Ecologiști acuzați de POLUARE după vandalizarea unui iaht | Clipuri de știri SY

Ecologiști acuzați de POLUARE după vandalizarea unui iaht |  Clipuri de știri SY

#superyacht #superyachts #yachts #boats Format scurt Aceasta este o singură poveste a videoclipului complet de știri SuperYacht pentru cei care probabil nu au timp să vizioneze videoclipul complet. Urmăriți episodul complet aici: Alăturați-vă eSysman Superyacht Club pe Patreon! Obțineți acces exclusiv la videoclipuri nemaivăzute până acum, la fragmente de locații filmate în întreaga lume în timp ce filmați superyacht-uri și multe altele. De asemenea, discutați direct cu noi și puneți întrebări pentru întrebări și răspunsuri viitoare și sugerați subiecte pentru videoclipurile viitoare. Link către canalul de știri! 3 Minute de Maritime Aboneaza-te acum! Urmărește-mă pe: Instagram – Twitter – Facebook – NOTIFICARE DE PRESĂ Toate imaginile sunt drepturi de autor al canalului de Youtube eSysman Superyachts. Nicio imagine nu poate fi reprodusă sau reutilizată fără permisiunea expresă. Dacă utilizați orice informație din acest videoclip, vă rugăm să creditați canalul eSysman SuperYachts. Dacă doriți să utilizați fotografii preluate din videoclip, contactați-ne în avans. Trebuie acordat și creditul canalului de youtube. Dacă doriți fotografii sau videoclipuri pentru utilizare sau sindicare, vă rugăm să ne contactați. Muzică de – Epidemic Sounds


12 thoughts on “Ecologiști acuzați de POLUARE după vandalizarea unui iaht | Clipuri de știri SY

  1. I don't support their actions especially the polluting the water. But the top 1% does use double the energy of the bottom 50% and the richest in the UK use more energy flying than the bottom 60% use energy total.

  2. Brilliant strategy by the climate terrorists to prevent crop failures and save the environment. Mission accomplished!

  3. Should sentence each of them to 10 years in prison HAND PUMPING oil for the refineries.
    Make them W O R K for a change. Just might knock some sense into their empty heads.

  4. I like their name. Sometimes I believe we don’t deserve to have this planet. We’re so self destructive and greedy, do we even care for our future generations?

  5. The environmental movement isn't about the environment. It's a socialist war on capitalism. Fossil fuel just happens to be the driving force of capitalism

  6. if it was my yacht I would take them out to sea and take barrels of burley and fish guys and blood to a place were big white pointer sharks are or tiger sharks as tiger sharks are conenstant feeders and will continue eating than regurgate their stomachs and start eatting again.
    i would empty a few barrels and attrach the sharks and than throw them in and empty the other barrels and film the seen and have close ups of what one these aharks can do and show it to the world that these last generation or others that life on this earth is good and don't mess with my yacht because Im a lover of nature and love to feed the animals and fish not like these people that get paid to do this and are just out right vanndels and there are other ways to protest by I you think these people are destoring the earth talk to them and explain in nice way what their industry does and maybe ways to improve it so as not to polute in stead you look like bums can not dress in a way that no one can respect you you just accuse and don't ask you have no idea what the shit you are talking about and you assholes except money to do this so you are not true to your cause . The days of dressing like a hippy etc are gone they did this in the 60s against the vietnam war but that style has gone out you did not think of this and you think by copying it everyone will listen to you well times have changed and people work hard for what they have and don't appericate a young jumped up little shit telling them a whole load a crap that you are paid to carry on disrupting life for a cause that is utter bullshit and it is and you are to scared to go to places like China and protest and paint rich people's yachts because you are chicken shit and look at China they have lots of polution like india and found that plants love it they grow at a very high rate and than they produce rain fall and look they have floods they have more water than they can handle. the islands in the pacific are not oceans rising it is they are getting pulled down into the earth by the techtonic plates moving and look at the eruption of the underwater volcano produce more bad gasses than what man has every produce in a life time in this happened in a few days so go to tonga and tell them to control their volcanos . the best part about you people and movie stars and actors and all the climate activist is you will all be come extint with in the next 20 to 30 years and the earth with still be the same the only thing that may change is a nuclear war which will not affect vegation caused by the very people that want you to believe the crap you are carrying on about like the Biden adminastration ,the WEF, Bill Gates ,WHO, Black Rock ,CIA Bildenburge Group , the pronoune and lgbiqt+ groups that are the squeaky door and others that preach this crap. so be warned you are the very people that are going to be the cause of man kind and if you ever want to have a go at me you will all suffer a a faith worse than death so keep going what you are doing but remember there is one better than you

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