Sfaturi experti pentru a cumpăra o barcă cu pânze uzată: evitați greșelile costisitoare – Partea 4

Sfaturi experti pentru a cumpăra o barcă cu pânze uzată: evitați greșelile costisitoare - Partea 4

Ne-am întors săptămâna aceasta pentru mai multe sfaturi de inspecție – care acoperă direcția, liniile de salvare, montajul în picioare și alte câteva elemente. Cunoștințele lui Jim despre barci cu pânze uzate (și bărci cu motor) sunt imense, iar în partea a 4-a a acestei serii din mai multe părți, Jim Dias vă va ajuta să aflați despre lucruri la care să acordați atenție atunci când cumpărați o barcă cu pânze uzată. ========= Vrei să faci un sondaj serios? Contactați Jim @ Accredited Marine Surveyors ========= Jim Dias +1.800.426.2825 accreditedsurveyors@gmail.com ========= ====== Sunteți curios despre umiditatea lui Jim? uita-te aici https://bit.ly/protimeter ============== Sprijină-ne ============== Îmi place ceea ce facem & vreau sa ajut?? Deveniți sponsor Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/captainqyachthunter ============== Conectează-te cu noi ============== https:/ /www.instagram.com/captainqyachthunter/ https://www.facebook.com/captainqyachthunter ==============CAPT Q MERCH ––– https://www. .etsy.com/shop/CaptainQYachtHunter ===============Segmente============== 00:00 Introducere 01:14 Sisteme de direcție 03:23 Accelerație și testul schimbătorului de viteze 04:00 Verificarea pompei de santină 05:22 Verificarea staționării 06:17 Troliuri 07:01 Capacele dulapurilor 08:00 Verificarea montajului sârmei 08:30 Inspecție prin țesătură și norseman 11:00 Linii de salvare 13:22 Gât de gâscă și coroziune 15: 00 Furlers 16:15 Foresttay extrusion 17:10 Gelcoat check


22 thoughts on “Sfaturi experti pentru a cumpăra o barcă cu pânze uzată: evitați greșelile costisitoare – Partea 4

  1. The sheet winches, which may be Barient 22's, and the halyard winches, which may be Barient 10H's, should not be thrown away because you will never find anything half as good to replace them with. Soak them in kero, wonder white grease on the bearings and 90wt on the pawls, and you're in business. Late-model "Barients" were not the same thing as these winches. These are the well-engineered Barients.
    The blue rubber rings, "le Walders", were more of a gimmick than anything you really needed. I would cut those off.
    Seems like they needed to mount the throttle upside down to clear the cupholders. Does that mean that you pull it to speed up?
    THANK YOU Jim, we are all benefitting from your generosity. Maybe you didn't get the memo but youtube videos are supposed to be: "I've never done this before but I'm going to teach everyone else how to do it assuming I can figure it out".

  2. Start with insurance! My underwriter stated; No Boats over thirty years old! Yearly Survey required at twenty five years old! No Insurance for Florida, Louisiana, Hawaii and Alaska! No Live Aboards! Must have a home port! However there are speciialty Insurance Companies. Also, the Insured's Sailing Resume and accident history. Limits to boat length and tonnage etc! Maybe limited to less than 35 feet.

  3. I’m not sure how you service an injector ?
    If you take them out to test them for spray pattern and cleaning you might as well buy new or rebuilt for the money to do the checks.
    It injects , atomizes fuel and has a break open pressure poppet .
    They work or they don’t .
    If there is a build up of carbon the fuel still sprays out. But there is a heat issue because the fuel burns by heat of compression. If your engine is overcooling or at little to no load Carbon build up occurs.
    It also leaves unburnt fuel residue in the cylinder and that removes the oil film needed to lube the piston and rings . This causes extra wear fast.
    Usually engine manufacturers have hours of use replacement guidelines .
    X amount of hours , replace with new or certified rebuilt.
    Check your cooling system operates at proper temp .
    Don’t idle a diesel too long. Better at higher idle rpm’s. Keeps the heat and uses less fuel too.
    It’s a pressure over time fuel delivery relationship .

  4. Thanks for another good post. In a future installment, would Captain Q consider doing a comparison between the designers Ted Hood and Ron Holland? And maybe German Frers for good measure. Thanks again, and keep up the good work. Take care.

  5. I totally understand why a new owner especially would be all about having a quality survey done by a professional however it seems like some of the things they point out aren't a big deal and would result in a new owner being scared away.

  6. Thanks for another great video with Jim. It's actually great that you both looked at this boat with all its problems, since it serves as a perfect example of what those problems look like…. So this was a perfect teaching tool, compared to if you were on a new boat without any issues to see…
    Unfortunately the owner of that boat now knows he's going to have to scrap it or give it away…

  7. Stopped by to see if there was a new video posted. I hope the Captain is okay Randal. Please give him my best & best to you too.
    Mike on the North Coast of Northern Ireland.

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