Cea mai bună destinație de navigație din LUME? | Navigarea Florenței Ep.158

Cea mai bună destinație de navigație din LUME?  |  Navigarea Florenței Ep.158

Am navigat zile întregi pentru a ajunge aici, dar a meritat? După ce am navigat 46.000 de mile în jurul lumii, am găsit acum cea mai bună destinație de navigație? Apele de mică adâncime, azurii din Bahamas oferă un fundal uluitor. Navigând în jurul insulelor nelocuite și a recifelor de mică adâncime, ne oprim pentru a vizita localnicii de pe platoul Piraților din Caraibe, înainte de a experimenta o regata uriașă de navigație în stil Bahamas. Conținut suplimentar și actualizări în timp real pe Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sailingyachtflorence Navigam în jurul lumii de 6 ani și jumătate după ce am plecat din Anglia în 2016 la bordul ambarcațiunii noastre de 37 de picioare Florence. Alăturați-vă nouă în timp ce împărtășim culmile, minimele și provocările călătoriei în jurul lumii cu barca, navigând în larg peste Oceane și explorând locații îndepărtate cu propria noastră casă mică. Viața cu barca în larg, pe ocean și în afara rețelei. Ne puteți urmări și prin blogul nostru la http://www.sailwiththeflo.wordpress.com Echipament: Link afiliat: Obțineți un selfie stick invizibil gratuit pentru Insta 360 X3 aici, camera pe care o folosim pentru a captura fotografii asemănătoare dronei când navighează în larg fără dronă: https://www.insta360.com/sal/x3?insrc=INRQ83I 00:00 – Introducere 01:15 – Navigare cu Spinnaker între insule din Bahamas 05:50 – Setul Piraților din The Caraibe 11:17 – Curse tradiționale cu barca cu vele din Bahamas, Regata de familie 18:13 – Acces la Florence Tracker și data viitoare #Sailing #Ocean #sailingaroundtheworld #circumnavigation #SailingYachtFlorence #BoatLife #boatlifestyle #yacht #SYFlorence #Sailing Music comed #DoubleHbahaanboat jucat: Stepping Beyond – www.hooksounds.com – Licențiat Keep Walking – www.hooksounds.com – Creative Commons – Atribuire Creative Commons 4.0 licență Ladybird – www.hooksounds.com – Licențiat Wild River – www.hooksounds.com – Licențiat Green Acres – www.hooksounds.com – Licențiat Wonderful World – www.hooksounds.com – Licențiat Free Radical – www.hooksounds.com – Licențiat The New World – www.hooksounds.com – Licențiat


42 thoughts on “Cea mai bună destinație de navigație din LUME? | Navigarea Florenței Ep.158

  1. I subscribed to your channel several years ago because I thought the quality of your videos was good. It has definitely gotten better over the years. Those shots of the racing were great! The rest of the episode was great also.

  2. Outstanding presentation of the joy of sailing the Bahamas … I reminisce my time floating there. Terrific videography and editing … you guys have found your true calling. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m sure you will pick your course and winds well going home. In the early 90’ my wife & I + baby son sailed from Azores to Ireland under the guidance of Herb, Southbound II giving us wind & weather over SSB, he had us sailing directly north then turn right into Southern Ireland under wonderful sailing conditions, not the usual bash to windward, safe sailing Florence.

  4. Run out of superlatives for your video making .. stunning drone footage sweeping low over the island … piecing together the regatta shots was made to look so easy but can imagine the work involved and of course as always the music absolutely spot on … cant picture you back in the UK doing the Saturday morning Tesco run in the grey cold drizzle ..

  5. You started out making videos of Florence & your travels but, as your films guide us toward the end of this circumnavigation, you’ve become documentary makers.
    Love your stuff.

  6. I just want to say your editing and choice of accompanying music is some of the best work I’ve seen on you tube, fantastic video as always

  7. I had no idea the Bahamas were so absolutely wonderful. I didn't think much could beat the Whitsundays. Another fantastic place I shall never personally witness – so thank you for bringing it to me.

  8. Beautiful, you guys have become the channel I look forward to the most, despite the strong competition. Is there a reason you don't release a new video every week (aside from the fact you do a lot more actual sailing than every other sailing channel)? That's a genuine question as well as a blatant hint from one of your loyal subscribers who'd love to give you a thumbs up twice as often😉

  9. Been watching your videos for a long time and have often wondered where/what your adventures might evolve once you have finished your circumnavigation of our earth. I’m wondering if you have considered teaching? Without question you have the credentials. Just thinking. BTW, your footprints did not mess up the beach…or the earth on your spectacular adventure. Well done, Matthew and Amy. Well done. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I have been watching you guys each week and am fond of Oyster as I had a 485 for 20 years! This video has fabulous photography footage and you did an absolutely super job editing it …congratulations. I think the Bahams tourist board should buy a copy as it it really shows off their island which actually never ipressed me …but your video puts a new look at it. Congratulations and keep it up!

  11. Tanks for including the sailing in the Bahamas but i wanted you & your followers to be aware that in the US going back into the 1920's we were racing a design similar called The Chesapeake Bay Log Canoe's ! Check out Miles River Yacht Club Log Canoe on the internet ! My father bought a Log Canoe in 1945. I was too young but i still have pictures !
    Thanks for your wonderful coverage log that beautiful sailing area and their sailing history! Fair Winds Calm Seascape and sailing ⛵️

  12. I've been following your journey for about a year and eagerly await a new chapter. I am fortunate in that I live in the Bahamas and everything you say about the sailing is true and more.

  13. I have an idea to share with you. While I am in total agreement with all the compliments already expressed I wonder if you would consider filming a conversation between the two of you. It might be difficult to keep it from looking rehearsed or staged, but if done well, I think you would be offering something new in the sailing channel space. Perhaps a reminiscing about the day over sundowners or while eating dinner. Perhaps a discussion of where to go tomorrow or next week. Maybe a short list of projects and prioritizing them. I am sure your creative minds will overflow with ideas. In any case at the very least, please keep up the great work, and I hope this is a never-ending Cruise.

  14. Matt and Amy. We are so privileged to say we have shared anchorages with the best sailing channel on the internet. We can't wait for the latest videos to come out, especially the Night of White. I hope this inspires you! It will be epic tonight, and epic film makers will be here! ❤❤

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