ACEASTA este o parte ESENȚIALĂ a ambarcațiunii noastre.

ACEASTA este o parte ESENȚIALĂ a ambarcațiunii noastre.

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32 thoughts on “ACEASTA este o parte ESENȚIALĂ a ambarcațiunii noastre.

  1. Lots of comments about fridge size! Yes, it's small for a house, but this is actually quite spacious for a 36ft sailboat! It's SIGNIFICANTLY larger than the fridge on MCI, and we have enjoyed many beautiful meals in that tiny galley. So don't worry, we'll manage quite alright. In fact, we're quite excited about the size of this fridge! 🙂 -Maya and Aladino

  2. There is a foam that is used to fill in gaps for windows, and since it dont expand like some foam does with force it would work really well with your fridge.

  3. I owned a 35 ft live aboard. My sink was about the same overall size but it was partitioned into two spaces. One third and two thirds. You will find that having the smaller partition will save a lot on water utilisation. It also had a board that extended work surface over the larger partition. We also had foot pumped salt and fresh water so we saved power off shore. This also prevented anyone running off the freshwater by accident offshore.

  4. Don't worry about less detailed videos. Your channel is still by far the most complete when it comes to this. I have never learned and seen as much from any other channel as from yours. Thanks a lot for this!

  5. I don’t mean to make fun, but it gives me a chuckle. Every time you shoot a scene of Aladena doing a project you announce meanwhile, I’ve been sanding .😂. we feel your pain. Sanding is so monotonous and painstakingly boring keep up the good work it Hass to be done.👍🏽

  6. The foam fridge is a bit more like an art project than a building project…I'm curious what will supply the cooling? I might assume there's a compressor somewhere and cool air inlet holes yet to be fabricated? (just thinking out loud).

  7. This is going to be a special yacht for sure, you two are probably the only people who could make something as mundane as building a refrigerator fascinating, again Aladino's zen like attention to detail and his prepcraft ( I know its not a word but it should be ) is on full display , great episode.

  8. A template works wonders on wastage LOL you know Dino, (leaving the ala bit out sounds better and cooler) on the fridge foam as it is hard to guess angles like that in a boat I know I've been there I have to say your shipwright skills are really shinning now on this boat build you both have done a fantastic job and the boat is going to be one of the few outstanding ones out there like tally Ho shes another boat bet Leo has a lot more helpers than you and that boat is a lot bigger but your boat is perfect for you two and may you have many happy times in her which I know you will as the refit is coming along fantastically and stronger than before I couldn't believe the shoddy work before you started on her panels not fixed down flimsy panelling and a micro-thin hull which you have now corrected and made the whole boat stronger than when built well done you two have done an amazing job so all the best from John from Rugby UK.

  9. Hi,yet again great results on your projects,looking good.I assume that it can be tiring and frustrating at times,but you will be able to look back and say…YES…we did that…it is beautiful.Cheers Roly🇬🇧.

  10. Fantastic progress both of you! I always thought that foam could be used to build a custom fridge. You are a skilled craftsman, Aladino. Maya, you make every week's video very entertaining! Keep up the great work.

  11. Dini using the floor as sandpaper, really leveled the playing field. he didn't know what he was doing but I have done that myself so I feel one step closer to the dini level master craftsman.

  12. Im jealous you get to work on yours all the time , and that you in a shed.
    My project is outside in the God shop i can only work on it when the weather is good and hts not dark outside.
    And when i have the time on the weekends

  13. Hi Maya and Aladino, My wife and I enjoy your videos!! We may not be sailors but we can really relate to the whole perfectionist vs get it done now scenario we see unfolding. You are both artists that speak to our souls and Maya your wood work and finishing look pretty damn good for someone thats not into woodwork! We love and miss your music. We found the pieces you played for the areas you visited very touching. Aladino, I know its too late for the fridge but I find that Loctite PL300 adhesive caulking works FANTASTIC gluing the foam insulation your are using. I glue and screw it with SS screws which acts as a dowel/dont go anywhere device until the adhesive sets. I've made air conditioner covers and freeze prevention barriers that have held up very well for years. The PL300 will expand a little and fill voids without over pushing the joint and it doesn't contain thinning agents that will dissolve the foam. There's also Hot Wire Factory Foam Fusion Glue which creates an extremely strong bond line. For gutting open or closed cell foam, I find that hot nichrome wire works the best but a serrated knife is a close second. All our old serrated knives end up in my workshop to live their best second life. The hot wire site that sells the Foam Fusion glue has some amazing hot wire cutting tools should you find yourself working with foam again. Cant wait to see you launch.

  14. Impressive work your Fridge.
    I have build also my own Fridge for my boat, actually I build it twice. First version was mit foam boards, similar what you using. Wall thickness was 6cm. Overall I was not happy and I have build the next one. From fiberglass I have build two boxes. One small and one big. The gap in between was 10 cm. This gap, all the way around I have filled with polyurethane foam. The result is brilliant. The bottom is having a slope and at the deepest point a drain plug for cleaning. Works well since many years.

  15. I’ve not done a ton of research, but I am aware of some pourable high-density polyurethane foams which may have been better suited to this application. Perhaps a fixed “box” (with appropriate internal bracing to handle the pressures of expansion) in the shape of your final fridge internal dimensions maybe could have been secured in place, an appropriate release agent applied to the external box surfaces, and then pour in the foam (with desired density). Anyone have experience with this?

  16. I'm curious why you didn't go with a foam pour? Build the interior liner (maybe with some foam board spacer blocks to the hull), line the hull well with plastic, pour in the expanding foam add the liner and wait for the foam to expand. Maybe need to top off with a final foam pour. You'd certainly avoid all the fussy cuts. Anyway I love the channel and what the TWO of you are doing. Keep up the great work.

  17. for the sink can you cut desired edge you want to remove and just cut the ends by sides and use a sheet metal break to fold it 90 degrees up and then weld the two slits back together

  18. Can you dut the foam into 1 inch strips and put them along the curved side with epoxy sealed edges, they should bend enough for the horizontal curve longitudilly while they are laminated vertically, spray foam better, then fiberglass.

  19. You are doing a fantastic job! Top notch! Enjoy the work, and the amazing result! And don't think/talk yourself down. Never talk yourself down!

  20. Building your home on the water is such a labor of love. It’s fun to start seeing some of the bits and pieces of the finished product sneaking in.

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