Raport de daune!!! Cât de rău este? Hull? Motor?

Raport de daune!!!  Cât de rău este?  Hull?  Motor?

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29 thoughts on “Raport de daune!!! Cât de rău este? Hull? Motor?

  1. Wow, can you crazy man running? You certainly have your work cut out for you. One thing I've seen on full-time sailing is you can't have too many spare fuel filters on board, you never know the quality of diesel fuel you get in far away places, smooth sailing to you guys..

  2. Slow, boring and tedious certainly. But also so rewarding to get all that unused wiring out of the boat. Also great to get better understanding of Ocean Melody's systems.

  3. Glad all is sorted with the boat and no structural damage.
    But if water got into the engine when at an angle, whats to stop it happening when you are out sailing and are at the same angle? I don't have a boat with sail so not part of my boating knowledge.

  4. Well done to you and your family it will be a great life I have lived on my boat for the last 6 years (60ft narrow boat) great channel 👍👍🍺🥂💐

  5. I realize from the video you’re planning on leaving by the end of August to sail around the world. Have you given an update on Melody sailing melody about what’s going on with her, or how you’re going to finisher to sell her, or just whatever is going on? Maybe I missed it in one of your other videos. I really love your show, and I appreciate you sharing so many personal details of your ups and downs with your fans. You do really good work on your videos, and you have a really good family. I wish you smooth sailing and following seas in your travels.

  6. For boat foul smells and bilges , vinegar , bicarbonate of soda and orange oil based bilge cleaners are healthy and effective options .

  7. With your engine you should put a bore scope in all cylinders to check for pitting in cylinder liners from the salt water. As if pitted may shorten engine life.

  8. I may not be a boat engine doctor, nor do I play one on TV.. however if you really do have sea water in your piston cylinder(s) you still may want to change the oil any way in case some of that washed past the rings.. it likely hasn't (especially if your rings are good) but I'm just suggesting..

  9. Well done Andy never bored actually love seeing you cleaning painting refurbishing looking forward to seeing some varnishing as you have some lovely wood aboard melody and making her a home 😊

  10. The engine access is excellent for a boat of that size. Also the side walkways for access around cabin are 4× what they were on previous boat. A must for your goals!!!

  11. Andy,I'm wondering why anyone with aboat this size and I believe you mentioned the former owner raced it, wouldn't have maintained it better. A Sailboat you depend on not having failures, so it must be kept up to snuff all the time. Also, most sailors I've met over the many years sbowed their pride by keeping their boats clean and neat Inside and out! If the owner couldn't do it himself be paid people to keep it ship shape right? I'm Afraid you're to do list will be longer then Melody1a year ago. 😅 FWCS (Fair Winds Calm Seas, Don ⛵️

  12. This is so great to here, getting hold of this tube roller. Now you can truly keep the support tubing for the cockpit roof enclosure in the original, and may I say, beautiful classic and eloquent design lines of this unique sailing vessel. A beautiful sailboat designed for ocean racing, a unique sailing vessel indeed!

  13. Andy, did you recheck the oil colour on the dipstick for emulsification now the engine has run? The seawater might have seeped past the piston rings in the interim and not shown on dipping the oil when you did it in the video. If it has, change the oil and filter but first, remove the rocker cover preferably when the engine is hot and wipe any 'egg mayonnaise' at the top of the engine away. While the rocker cover is off and the engine is hot, most of the moisture in the crankcase should evaporate.

  14. Hi, new to the channel but you mentioned Nigel has his own channel and just wanted a link as I’m in North Wales and am looking at putting a solar arch on our boat.

  15. Oh the Joys of a Refit😜 And to top it off, Captain Andy has to do it by Yesterday…Try and maintain yer Sanity…Continue to Stay Safe and Enjoy😎

  16. If replace that old, heavy light fixture with strip LED lights. That will greatly improve visibility as you'll have light coming from many angles

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