Navigare de la Ua Pou la Nuku Hiva în Marquesas | Episodul 209

Navigare de la Ua Pou la Nuku Hiva în Marquesas |  Episodul 209

Pe măsură ce ne apropiem de semnul anului nostru de croazieră în Polinezia Franceză, putem spune cu ușurință că ne-am reușit aici. Încrederea și pasiunea noastră de a trăi această viață au devenit mai profunde și mai puternice. Să navighezi cu puțin peste 22.000 de mile marine în ultimii 4 ani nu este o sarcină ușoară, dar cred că trebuie să facă și timpul petrecut aici în aceste insule uimitoare. Mana care cuprinde marea, pământul, cultura și oamenii de aici. Am fost primiți aici și acel sentiment de a fi acceptați într-un loc străin nu ne-a făcut niciodată să ne simțim atât de conectați și ca acasă. Vino cu noi în aventurile noastre de la Ua Pou la Nuku Hiva. Am pornit spre un nou ancoraj și suntem atât de impresionați de peisajul incredibil al acestor insule Marquezane. Alăturați-vă nouă în FIECARE MIERCURI pentru un NOU EPISOD și asigurați-vă că vă ABONAți la aventurile noastre de navigație prin Oceanul Pacific! Vă mulțumim că urmăriți aventurile WE! Partenerul nostru Sail @PrecisionSailLoftVictoria – Melodiile prezentate în acest episod provin de la @epidemicsound Vrei muzică fără drepturi de autor, dă clic pe linkul de mai jos!!! Vrei ceva WE|Sail Merch??? Consultați WE|Sail $WAG $TORE Obțineți 20% REDUCERE LA ÎNTREAGA achiziție folosind codul: WEYOUTUBER Vă mulțumim pentru vizionare și NU UITAȚI SĂ ABONAȚI!!!! Gândiți-vă să deveniți unul dintre părinții noștri și ține minte… membrii nu plătesc pentru călătoria noastră, ci mai degrabă ne susțin sucurile creative, care uneori echivalează cu o bere gustoasă! Așa că faceți popcornul floricele, reduceți luminile și stați pe spate, bucurați-vă de spectacol! @Patreon URMĂȚI AVENTURILE NOASTRE PE FACEBOOK SOCIAL MEDIA INSTAGRAM


39 thoughts on “Navigare de la Ua Pou la Nuku Hiva în Marquesas | Episodul 209

  1. I saw where you had a race with Parlay Revival…What Ever You Do…Don't let Gary on your boat or near your woman…hahaha…Pro Tip…use your Sailrite sewing machine ( silly have one hahaha) shhhh…don't tell anyone…Erica is sooo sexy…of course she can get a boat load of mangos for free..hahah..ah yea..I run a Sailrite on my own boat…fun..challenging…rewarding…I have great respect for seamtreases….AWESome sailing footage…Did I say that Erika is SUPER Sexy?? hahah..Hunga Tonga eruption..yea..Awesome drone footage

  2. Amazing, a true delight for us viewing the French Polynesia Island with you beautiful people as our guide. Where would we be every week without the gorgeous views from your superb cinematography and lovely sound. We pray safe travel as you complete this portion of your passage. Thanks to all the local's for the marvelous fruit and a chance to dream of distant shores.

  3. I can sense a complex coming on, Honey,Darling, Beautiful, Gorgeous, what do ya think Warren. Stop believing all the comments. Lol.

  4. Hi guys, the new video looks great! Did you get a new camera? Yes, you are capturing the beauty of the islands for us! Cheers! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Okay, couple things. First, WARREN!!! With the beard and mustache, how hard is it to get a good seal on the mask?
    Second, yes, we like seeing Erica, but I, for one, enjoy the things you teach and show as well!! LOVE your sense of humor!
    And lastly, those Mantas look big from here!! Are you sure they are smaller???

