Bine ați venit la show-ul meu rahat.. navigați singuri către insule îndepărtate

Bine ați venit la show-ul meu rahat.. navigați singuri către insule îndepărtate Am plecat mai departe decât am mai mers vreodată și singur. Mă descompun și arăt hidos făcând asta🙁 dar nu sunt aici să arăt frumos. Îmi împărtășesc doar aventura.


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  1. Setting aside your beaty, you are an inspiration! The shear amount of courage and tenacity for which you are doing is brave and a testament to your strength. Very few have the courage to do what you are doing. Lift your head high and see what your accomplishments are fueling! I can only be hopeful to one day know personally someone as resolute as you.

  2. You're so open and honest… Your dealing with something way bigger than you…. And you don't believe it but your doing great

    A broken heart is hard to live with . I know I was in the Old Navy… You are strangely dealing the same way I have to.

    Hope to correspond with you in some way on this utube thing… Peace , Sea Nymph… Keep your vessel pointed toward your destiny🎉

  3. Cool ride… And don't worry about the tears, I'd be crying too, if I had to clean up chicken broth! lol

  4. Hey there young lady. I want to tell you that you are not alone. I am about to be 48, and after 20+ years with my (now) ex-wife and daughters Its just me and the dog. (Kids are adults now)
    My hearts hurts everyday.
    I purchased my first sailboat last month and im learning to sail her now. i wanted to just go. "out further than ever before, SOLO"
    I wanted to get away from all of the pains, and I felt( feel like if I die at sea then that's my story. noting else to say. whereas i cant just go away so easily on land. Im have fantasized about leaving since I was a young boy. You are loved and I understand the tremendous loss, but you have to keep your shit together. You have more videos to make for us! just kidding, but seriously. You cried out and now your peeps are here. keep your head up and get back to people asap. you need the distraction of good people. but be transparent. people are at their best when they see someone in need. (Generally Speaking)

  5. You are so powerful in doing what you are doing ! ! ! Just think how few people have the stamina, guts, independence , confidence etc to take on what you do everyday ! ! !
    The tears streamed down my cheeks as I watched you crying – BUT then I realised that it helped you release inner emotions etc, etc which benefitted you – – – – – – rather than keep it all bottled up inside. Well done ! ! ! The smile on your face afterwards said it all – – – You are beautiful – strong and independent ! ! ! Look forward to the good times – smile at the wide open ocean, which is your playground – and thank God for life ! ! ! God Bless ! ! !

  6. Your doing it = Enjoy every moment > Life is not a rehearsal … From a 76 year old solo sailor who still loves every second on the water . Now smile .

  7. If I may make a suggestion. Since you like coffee and use a French Press next time you make coffee try this. After brewing the coffee do not press the grounds to the bottom. Just pour the coffee through the filter. You will eliminate a lot of the acid in the coffee brought out by pressing the grounds.

  8. Tie the trailing line to the rudder then through one or the other side railing to slow the boat or stall it. Gives you a better chance of boarding if you fall in. If using a tiller pilot, maybe run the line around it so it gets pulled up and released. 3kts is almost impossible to beat/swim/pull yourself aboard. Maybe put that to the test with someone else remaining aboard and other precautions.

  9. I don't understand. You can sail, your self-reliant, your obviously beautiful inside and out. Be happy in knowing you have support and friends that will love to hear your storys. Tell us more about the places you are visiting and hope to go next. This will help you find new adventures. Stay safe.

  10. I'm a new subscriber, your sharing your heartfelt thoughts and feelings to me is very real and soul searching. What you are doing is brave and inspirational. You see so many channels with expensive yachts and all the niceties and gadgets that are taken for granted. You on a Columbia 28 reminds me of Tania Aebi, who sailed around the world on a Contessa 26. No frills, just the minimum of requirements. Stay strong and true to yourself. Fairwinds and following seas.

  11. Warm thoughts and good vibrations!
    Contentment is sustained…
    Happiness occurs in moments !

    Saltwater cures EVERYTHING!
    go get'm tiger!

  12. Hey Buddy
    I sail to escape people and face myself, l find it comfortingly confronting. I have lived by the code of riding next to death and exhilaration, climbing trees for 25 years! Now l cruise around the south pacific on y 40ft Benny, then go back for $.

  13. You are too cute. Seeing you cry almost made me cry also and Im a grown man. Stop that death talk! You are so beautiful and sound so sweet. I don’t know why you’re so sad. Life is a weird thing but you are young and have a whole life ahead of you. IT GETS BETTER and it will for you. Prayers sent. Hang in there and be strong!

  14. When you go sailing and step outside your comfort zone you expose yourself a wider range of emotions. Fear, joy, sadness, anger and so on. To me, sailing just seems to amplify those emotions. To appreciate the good, you have to also experience the bad. Thanks for showing that it is not always champagne and sunsets.

  15. Angels and demons, You don’t belong in this world, only your asleep and unaware to the truth of our reality,
    Wake up o sleeper wake up from the dead ,
    Know the truth and the truth will set you free,
    That means your a prisoner but your unaware and sleeping ,
    It’s time to wake up to the truth,
    Your identity is hidden in the truth,
    100% no lying = 100% truth
    I don’t lie and know the truth,

  16. I understand the freedom of not being tethered, however I don't think a lot of people realise just how fast a trailing line disappears. Say you have a 50' trailing line… If you're sailing at 4 knots and you happen to fall off, you have just 7 seconds to orientate yourself, find the line and swim to it before it has moved past you. As a solo sailor, you never want to go overboard, please use a tether, specially when out of the cockpit. Just something to consider.

  17. I’m sorry but I don’t have any understanding why you decided this was the time to make a video or why you’re so depressed about the lifestyle that you have chosen…. I’m unsubscribing because I feel it’s not right to support or encourage “unhealthy” behavior….

  18. You are so inspiring. Thank you for your positive vibes. I’m a solo sailor on the Great Lakes, stay positive and remember lots of people care.

  19. Wish I could be there experiencing with but instead I’m celebrating my 6th year of fighting leukemia, but my goal is to be sailing soon one way or another! You have to have goals and for me I also have God, I know he’s with me and you just talk to him and see, feel and know. Doctors gave me 7 days, 6 years ago I’m still alive!

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