Inspirat să cumpăr un iaht! | Yianni Monthly Ep16

Inspirat să cumpăr un iaht!  |  Yianni Monthly Ep16

#shmee150 | #ashville | #yianni Acest videoclip este sponsorizat de HelloFresh Obțineți 60% reducere la prima cutie + 25% reducere în următoarele 2 luni + cadouri gratuite! Utilizați codul: HFYIANNI sau faceți clic pe link De data aceasta, pe Yianni Monthly, Yianni apare pe @carwow, @thisisashville vrea să cumpere o mașină nouă pentru a participa la Yiannimize Grand Tour. Yianni merge în Muntenegru pentru Gumball 3000 și se întâlnește cu @Shmee150 care vorbește despre mașini. Să stai pe un iaht masiv și multe altele! :: ACEST VIDEO :: » :: YIANNI PERSONALS :: YT » IG » @y14nny Epidemic Sounds – 1 lună de încercare gratuită Înscrieți-vă folosind sistemul nostru Link :: YIANNIMIZE :: YT » FB » @yiannimize IG » @yiannimize TW » @yiannimize


28 thoughts on “Inspirat să cumpăr un iaht! | Yianni Monthly Ep16

  1. 6:28 Convertible Mini 'Clubman' ?


    I think your man means either a convertible Mini or Convertible Mini Cooper or Cooper S. The Mini Clubman these days is an estate and there will never ever make a topless version !

  2. Do a collab with DDE , they'll be in London again pretty soon…could remove gumball wrap & do a yannimize wrap before their svj returns to North America

  3. You just mentioned that July 1st is your birthday 🎉

    Happy birthday Yanni wishing you many many more greatness and happiness. Totally enjoy the content you put out.

  4. Super Yachts are another league, apparently most are for sale as owners are always wanting the next bigger version. Though they do cost about 10% of the new price to run annually.

  5. Shmee let himself down badly. What he did to DDE is disgusting & pathetic. I no longer watch or sub to his channel.

  6. Testosteron level 1: Andrew Tate cussin' out a reporter.
    Testosteron Level 2: The Grand Tour
    Testosteron level 3: Yianni's sunglasses

  7. Hey yainni stay humble like you’ve always been doing! Too see someone with so much wealth but very humble is incredible to see. I admire how you don’t put yourself above others who have much less. God bless you and your family.

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