Blocat în Hill Inlet – Whitehaven Beach – Whitsundays – Sailing Greatcircle (ep.299)

Blocat în Hill Inlet - Whitehaven Beach - Whitsundays - Sailing Greatcircle (ep.299)

Momente de anxietate în timp ce ne pregătim șederea în Hill Inlet destul de bine, dar totuși a devenit puțin prea interesant până la urmă


30 thoughts on “Blocat în Hill Inlet – Whitehaven Beach – Whitsundays – Sailing Greatcircle (ep.299)

  1. If you risk grounding like that you have to throw stuff into the water to lighten the load – provisions, fridge, cooker, furniture, Marc. If you get really desperate as a last resort you have to drink all the booze.

  2. Folks, the next time you anchor in a strong current river or canal, be sure to anchor your boat so that it is always parallel with the current, no matter the direction of the wind. The current pulls the boat with much more force than the wind, unless you are in the middle of a storm of course.

  3. hey i love yours videos , i would like to ask something , what did you do in past to could afford a catamaran like what and have that lifestyle . Im 18 , and in the future i would like to cross the ocean and explore the world . thank you and the keep up with the greet videos

  4. Aaah the Whitsundays she is very beutiful.
    Gotta love at Hamilton Marina that Fountaine pajot at the end of the dock has been there for years .
    Every time we bareboat up there i so want to take it in to hill inlet lol😅😮.

  5. We anchored our Outremer in there, but you need to find a place with swing room as that current is ripping! At 19:19 I think you are on the bottom? Glad it all worked out. One of the greatest spots in the world!

  6. Could Greatcircle withstand being completely beached at low tide without damage? It almost looked like you could have waded out to the boat and not gotten your shorts wet.

  7. beautiful video! we were at Thomas Island 3 months ago, a wonderful hidden gem that not many know about. I'm curious.. why did you not have an anchor upstream and one downstream when you were in Hill Intlet? Basically to hold you fore and aft in line with the stream? We use a Fortress as a stern anchor which inevitably needs the dinghy to get out it digs in so well. We have a 35' performance cat (daggerboards and low headroom) which we recently sailed down from Townsville to Sydney so got a bit of practice on this. Philip

  8. Hi Greatcircle, then you are the brand representative for this boat, the canoe and the rest of the equipment ?

    Hill Inlet is a really pretty place

  9. Brings back memories from when we anchored in the same position: unfortunately we suffered minor damage from the stern anchor when tide turned: very strong current. Such a beautiful area, well worth the effort to enter.

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