Navigați cu iahtul nostru vechi de 50 de ani cu ZERO EXPERIENȚĂ

Navigați cu iahtul nostru vechi de 50 de ani cu ZERO EXPERIENȚĂ

Pentru prima aventură de navigație OYZ, luăm Blue Spurr prin Kyles of Bute pentru a circumnaviga Insula Arran. Alăturați-vă nouă în timp ce ne pregătim să navigăm în jurul lumii, explorând coasta de vest a Scoției în Camper și Nicholson 38, în vârstă de 50 de ani. Dacă doriți să susțineți canalul, lăsați un like, abonați-vă și de ce nu consultați linkurile de mai jos Cumpărați-mi o cafea: Patreon: Equipment Our; GoPro 11: Dronă: DJI Mics: Boatworld SIB: Muzică de @ScottBuckley – lansată sub CC-BY 4.0.


36 thoughts on “Navigați cu iahtul nostru vechi de 50 de ani cu ZERO EXPERIENȚĂ

  1. Locks like so much fun. Good luck fellas. She will look after you if you look after her. Keep on top of the little jobs and I have little doubt a circumnavigation in her is possible.

  2. Loving the commands! used to be boring 'Ready about' to check the crew are ready and to let all aboard know that the vessel is about to change course, followed by 'Lee Ho' to commence to turn, you could start a whole new trend! Loving your stuff, keep it up.

  3. Unbelievable video, ye don’t understand how good the production is, aswell as how skilled on the water ye are. Can’t wait for bigger and better things from the boys🤝

  4. Great first trip lads! Your enthusiasm and energy is great and you have a fine boat there which will look after you well. The whiskey collection isn’t too bad either.

  5. Your C & N 38 looks absolutely beautiful and seems to behave well in the waves. I think it'll be a great boat for You and Your adventures. Just be aware, You'll need a budget for repairs, replacements and maintenance!
    Your sibs are also great for these cool outside video shots.
    Isn't it a tradition in the Royal Navy to give every crewmember a daily ration ("tot") of Rum? You guys seem to be well prepared for that… 😀

  6. I think it is irresponsible to title these videos this way. Have you seen how many souls have perished thinking they can do the same when clearly this is not your first run.

  7. Another example of people who have watched too many Youtube videos. Why would you brag about having no experience? Not only are you going to get yourselves in trouble because of ZERO experience, but you're probably going to end up encouraging someone else to do the same thing.

  8. I remember talking to you on the aquaduct at Lancaster and you telling me about your plans. Well you're on your way now and good on ya!
    Good luck and stay safe 😉👍

  9. I am really enjoying your videos, the one thing I think is missing is that you don't have anything to tell me who each person is, you should throw a subtitle with their name on screen when they are talking, there are so many of you on the boat it is hard to keep track of.

    Doing this will make your audience more personally invest in your story.

  10. Whats the plans going forward? You going to take her home and put her on the hard then go through it doing all the maintenance before taking off for around the world

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