O conferință de presă a avut loc la Genova după audierea juriului cu Phil Lawrence, directorul de cursă al The Ocean Race, Andrés Pérez, președintele juriului internațional, Mark Towill, directorul general al 11th Hour Racing Team, precum și comandantul Charlie Enright și Francesca Clapcich, care sunt încă pe mare. #TheOceanRace Nu uitați să vă abonați pentru mai multe The Ocean Race: Consultați catalogul nostru video complet: Like The Ocean Race pe Facebook: https:// Urmăriți pe Twitter: Urmărește pe Instagram: Citiți mai multe:


44 thoughts on “CONFERINȚA DE PRESĂ POST REDRESS | Cursa Oceanului

  1. nope bad decision , they could have avoided the collision , and its not sportsmanship to take away the win to the REAL winners , congratulations but this is a wrong way to win typical for USA to win by legal cheating

  2. Disgusting. The Point System is stupid. Why race like lunatics around the globe if the boat that got to the Finnish in the shortest time by days is in third place?👎

  3. I am disappointed in this verdict, I think 11th hour was at least 50% responsible for the collision, tacked in the blind spot, yelled starboard a few times while knowing full well they were on a collision course, only gave the other boat 6-8 seconds of time between tack and collision.

  4. That decision raises more question marks than it satisfies thousands of Ocean Race followers.
    I think its a typical kind of 'Ivory Tower' decision and some kind of a death race. Its strongly recommended to re-write the race rules that led to this kind of decision. Sorry to say so, but…

  5. 'Redress' procedure is something strange.

    In formula 1 we know the story of Ayrton Senna pushing out two times Alain Prost and impeaching him to be world champion. Many years later Senna will admit that he did it volontarily.

    Many F1 championships classification have been influenced by such incidents, pure incidents, nasty deliberate actions…. NO REDRESS. This is "vagary" that one must accept, no people behind to "modify" the result.

    Many football matches have been influenced by bad decisions…. there is no redress.
    Remember this famous match between France and Germany, and this crazy german goal keeper, Schumacher, destroying the player Batiston : absolutely NO REDRESS !!!

    So, personally I don't agree with this procedure, but this is the rule…. I just wish this rule to disappear in the future.

    In a "mechanical sport", there are commonly such "contacts", and some of them can have major impact, but instead of "artificially" remodelling the final result, most of sport regulations don't offer such "redress" where some people artificially reshape the race for a competitor who vanished following some unhappy circumstances. That's life, luck/bad luck is part of sport, and in anycase making intervene some people to triturate the results is the worst thing, because this means "arbitrary", decisions that can be influenced by many factors (politic, economic….) so it is wise to reduce as possible such jury interactions, this explains why in the other mechanical sports there is generally no equivalent. There are always some legal submission as FIA for F1, Rallye and further Cour d'appel de Paris, or jurisdiction located in Swizterland but the goal of these jurisdictions is not giving "x points", "x goals" to define who wins who looses…. they are dealing on specific legal concerns.

    Mediteranean leg is in fact unpredictable, and saying that "11th hour" should have terminated second with 4 points is a pure lie.
    The best solution is to not ARTIFICIALLY modify results, being also said that Charlie Enright's attitude IS NOT TOTALLY CLEAN.

    In the ruling that have been partially published on Ocean Race website following a protest of Holcim, there are also some other points of regulation. A boat who has priority should keep a sufficient margin to avoid the contact if it appears that the opponent for any reason WILL NOT give this priority. We saw that "11th hour" tried to force the way by a "passive attitude", and engaged an avoidance manoeuvre far too late.

    On the contrary…. at Newport during in-port race, same kind of incident occured between Holcim and Malizia. Malizia didn't see Holcim. Kevin was steering, and Abby Ehler was on the deck trying to warn Malizia. There has been no contact because for sure Kevin didn't wait a crash into Malizia to modify the trajectory of his boat, and finally Holcim did not even put a claim against Malizia, because Kevin knew this rule, he also knew that Boris was not a bad guy.

