Nu este Iubire! | Sub punte Sailing S4, E14 + E15 Recap | CEAS ANCORA

Nu este Iubire!  |  Sub punte Sailing S4, E14 + E15 Recap |  CEAS ANCORA

⚓️ Bine ați venit la Anchor Watch, chat-ul nostru săptămânal de noapte, sub punte, găzduit de Jason și Josh! Navigam direct în inima dramei, râsetele și legăturile amoroase neprevăzute ale celor mai recente episoade din Below Deck Sailing! Am urmărit cu atenție dinamica echipajului și aveți încredere în noi, relațiile în evoluție, răsturnările surprinzătoare și momentele de neuitat ne-au atras absolut. Aplaudăm cursul de master culinar al Ileisha și speculăm cu privire la chimia în devenire dintre ea și Chase. În plus, căpitanul Sean este aici pentru a vorbi despre repercusiunile pentru un anumit membru al echipajului care încalcă regulile, plus câteva posibilități groaznice despre ceea ce s-ar putea întâmpla sub apă. De asemenea, vom discuta despre proiectul top-secret Sosa al Marinei SUA și despre prestigioasa invitație de la Monaco Yacht Club. Să recapitulăm Below Deck Sailing Sezonul 4, episoadele 14 + 15! În seara asta suntem LIVE de la Cape Cod. Consultați discuția căpitanului Sean cu @WorthAvenueYachts joi, 22 iunie. Înregistrați-vă mai jos: Urmăriți YouTube-ul lui Colin! 🛥 Vizitați @Worth Avenue Yachts! ⚓️ Urmărește SeeJoshGo: YouTube ► Twitter ► ⚓️ Urmărește pe Jason: Instagram ► Twitter ► 0:00 Introducere 2:07 Recapitulare sub punte 25:18 Întrebați căpitanul Sean _ Vă mulțumim mult pentru sprijin! ☑️ Abonează-te și activează notificările pentru a nu rata nicio secundă! Pentru mai mult conținut și în culise, vizitați celălalt canal al nostru Up And Adam! 2: Alăturați-vă abonamentelor noastre lunare pentru mai multe în culise pentru doar 2,99 USD: Social Media: Instagram ►► https:// Facebook ►► Twitter ►► TikTok ►► 🛍 Marfa: https:// Pentru a dona: PayPal🔗 Venmo🔗 ✉️ Pentru întrebări despre afaceri: Mail/Pachete: Up And Adam! 11231 US HWY 1, Suite 257 N. Palm Beach, FL 33408 Declinarea răspunderii privind drepturile de autor În conformitate cu Secțiunea 107 din Legea privind drepturile de autor din 1976, se acordă o „utilizare corectă” în scopuri precum critică, comentariu, știri, predare, burse și cercetare. . Utilizarea loială este o utilizare permisă de legea dreptului de autor care altfel ar putea încălca. Disclaimer: opiniile și opiniile exprimate în acest videoclip și pe Up And Adam Live! Canalul YouTube nu reflectă neapărat opinia lui Up And Adam! și canalul YouTube. Toate subiectele sunt doar în scop de divertisment. _ #BelowDeck #BelowDeckSailing #Season4 #BravoTV #BDSY


33 thoughts on “Nu este Iubire! | Sub punte Sailing S4, E14 + E15 Recap | CEAS ANCORA

  1. Without the deckhands and the stews nothing would ever get done! Colin and the Cook are the only ones earning their pay! Aside from Capitan Glen, Gary and Dasiy should've been let go after that Ashley and Marco's abuse of Gabriella, that was hard to watch

  2. Gary is absolutely disgusting! He looks like he stinks, for starters. I have no idea why he’s going on and on about Mads…he just doesn’t want Alex to have her. Then he’s purposely constantly hitting on Daisy. My question is, why is Daisy allowing this if she’s trying to see if she can have a relationship with Colin? Ultimately, neither guy is right for her, but for the love of all that is holy, tell gross Gary to get off you! Have some respect woman. (Btw, I do love Daisy, but this season she has dropped the ball!)

