange in this system, is it raw sea water strait through the block. Or is part of the problem water cooled exhaust manifold leaking back through exhaust valves . Hope you get it all fixed at a reasonable price.🙂

  17. Is it not work making some kind of clip or bracket that's removable to mount your outboard on to push the boat in emergency

  18. James is in my top 5 sailboat vlogs He is that good . Find out what all this cost and I am sure all of us can chip in to help . Yes I am a sailboat cruiser on the SE coast of the US. James is at a whole other level.

  19. Did the water get in when your boat was heavily healed over? I’m wondering if it came from the lift muffler. Did you see water in your oil?

  20. So you also got water in your engine ? That seems to be a problem that sailors need to know how to address. It just destroy's the engine ! It happens far too often !

    I have a video about engine rebuilding top end only,, valves ect. And another where the guy did the rings at anchor including the sleeves. The top end one was perfect and the guy who was the brains was extremely knowlegable, it was done on Bums on a Boat by a guy and you'll see the guy now as the "bum" is now on the experts boat, I think his name is also James ? Its farily easy to find by searching " Engine Series [Top-End Rebuild] " and its very good. Its like a mini playlist ! Thanks for doing that Bums !

    The other one was done by a kid who didn't know what he was doing . You see the cylinder parts completely displayed. His is mostly good from the "seeing what is inside an engine" viewpoint.

  21. This just highlights electric is the way forward from dinosaur means of travel especially in a tiny boat like this. What a pain in the ****.

  22. Hi James sorry about your engine mate.
    On your insurance woes about 12 years ago l was going to visit NZ . Insurance was an issue.
    There was a company called Edward William insurance, they provided cover to most of the Ferro boats in New Zealand.
    It was affordable,I think they are located in Spain.
    World wide cover.
    Good luck cheers Bryan

  23. In the 70ties I was on a skippers course on a 60 feet sailing barge without an engine here in the Netherlands. We even went one time through Amsterdam under sail, beating into force 7. A lot of people stopped their cars and watched along the Amstel……
    The skipper Frans Eissenloeffel told us this was his ship with the least damage costs of his fleet.
    Everything was done without an engine in the past…..

  24. Dude you have inspired me. I am gonna go pick up this wonky 50 ft sloop😂 maybe I am nuts. But you and some of the others have really lit the fire.

  25. I have progressive boat insurance also here in the States. And I had to file to claims over the years. And they have done me right.

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