    Since Kevin went out of the team, this was not the same team. Holcim failed heavily in in-port races (ranking being used as tie-break in case of equality), and Holcim made a major mistake on leg 4, changing heavilly the team that drived to a dismasting (NO, a dismating is not a simple 'misfortune', this is a consequence of a mistake), and finally Holcim does again a bad performance finishing last in leg 7

    So from the one hand we can not say that Holcim would really desserve the final victory.

    On the other hand, given that leg 7 with the Meditteranan sub leg was more a lotery than a sport, it is quite shocking to say "11th hour = 4 points" (= 2nd place). Malizia won leg 7, and this was the less suitable boat for this leg. In the first Ocean race Europe, the weakest IMOCA won the race…. Mediteranean sea is a LOTERY, nothing else.

    When crash occured, some specialized french media made the forecast that "11th hour" would win the final ranking, because they were aware of the "redress" procedure, and knew that "11th hour" should receive at less 3 points ("11th hour" never finished worst that 3rd, and this was enough for the win because in the worst case this would be equality with Holcim, so tie-break which was already won following awfull performances of Holcim in in-port races).

    In fact this crash has been a wonderfull opportunity for "11th hour" to secure the victory, a tactical decision.
    For reminder after repair "11th hour" had two options :

    – relaunching to finish and get classsifed for leg 7 BUT NO REDRESS.
    – withdrawing from leg 7 AND ASK FOR REDRESS ("withdraw" was a condition for a "redress")

    Kevin or not Kevin, this would have changed nothing because 3 or 4 point granted by the jury "les jeux étaient faits"

    This could explain the strange behavior of Holcim on the very last miles of leg 7. Instead of close marking Malizia and Biotherm, what would have been the more secure option, they seemed to "gamble" keeping an eastern position that did not pay. Explanation could be : Malizia and Biotherm were not threats in final ranking, regarding "11th hour" the only way to "block" this concurrent was to contest the acceptabillty of the redress, because as long as the jury agreed the protest of "11th hour", the decision was anticipated by everybody, jury grants points based on the average points obtained on previous legs, and this was at minimum 3. So, scoring 5, 4, or 3 points on last leg changed nothing. instead of "close marking" the direct opponents, they decided to "play" with an ultimate "gamble" (this is a possible explanation of last tactical manoeuvre of Holcim choosing an alternate path).

    So, I am personally frustrated. Holcim didn't really desserved the final win, but "11th hour" IS NOT INNOCENT, as it appears they have not really tried to avoid the contact with Guyot, infringing a sailing rule. Did Charlie thought at this moment this was better to crash and not race to get a "redress" ? No I don't think so (but… in my opinion he did not ignore the "redress" rule that incitated him to delay the avoidance manoeuvre). According to me Charlie has just made a mistake, and compared to other skippers in fact Charlie Enright is still a young skipper.

    In french races…. we nearly never see such crashes. All skippers seem to be "reasonable", not trying to force a way when it is obvious that the opponent doesn't see you. People should remind themselves the first Ocean Race Europe where Charlie harpooned a VO65 with a foil, in a full compressed fleet. Is this new incident a simple "coincidence", or should Charlie amend its culture of racing in a more cautious manner, IMOCA not being fundamentally a match racing boat ?

    Here is a possible cultural difference between french and british.

    French sailors this is solo, as such we don't do (we can't do) "mad things", we know we must keep the boat safe and graduate the effort on a long period.

    British sailors this is more fully crewed / match racing culture, pushing hard, sometimes too hard and getting to the contact, BUT boats as VO65 are more suitable for that (foils of IMOCA forbide body to body interactions)

    Granting 4 points to Biotherm and "11th hour", this is ridiculous as one create a situation that shouldn't exist. If we grant 4 points to "11th hour" we should remove one point to Biotherm and Holcim. This shows again that "redress" is an unacceptable "hack".

    NOTE :

    When a sailboat encounters a "cargo" somewhere in the oceans, the big ships barely NEVER GIVE the priority to small sailboats, either because they ignore the rule (a lot of underqualified boat captains paid at the minimum), either because they don't care (this is the main explanation) or they simply can't within an acceptable delay, because big ships have limited manoeuvrabilty. For a cargo, changing a route can also have consequences on "timing", "fuel" and "money". So if you are a skipper of a sailboat, this is essential to ALWAYS keep a margin to react and avoid the collision even if you have priority, BECAUSE YOU KNOW THAT SOME SHIPS RARELY COMPLY WITH THIS RULE.

