ȘTIRI DEVASTANTE – Traversarea noastră a Pacificului poate fi anulată – (Episodul 217)

ȘTIRI DEVASTANTE - Traversarea noastră a Pacificului poate fi anulată - (Episodul 217)

A fost o săptămână atât de uimitoare, cu toate comenzile noastre din state care au sosit, inclusiv o barcă Highfield nou-nouță, cu outboard tohatsu, toate noile noastre linii de vele de precizie, troliu electric Selden, starlink de la FMC GlobalSat, lista poate continua! Dar avem cea mai proastă veste a anului când un instalator găsește o fisură într-unul dintre fitingurile noastre, așa că se pare că universul pur și simplu nu vrea să traversăm Oceanul Pacific în acest an… Dacă ți-a plăcut aspectul acelor aripi gonflabile, verifică-le aici… https://www.pyiinc.com/fendertex/inflatable-fittings.html care sunt avarii. a fost cu prietenii și a început să navigheze în jurul lumii. Au găsit avarii în peretele etanșului catamaranului lor din Panama, așa că au reparat-o și sunt aproape gata să traverseze Oceanul Pacific!! Pentru a cumpăra marfa Parlay Revival faceți clic aici!! https://parlayrevival.com/collections Toată muzica este de la sunetul Epidemic! Înscrieți-vă aici și obțineți o probă gratuită de luni pentru a vedea dacă vă place! https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/ym5nvt Urmărește-mă pe instagram pentru actualizări zilnice! https://www.instagram.com/parlayrevival_colin/ ​​Pagina de Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parlayrevival Editat de @flippyhipped (instagram)


37 thoughts on “ȘTIRI DEVASTANTE – Traversarea noastră a Pacificului poate fi anulată – (Episodul 217)

  1. What I appreciate the most is that nothing is left half way. An extra dingy no problem, replacing lines check, and finally standing rigging, replace. Colin I think you are a model to others sailing! I can’t wait to watch your videos of your crossing! You have a wonderful crew, carefully chosen! Please stay safe!

  2. Colin. You're STILL a super yacht engineer. Please change your opening…. Um just sayin…

    I have previously posted how much you and the maintenance crew have been for me towards coming up with and executing upgrades to my 23' Qinjgdao Li Anya RIB w/200hp 2 Stroke HPDI Yamaha. Here's the list:

    1998 Chevy 3500 Dually: Wired 2nd battery in truck for winch

    Ran electrical connector for winch
    Designd mounting bracket for Crossfire dual tire pressure equalizer (in welding phase)

    Trailer: Installed Fuller remote/electric winch
    Installed bow catcher

    Replaced trailer rollers

    Installed bungy cords to hold rollers in place when loading boat
    Installed additional trailer lights
    Installd spare tire mount

    Boat: Repositiond Bimini top mount

    Redesignd Bimini top

    Changd Bimini top latching hooks

    Removd old cup holders.
    Addd cover for exposed cubby hole on center console

    Upgradd Center console mounting screws

    Changd hatch latches to locking latches

    Designd Lil Miss Isle seat covers

    Addd for and aft remote spot light's

    Addd 2 solar panels

    Repositiond nav light's

    Upgradd switch panel

    Addd power steering

    Addd jack plate

    Upgradd Cpt and Passenger seats

    Movd Cpt seat 4" aft for leg room

    Replacd seat post screws w/inserts & bolt

    Redesignd deck plate and & replacd screws

    Replaced grab handles

    Installed and wired bluetooth Ecoxgear speaker tube

    Upgradd dual battery switch w/ACR (in wiring process)

    Built & installd accessory terminals

    Installed rear deck water deflectors
    Install SAE plugs for upgradd solar panels (in progress)

    So there you have it. Thanks again to you and the team for the motivation, inspiration and education. HG

  3. As I have been keeping up I know you made it. But your right geez it's like Posiedon doesn't want you to cross and I am sure you feeling was ( as I would be) how much am I gonna have to pay to do this crossing? Always love watching every episode!!! Keep it alive brothers and sisters!

  4. Hey Colin, how can it be cancelled if you have already gone live when crossing the equator? Hey David Shihlatte is going to release his next episode at the Barbie Movies, wow, you letting Jamie go to one of the premieres?

  5. What we use for pulling halyards through is a thin (3mm) line with 300mm of pushbike chain … heavy enough to pull itself down the mast and best of all, magnetic! We have some really big neodynium magnets and you can pull and move the chain around through the mast. You can even pull the line through the mast when it is lais horizontal in the yard!

  6. Hi Colin, please seriously consider DYNEEMA for your new RIGGING ⛵️
    My warmest regards, Roger Croome.

  7. "Demoralized" is SUCH a Kiwi word, I chuckle every time Colin says it. Hope you get across, I'll hopefully be able to help welcome you to Auckland.

  8. Hi Colin, Just a heads up, You probably don't want to hear this but I just have to say after watching the last episode's of Below Deck It really easy to see , Don't waste any more Time with Daisy. You can tell she is all about Gary and is playing you both. This chick will only end up hurting you in the end and you are way better than that. Cheers, Mike

  9. That’s why you don’t do a rig check one week before a Pacific Crossing… 🤦🏼‍♂️

  10. Good luck guys! Boat life… