Ei bine, am crezut că navigam departe de furtună sau cel puțin într-o zonă mai sigură, dar am ajuns să navigăm direct în ochiul a ceea ce trebuia să fie un uragan. Cu toate acestea, din fericire, furtuna tropicală Bret a rămas o furtună tropicală, dar a fost la 5 mph distanță de a deveni un uragan cu drepturi depline, când a atins pământul în Caraibe chiar deasupra St. Vincent. Urmăriți călătoria noastră de 3 zile în Caraibe de Est către „siguranță”, în timp ce ne pregătim pentru a scăpa de a doua furtună numită a sezonului, și este încă iunie! Cindy este chiar în spatele ei… Mulțumesc!! ABONAȚI-VĂ, LIKE, COMENTĂ Apăsați butonul SUBSCRIBE! Facem tot posibilul să filmăm, să edităm și să postăm în TIMP REAL Cumpărați-ne o bere🍻 Pentru conținut bonus, acces anticipat la episoade fără reclame și actualizări în cadrul comunității noastre: ▸▓ ▓ BIT ▓ ▓ THE ▓ Urmărește povestea noastră din episodul 1: URMEAZĂ-NE: ▸ Site: ▸ Merch: https://theoceangram/instagram: https://theoceanbandits. s ▸ Twitter: ▸ Facebook: CE PRODUSE UTILIZAM?! Cameră principală: Obiectiv Vlog: Filtru ND pentru obiectiv Vlog: Obiectiv Run și Gun: Run și Gun Lens Filtru ND: 2KeBe My Drone (legală peste tot) : GoPro : Te iubim! XX Bandiți Vă mulțumesc mult pentru vizionare!!!


25 thoughts on “Navigarea în OCHIUL FURTUNEI TROPICALE BRET – 3 ZILE LA MARE în CARAIBE – Ep. 24

  1. Wow that was nasty! I sailed for several years in my youth, although it wasn't ocean sailing I do remember getting tossed around during some squalls and some nasty summer storms. Nothing like you went thru, and definitely not over several days. Bravo for keeping cool heads.

  2. Just saw the video and have been following the storm / you guys during Bret. Your video captured the true emotions! And both of you did excellent preparing for the unknown. Hate you had to go through it but you did excellent! And yes the video was excellent. But now time to get further south so you can enjoy! Keep up the great work!

  3. Try to idle at least 1000 rpm, it will stop from glazing and carbon build up. Went through a NorEaster 60 miles per hour winds for 2 days. Sucks, but you did a great job with your ground tackle. You have too worry about others dragging..

  4. … Keeping calm and clear headed I would say is a biggy and you look like you have mastered that … also talking with others and gleaning knowledge, well done .. those that are afraid to ask questions, is a sad thing and hurts themselves the most, Ego be gone …. Laughing … when you mentioned steak and eggs, I was just finishing the last couple of mouthfuls ….. great video … thx for the share … as always … never stop dreaming, just dream bigger … have fun be safe, save our oceans ….

  5. So how remarkable your are: sail 36 hours thru weather bands, get no sleep, deal with boat stuff, keep an amazing positive attitude and still hv time to make this great video. Your sharing your lives &
    adventures is soo much fun. Thank you.

  6. Wow. Great vid and Bequia was one of my favourite places . I had 22 years cruising on my Fontaine Pajot Antigua 38 Cat called 'Alchemy' 5 years in the South Caribbean (Soca) in the 90's trying to do charters. I recommend you look at going down to Trinidad for the rest of hurricane season. Its latitude is south enough for the storms to form and track to the north so it felt a lot safer back in the day.
    Trinidad is English speaking and has some great yachtie facilities . And the best carnival.
    If you are going right round I'd avoid Venezeula totally ,but Panama is a lot of fun,and all those Pacific Islands are fabulous. I loved Tonga for a couple of years, then Brisbane to park it while I did a project for funds. I got as far as Phuket before the arthritus made me stop. So enjoy yourselves while you are young! Good luck

  7. Oh , and I now see you are doing Panama ,,,, So a bit more free advice if you can take it?
    Its VERY seasonal ! Now is hurricane season till September . Dont believe me, Believe the Pilot Books that you need to have for this stuff ,
    Me? I did go down to Trinidad . Good place to sort all out .Then a big one round to the Canal . There will be up to date info on stops if you need them I dont have that info anymore.
    Once in the Pacific it will be light wind out to Galapagos, Then once you find the trade winds you will have many days downwind and perfect. I do hope it has not changed !
    I gave up on spinnakers for cruising after my Atlantic crossing . That Frenchman in St Martin sold me a 'Whopper', ha ha . Twin light weight genoas on one roller luff . Great to go goosewinged for days . Then when a squall comes thru you just roll it in . Or reach off and halve the sail area. And it was pulling from the front so easy steering for the autopilot.
    Go slowly through the French Islands! I had a big falling out with my American ladyfriend in Tonga as she was always rushing to the next . Thats why I like you two! Enthusiastic, competent and compatible
    Enjoy, and as that Trini loved to say ' May the wind be always at your back side ,,,,,,'
    Jack Alchemy

  8. Sorry, you guys having a tough time. Tanner, I only live 15 minutes from south philly. What type sandwich were you talking about? Cheese steak, Italian hoagie?

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