    This illustrates the fact that "11th hour" has no excuse, they are also faulty. Useless to say that during a race, and facing a cargo ship, Charlie Enright would have a different behaviour and needless to say that there is no "redress" if sailboat finishes his route shrivelled into a cargo even if it had priority. This example shows some hypocrisy among the jury and many people.

    Ocean Race theses last years suffered a lot, economic model being no more viable. British stackholders sold this race to a spanish one who decided to change the model by integrating this race in an existing circuit, choosing the most dynamic monohull class, rather than launching a new one/open design (VO65 being old) with few chances of success given the lack of interest of sponsors theses last years. Granting a victory to an american team may not be "innocent" as Ocean Race and IMOCA are targetting United States as a possible area of development. There are close relationships between major french, british, american syndicates to promote offshore sailing. The french and british syndicates are currently co-managing several major international jauges, including IMOCA, Mini 6.50… Recently the franco-americano-british trio launched a new international jauge "The Class 30 One Design", VPLP project having been chosen as future boat folllowing an international competition.

    This doesn't mean that today the jury has been influenced by such considerations (I don't think so), this is to explain that such "bad" interactions (among others) may occur…. so it would be preferrable to reject this kind of procedure.

  6. It's nice to get the "win", when your team is on the sponsor wall. However, there's only one team who managed to keep their boat in the race without any outside help, winning legs and breaking records. But, in a rich man's game, the team with deepest pockets will collect the trophy. Every time.

  7. Collisions are a part of that type of close course sailing which these boats are not suited for and understandably the skippers were also unprepared for. But being professionals, the skipper's job it to keep the vessel safe which means avoiding collisions first and foremost. I believe that 11th hour was caught off guard almost as much as Guyot. Too bad so sad. You crash your boat, you should not get credit for a race that you did not sail. What about Boris Herrman when he hit that fishing boat at the end of the Vendee Globe? Maybe he should get that win. If 11th hour had avoided Guyot and then protested then Guyot (per Sailgp practice) could have been made to drop behind 11th Hour.

  8. Well done! I had little hope this would actually happen, but it feels like the right thing to do. I’m sure Holcim will be upset, yet another consequence of Guyot’s terrible mistake.

  9. What a shame. This is absolutly unfair. And for démâtage of Biotherm and Holcim where are the points? This race is pathetic. First time and last time i follow this joke

  10. Though I am happy that 11th Hour was successful in being awarded redress, I was surprised at the points awarded. Two points would have been fair and achieved the same result. But giving them more points for the leg than Holcim who finished 3rd while racing was a bit of a stretch.

  11. WTF Absolute BS of a decision , not good for the sport , $ wins , its disgrace for imoca and sailing , to win this way its bad sportsmanship , THE WORST ENDING FOR A RACE PERIOD… CANGRATULATIONS TO "MALIZIA" FOR WINING FOR REAL THIS OCEAN RACE .

  12. A special price for the Team Malizia for their very frequent video coverage of the race. Another special price to Rosalin Kuiper, the tough Dutch cookie, always positive and smiling most of the time (except when she got thrown across the quarters). I kept writing "Hop Suisse" for Holcim/PRB but the cement didn't do the job. Some debriefing will have to be done. Congratulations to the 11th hour Team for good results throughout and final victory. Finally, congratulation to all Teams for their resilience, skill, sportsmanship offering us with an incredible show and adventure. 😀😀💪💪🧡🧡

  13. WORST MEMORY= to see 11th hour steal a race Win with out finishing it. Malizia is the REAL winner this is a disgrace to the sport and bad jury $ taking bad unruly decisions.

  14. Congrats 11th Hour Racing Team! They deserve it, after so many years of fighting for this goal. But, especially to all the teams that gave everything until the end… It was and will be one of the best races, ever, and thank you for organizing this race, – The Ocean Race; is one of the best.

