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36 thoughts on “PRIMA SEARA La bord

  1. You 2 should be proud of what you have accomplished. Almost 2 complete yacht rebuilds in how many years. Dont know how months we are behind.But Sailng original yacth goes and you enjoy all your hard wok on this yacht

  2. Looking good! You guys gotta enjoy it as you did. Looking forward for the splash! Keep it up! Best regards from Brazil.

  3. You are right to take a bit of a pause. Those of us who have watched this journey from the beginning have a fair idea of the pain that goes into the renovation of a structure. The way I see you both is like when you bond pieces of material together. Joints should not coincide. Just now, Aladino is the continuous part and Maya the discontinuity. The strength comes from the joints not coinciding, and the process will reverse, trust me! Together the two parts bonded are stronger than either of the components. For Maya this may be the point in a piece of music where the theme changes, but there is a unifying motif that continues past the point of change creating the beauty of the whole. Hope this doesn't sound mad entirely!

  4. You are creating an absolutely beautiful and breathtaking home. Maybe you are too close to it and don’t see the full picture through your understandable frustrations. Hang in there Maya you are near the homestretch. You will be living the dream before you know it. ❤🌻 Lisa

  5. Glad you found a moment of enjoying your hard work. It is really worth it just for your mental health. I am happy for you that it is turning out so incredible. Looking forward with you to see it completed.

  6. I bought a 5000€ Italian leather lounge for 250€ in second hand and man has my saloon never been comfortable. Get rid of those thin uncomfortable cushions and get a real couch in your boat, you will not regret it 🙂 great job on the rebuild though, you practically got a new boat!

  7. Maya that was a smart move to help you envision the futur….big renovations on any structure are difficult dirty and always take longer than planned…….the boat is really coming along and it will be like a brand new boat probably worth tons more than what you paid. Do you think you will splash before the winter?

  8. Beautiful moment together in your Dream Sailboat Magic Carpet 2 … That will transport you on your Adventures to come … Two Beautiful People in Love in what will be a New Home … thank you for letting us be a part of it …❤❤❤

  9. A full refit down into the glass hull is a major project, capable of draining the spirit out of almost anybody, esp if it is not your passion. But what you get in the end is almost a brand new boat. Something you will passionately enjoy for decades. It does look incredible so far. It is difficult to exaggerate the benefits gleaned from doing the impossible, or the unbearable for gratification long delayed. You earn a part of yourself you could never otherwise discover.

  10. I have watched you for years and never commented. I know that it has been hard, but I could not possibly know how hard. But your accomplishments thus far are a work of art, not just a refit. It is like you learning to play the violin. It starts slowly and builds to a crescendo. Congratulations on your work thus far. Be proud of what you have accomplished. You have been stoic. I can't wait to see you enjoying yourselves on the water. Stay resolved. It looks as though you will be rewarded soon. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

  11. Hang in there. Our restoration was completed with our sweat and took 8 years. It was worth every minute. We now have a beautiful trustworthy boat that we know inside and out.

  12. This is a wonderful cautionary tale. For you this project made you lose your balance. You didn't remember your needs and didn't take care of them as if your needs were your beautiful child and all of that harmed you. It will take a long time to recover and recovery will require your needs being attended to regularly. We all need to learn from this. This can happen to anyone. If you give your true self away you're not left with the resources you need. It's not heroic, it's tragic. You matter. Who you are matters. Take time to feed your truth. You are worth it. Once you're beat down it takes so long to recover. It's better to feed your soul all along. How easily we forget ourselves though. Each of us is the only one that can care for ourselves in that way. We're the only one in there to note the needs and get them taken care of.

  13. Thank you for sharing that insight and a glimpse of what is to come. The contrast of the rich wood against the crisp white looks so well balanced and adding the cushions really adds a nice punch of color. The results of your hard work is now coming into focus and is very exciting. I, like others commenting, enjoy the honesty and reflection on what it takes to forge through long, arduous tasks. You two are producing beautiful work with the refit as well as the documentary production. Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. Sometimes it is important to stop and squint at that light in the distance, is it really some 'B' with a torch and more work, or really the daylight at the end of the tunnel? In your case, at this point, it really is daylight!

  15. Dear Maya, it is evident that your soul is lacking the beauty of the music and delightful scenes and editions to enlighten and recover the spark in your eyes… But, dear, this is life and life is a journey which sometimes plays tricks on us.
    You are a strong woman! You have the strength you need within; and you have a brilliant and dedicated partner who, currently, took upon himself the responsibility to lead us on this refit. Beside the amazing high quality work he is producing.
    We know you are there too, dealing with the boring stuff. Be strong! A little bit more… You guys already had the first evening on your future full time home! Congrats

  16. It will be a nice place to live your life in that ship. The best scene this time was seeing Aladino wrap his arms around Maya, great to see your love…

  17. Good to take a break and feel what it will be like. Had to smile. Even though kicking back, I could see Aladino looking around scrutinizing everything!! Such a perfectionist!! And his mind was already working on the work ahead! That boat is a fine piece of furniture!

  18. Thank you for the brief peek into your world of self care. I can’t wait to see MC2 in the water. (And I know neither can you)

  19. Lovely cushions on the berths; flowers; M&A, it is really beginning to look livable and like home again. The only thing missing was a pot of Boef Bourguignon on the new stove emitting great aromas, and Maya playing her violin in trio with herself.
    You'll get there soon, and then all your labor, efforts, ladder climbing – up and down a thousand times – painting, varnishing, repairing, will slowly recede in memory and MAGIC CARPET II will be sailing again and take all of us along on your new adventures.
    Your thoughts, planning, and execution of the total rebuild of MC II has taken us all on a wonderful Magic Carpet that you both have created.
    Thanks for all the things you have taught us and the memories you have created for all your sailing friends.

  20. The boat just looks fantastic, so glad you took the time to stop, breath and enjoy a few moments! She will be a warm and very comfortable home for many years to come

  21. It's amazing how far you two have taken the boat, it's quite an extensive refit and it has turned out beautiful.

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