  3. Why do I always think the opposite of everybody I would love Daisy and Colin together. Gary is just such a player

  4. I don’t like Gary anymore. He doesn’t take stop for what it is and he does not take no for what it is. We usually leave all that was kind of mad and I don’t know why Gary’s being excused from that. Just because Daisy giggles when he doesn’t listen, does not mean he does not have to listen. it’s not cool. And if Daisy does expect to start any kind of relationship with Colin, she needs to create distance between her and Gary

  5. How is Colin too comfortable with his role? He’s the only one keeping a boat literally a float. I don’t know. Colin seems very humble and respectful something Gary is not

  6. Gary was borderline, always, unlikeable. He has seasonal trophies and pisses on them for ownership. It’s creepy. He can’t see it.

    Daisy made herself a mess this season. Unnecessary.

  7. Gary needs to stop with the boatmances.. he’s seriously like a middle school relationship . It’s now very gross no longe entertaining .

  8. I loved the part where Chase was convincing Gary to do the "trust fall" and promised to catch him, Gary jumps sideways into the air and Chase just backs up and lets him fall. Colin's laughing made me laugh even harder. lol

  9. Can't stand Gary. Feeling the same way about Daisy because she was making excuses for Gary on WWHL. Daisy saying Collin has more to answer for, unbelievable.

  10. I could listen to Captain Sean for hours, and Josh I love how you really listen to your guest..Btw today is wed.. I am on the cape and glad i'm not on the ferry it's a rocky day.

  11. I use to like daisy but I feel this season she has been defensive and a little rude. I feel like she was testing Gary when he first joined the boat, she wanted him to chase her and not chase any of the other women. But Gary being insecure had to go and get with the first girl that seemed willing to appease his ego. Whilst daisy might be attracted to Colin, I do think that she only got with him to make herself feel better and as a side benefit of knowing it will mess with Gary which isn’t fair to Colin. Who by the way is much better looking, seem smart and a genuinely nice guy.

  12. Gary is a douchebag and disgusting he can’t be alone!!
    I can’t even comment on Mads bc she is a bimbo and always sleeps with Gary when she’s drunk I mean seriously 😳 otherwise wants nothing to do with him and then flirts with Alex like he’s gonna want to be with her after Gary?? No thanks
    Daisy is a mess period and gets away with so much…
    Capt Glenn is funny when they gone he plays chess by himself lol and very entertaining 😅
    It was great having Capt Sean on there to hear his knowledge on the submersible and everything!
    I no your having a great time with him Jason and in his home too!!
    Happy 4th to you all and looking forward to hearing everything when you return ❤

  13. I’ve never been the biggest Gary fan but he’s taking things to a whole new level this season, can’t handle his ego taking a hit at all, I love that Mads is giving him a taste of his own medicine……Jason and Josh, you guys are fantastic….LOVE ANCHOR WATCH..even I don’t see most of them live lol, Nova Scotia time makes it a little late for me

  14. We have watched all ALL of the incarnations of Below Deck and we decided we will no longer watch Sailing anymore as long as Gary (and Daisy) are involved. This season is such a turn off and annoying to watch. Gary is disgusting and needs professional help and Daisy is just as bad encouraging the behavior only to slam him later for it. The two need to be gone. I know Bravo "encourages" bad behavior for ratings but this is unacceptable behavior and Bravo needs a gut check on what they are producing. All this does is give viewers a green light to act accordingly. If they see it on tv then it must be ok. Chase and Alex are the most reliable and stable of the mens crew. Daisy and Mads (who is just slutty) . It is also annoying that all they can do between charters is smoke and get drunk. Neither brings out the best of anyone and only produces all that crappy behavior. This season would have been so much better if Gary had never even come onboard. Colin Chase and Alex would have all been just fine.

  15. He I think Daisy is getting a little EGO!! She has more attention ever so she's flexing,Gary has always been a man child no growth!!

  16. Daisy is distracted by this mess with Gary & Colin. She is not the chef stew we know & love this season.
    Gary is a Grade A FBoy! He will always have a roving eye… would never trust him especially in the yachting world.

  17. Gary needs to put hi.self in check. He is inapropriate with all the female crew. It is not a place for him to take advantage of women! He is a letch and creepy

  18. Were the last guests from below deck season 9? Their preference sheets made chef Rachel quit but then come back to make their crazy 10 course meal. They were extravagant but really nice on both seasons.

  19. When someone shows u who they are take notice. Going after Daisy when Colin has interest is just wrong. Borderline creepy he’s becoming. Gary went from being a party guy to being older crewmen chasing younger and younger women. Self centered and kinda creepy

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