  15. Malizia most likeable, best OBR, MacGyver'd the broken mast and owned the Southern Ocean.
    Holcim unbeatable early then lost momentum.
    Biotherm kept improving all the time and never gave up.
    Guyot had an old boat and some ridiculously bad luck which must have been exhausting.
    11th Hour survived the Southern Ocean with a podium place after multiple equipment failure and nursed the boat home with shredded mainsail, reeled off 3 leg wins in a row, rebuilt destroyed boat in 72 hours and would have won on water except TOR rules forced team to retire.
    Another crazy Ocean Race. It may never be back

  16. Congratulações ao 11ht Hour Race Team, Campeão da The Ocean Race 2023. Mālama entregou e protegeu seus marinheiros, na força do trabalho de equipe desafiando os elementos. É isso ai!! 🎆 🏆 🎆

  17. I cannot subscribe to this decision even though I am a Rhode Islander and 11thHour fan. Though it was a participant in the race that hit 11thHour, it is not otherwise substantively different from being hit by another craft, or having a rudder torn off by an Orca, or hitting a subsurface container and only slightly less under the control of the racers than Holcim's or Guyot's lost masts. I am even more sceptical of the average placement concept. If there is any redress that makes sense here it is against the race committee for requiring a retirement rather than an opportunity to complete the race.

  18. Bullshit. Total crap. Sailing is dead. Let's always give prizes based on potential of a team, not on a true deed. Shame on organizers, shame on Charlie. Next time we need two races<. one for 11thHT, another for the rest of the fleet. And let's claim the 11rt an ever-winner of every sailing in the world straight away, before they start complaining

  19. Even one point – well deserved – would have given 11th Hr the win. However, Charlie should have known better then to put his boat in danger when all he needed was to finish leg 7. Right-of-way vs 'tonnage' – especially when you're leading a regatta in the last race.

  20. Congratulation's to Team 11th Hour. Their finishing places indicated possibly the learning curve on her performance during the race progression. Francesca being the 1st Italian women to compete in this race was wonderful and she should be very proud of this accomplishment. The end result, allowing Charlie and crew 4 points was not what I had expected, possibly a 4th place after Guyot Environment dropped out due to damage. Team Malizia and the various equipment malfunctions certainly showed great potential. Hopefully all teams will be available for the coming race.

  21. Even if I would have liked to see Malizia in 1st place😅, I think this decision is fair. However, it is a pity to miss the lack of emotions due to the decision at the table…

  22. Whatever was crossing my mind about this decision and reading all the comments about that same decisions of the jury in this edition of the Ocean Race, one thing is quite clear: with this race as an example, a good evaluation on what happened and evaluating the rules on racing the Ocean Race (as well the spectators-amusing in-port races, as well as the real round the world race) seems to be needed‼️

  23. Every team are winners. Everyone brought something to the table. World records broken, gear breakdown and repairs were unique and had to be solved! Bravo to everyone.

  24. Average score… good grief, what a shambles… and what an asinine ruling.
    And in any case (correct me if I am wrong) all the jury needed to do was to make a variance to the rule regarding the time limit to depart from the start gate on leg seven.
    In that event, if the redress said that due to unavoidable damage caused to 11th hour, they get an extra day to make repairs and (re)start, then 11th hour would still have finished leg 7 in 4th place.  
    (and still have had enough points to win? I haven't researched that exactly – but if they didn't get enough points, then que-sera, such is life )

    Events such as this should be decided on the water as much as possible, not by stupid jury rulings like – Average score.
    By that logic Holcim should win leg 7 – because on average, they spent most time in the lead… and it is unfair that Malizia should win just because they led for the last 1% of the race… (you get what you get – not what you MIGHT have got)
    The whole point of racing is that the unexpected can happen, and you just have to live with random chance throwing you a curveball.

  25. I think that 11th hour was the favorite to win the leg 7. Also in case of a collision at sea both boats / skippers are responsible and I don't see this taken in consideration for the points. At the end a bitter end of this race for me, hope in the next race the winner will be decided on the sea.

  26. Cant believe Holcim PRB would take a poorly prepared protest against 11th hour. Had to smile when Mark mentioned if he was in their position, he would have done a few things differently than what the green boat did. End of the day, the protest certainly marred their image. Absolutely no class.

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