  6. Okay…. as Chairman of the internationally recognised CAAF (Catamarans Are Always Faster), you video has been reported to me for gross violations of our charter…. As this appears to be your first offence we are assuming that a) you had a major malfunction in your sails, b) you were inadvertently dragging 3-4 large buckets behind you that were slowing you down or c) there was some on-board emergency (major ingress of water, orcas chewing off your rudders, knocking over the coffee pot etc) that you had to attend to. If any of these were the case we are happy to let this go. However, it does appear that your biggest crime, is not, just letting a monohull overtake you, it is VIDEOING IT AND PUTTING IT UP ON YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL… How on earth do you expect us to maintain the expectations that catamarans are always faster and superior?…,and any race (as you correctly say 'any two boats near each other') is always won by the Cat…. ? We await your reply….

  7. Hello from New Zealand. We love watching your vlogs each week. Thank for for the hard work you put in!
    Will you visit New Zealand when you come across the pacific?
    Also are able to share what video editor you use? We are starting out and want to make sure we get this right. All the best, please look us up if you come this way. Mike

  8. Hi everyone, another very charming episode, impregnated with lots of sensuality, perhaps you found yourself after your friends' reception, which amplified the desire and longing, after all that's what friends are for.
    Don't stop telling Ericka she's "Lovely", because it's the only truth. see you and take care.

  9. Definitely though that drone was for the sea! Good you did not loose it. I think the obstacle avoidance was kicking in and it was bailing on you. Haha I also held my breath that whole time.

  10. Stunning, simply stunning! Yes Warren, Erica and the island scenery. These are beautiful islands and I thank you for doing such a great job filming them. Special thanks too for caring about where your anchor and chain are. You do great work.

  11. Wow these videos are from April?? Holy moly I thought ya'll had Starlink and could do up to date vid's now!

  12. …. loved the sunrise rooster at 22:46 good capture …. hey Warren, with the drone, do you fly with the obstacle avoidance option on, just curious if it was staying away from the standing rigging … thx for the share .. as always .. never stop dreaming, just dream bigger .. have fun be safe, save our oceans …..

  13. When a person dealing with physical systems uses the word "sacrificial," they are GOOD at engineering.

    When a pre-columbian Maya or Aztec used the word "sacrificial," it meant something totally different. 😀

  14. It's not likely to be the soil composition that clouds the water in the Marquesas, rather, it's more likely the mountains. With rainfall onto mountains, runoff accelerates significantly, causing increased erosion leading to cloudy water.

    That is why atolls, like the Tuamotus, have crystal-clear water: because they are so low in elevation that runoff cannot accelerate and effect erosion.

  15. Not to say that soil composition isn't a factor, because it most certainly is, but there are so many factors. Anywhere silt is deposited into the water, that's likely to make for cloudy water. Where sand is deposited, A.KA. beaches as opposed to coastal wetlands, generally clearer water.

    When it comes to runoff, the tides and currents are a big factor. Oftentimes with runoff, you will notice cloudier water as the tide is coming in, which is because the incoming tide "pins" the sediment laden runoff water to the coast. With an outgoing tide, the water will generally be much clearer.

    But, the ecosystem of the specific coastal area can have a big impact on water clarity as well. This is because significant ecosystems, like well-developed coral reef systems have a substantial effect on water clarity because of dense filter-feeder populations.

    In a very global way, water clarity is also affected by currents which are subject to the rotation of the Earth…but that explanation, we'll thankfully leave for another day.

    But if you look at satellite photography, it's very easy to see that the watershed of major rivers (the alluvial fan, so to speak) is always cloudy.

    Cheers! Love you guys.

  16. I never know when to quit, but this is all SO very fascinating.

    Few people realize that atmospheric currents also play a very significant role in sedimentation. Sandstorms in Africa cause so-called dust intrution, which tranports dust (that becomes nutritive sediment), because of the rotation of the Earth, all along the eastern coast of the Americas. This feeds coastal wetland ecosystems (like in the US) but is also well known for bringing nutrients into the Amazom basin, meaning that the most amazing Amazon basin rainforest wouldn't be what it is without sandstorms occurring in "seamingly" desolate places in Africa.

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