Avertismente de la experți ignorate de Ocean Gate | Clipuri de știri SY

Avertismente de la experți ignorate de Ocean Gate |  Clipuri de știri SY

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35 thoughts on “Avertismente de la experți ignorate de Ocean Gate | Clipuri de știri SY

  1. "He did not want regulation to get in the way of innovation", more like "he did not want regulation to get in the way of stupidity & his ego"

  2. Let me ask a realistic question: What's tragic about people dying doing what they wanted to do when it's known to be dangerous… how many people have died trying to climb Mt Everest?… how many people die of starvation every day?… how many people die every day in vehicle and plane crashes… what's so "tragic" about this specific incident besides the fact it was at the Titanic site?… people die skydiving, skiing, scuba diving, car racing, or just drowning while swimming… does anyone really care?

  3. If they were only at 3k feet. The debri field would be spread out. its was all close together.ói

  4. Just don’t make sense to me to be diving that deep. Who gets a kick out of seeing a ship that broke in half. What’s the purpose to go that far, plus pay 250k to go 🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. They Went Woke.
    End of Story.

    The Man said He didn't want 50 year old White Men "Experts"
    Telling Him how to make a submersible… And how His Submersible wasn't Safe.

  6. I believe James Cameron was wrong as the depth was 3500 meters not feet because it was at the 1:45 hour mark and it takes 2 hours to get to the Titanic. Parts of the vessel were found 1600 feet away which further affirms the depth at 3500 meters

  7. You can’t use the 2 different materials. Not only delaminating problem but titanium metal and carbon fiber react different with hot/cold and pressure differently. Puts stress on the end bell flange bolts.

  8. Stockton Rush refused to get the sub certified, and that alone tells me that even though he was very confident that the sub was safe and secure, otherwise he wouldn't have gone down in it, he was afraid that the safety engineers examining his Sub would have found loads of petty or serious flaws with it, delaying or preventing him from making money from tourists unless he carried out further work on it to get it certified. But maritime law should have been in place preventing him from going down to those depths..

  9. US Coast Guard knew about it, everybody knew it, and they didn't stop it. Now when there are 5 foolish people dead, they pretend to be outraged, lol. A billionaire father paid half a million dollars to die along his young son, in the depths of the ocean. An arrogant CEO who felt so proud of breaking rules and dismissed anybody who voiced concerns about safety. A weirdo obsessed with the Titanic wreckage….I think the ocean had enough of the madness around Titanic. Now the Titan sits in the bottom of the ocean next to the Titanic. Don't tell me God has not a weird sense of humour.

  10. Cccchi a unito cugina a sorella chi Sanna diceva inviami messaggio chi diceva operaie fatte chiamare voi vargiu non chiamatela

  11. He also said tried to use race to get his way by saying he deos not want "old white men " doing the design , why do you think he would say this? becasuse it was the old white men with experience telling him your gonna kill people !

  12. James Cameron knows his stuff. Having built his own DSV through conventional materials. He suspected that Titan was light in design. This type of sub should have been certified only for shallow water depth! Less than 1000 feet.

  13. If warning were ignored by Ocean Gate, why did any of there authorities pursue the matter that those experts had ??? Where as agreed, this catastrophe should not have happened, why was Ocean Gate allowed to continue its operations ??

  14. You know we are now sick of hearing this tragedy that could have been stopped. And how its owner was way too left to think properly….Its sad for those who died…..But this was a disaster that could have been prevented, but wasnt. So you live with the choices you make. Rich people feeding their egos….Im sick of it already….Let it go.

  15. Obviously using glue in the construction of this "state-of-the-art" submersible like this is a really bad idea. One would have to wonder to these people even think about researching the sub before where they even got in it? A great example of just because you have a lot of money does not mean you have common sense.

  16. Rush didn't care about certification or anything else getting in the way of his "innovation". I would have not even got on a raft the he designed/built.

  17. This was the most reckless and irresponsible thing that could have been avoided inside this century. This absolutly did not need to happen. This is the outcome of haste and greed. I suspect the work of a republican not following the basic guidelines or at least the principles of physics.

  18. Apparently they were having issues with the sub in the days leading up to the loss. Computer control system failures, damages from being dragged thru nets… a couple tours got canceled just before due to all the technical problems.

  19. If a pimp were to heed every warning provided by all, nothing would get done. Truth is a carbon fiber hull and Ti nose cap were more than enough to make it where no one had gone before, multiple times. Like all firsts, we learn. We now know that the bolts holding the nose cone to the body may fail and to redesign them. We also should allow only so many maned dives per hull or test a ship w/o bodies on board and see when it fails…redesign the nose cap bolts first as they are what failed. 5 inches of CF is a lot of a substance proven to be stronger than steel. Funny how so many are blaming the CF.

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