1,75 M EUR DE VÂNZARE Yacht TRAWLER de croi de croazieră! | M/Y „Delphinium”

1,75 M EUR DE VÂNZARE Yacht TRAWLER de croi de croazieră!  |  M/Y „Delphinium”

Acest iaht robust de explorare din oțel cu rază lungă de acțiune este gata să te ducă în următoarea ta aventură! Este propulsată de motoare gemene Perkins și are o autonomie de peste 3.000 NM! ► Deveniți membru al „equipajului meu virtual”: https://bit.ly/join_my_crew ► Verificați magazinele mele nautice pe Amazon: Magazin din SUA: http://bit.ly/3xa9izu Magazin din Marea Britanie: https://amzn. la/3YAtLt1 Magazin canadian: https://amzn.to/3Z9Pubp ► Urmărește-mă pe Instagram: https://bit.ly/Yacht_Buoy ► Pentru întrebări de afaceri: john@yacht-buoy.com sau DM pe Instagram ► Al doilea meu canal: https://www.youtube.com/@BoatBuoy_ ►►►AFLĂ MAI MULTE: https://bit.ly/Almtrawler_Delfino_65


38 thoughts on “1,75 M EUR DE VÂNZARE Yacht TRAWLER de croi de croazieră! | M/Y „Delphinium”

  1. A very cool boat with an excellent range. I noticed that the crew quarters were not only spacious but also finished to the same standard as the guest accommodation. Be great for exploring the Pacific.

  2. I am going to pick on you…!

    You did not say…"High winds and following seas"

    Another tuber says…"Strength & Honour"

    I just love these…!

    I say…

    Acknowledge Gracefully

    Accept Unconditionally

    Comply immediately…and…hear me say…Blind Seadogs of the Neptune…here we come, our sails filled with Devil's Fart ingredient..!

    In short…

    Whatever you put up…I watch…!

    End of…!

    You…Blind Neptune's Rum Soaked, Barrel Pickled, Infectious Lieutenant Yacht Buoy…!

  3. Yes, looks like a Damn Good Yacht 2 me crossing the Atlantic in Comfort ! I like the Style and lay out of the Yacht and I would B very Happy ! However I haven't yet been dealt the Right Cards ?? May B one day !! 😊😅

  4. Nice boat little too slow. Ship builders are happy with a standard 8 KN per hour but it takes a lifetime to get anywhere. We need an explorer yacht that can cruse at 12KN/hour

  5. Nice boat, well looked after. I’d have to change the layout a bit, but that’s a personal thing. Accommodation looks good, crew quarters is pretty reasonable. Range is impressive.
    All in all a very decent yacht.
    Nice one

  6. Love the raised anchor tackle in the bow. Never seen that before; looks both safer & easier on the back for old geezers like me. Not a fan of the impractical raked pilothouse windows, though – odd choice for a trawler-styled vessel. Lovely inside – perhaps a bit too much wood, but great GA overall, imo. Good light without preposterously over-sized windows that would make me feel unsafe.

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