CUSTOM SAIL DESIGN//Custom Sails for Dauntless-Episodul 134

CUSTOM SAIL DESIGN//Custom Sails for Dauntless-Episodul 134

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15 thoughts on “CUSTOM SAIL DESIGN//Custom Sails for Dauntless-Episodul 134

  1. Love the sail design videos, Who knew that there are a so many options. Precision sales seems to be on point with everything, Thank you for all the information. Ty I am missing your “Ty pro tips”. Lol. Thank you all, Have a great week

  2. Tell Jeremy that you expect Darryl's premium dinghy delivery service and you'll give him a decent hat!
    A black sail will look sick, especially with the blue paint! You guys are gonna fly on the water!

  3. When you speak with Jeremy next, ask him what he thinks of a "Code D", this is what Leopard sells instead of an asymmetric spinnaker.

  4. It doesn't look like the standard sail plan includes a smaller jib, better suited for upwind work. That seems odd. So the only upwind sail you have is this overlapping genny, and that isn't going to work very well at tight angles. Jermy said only to 55%. I guess that means you're motoring at tighter angles. Maybe that's just the way it goes for big cruising cats.

    I am surprized they aren't recommending larger overlap than 109%. The easy way to get more light wind performance is to make it bigger, duh. And with sophisticated roller furlers, you can easily "reef" down if it's a little too much.

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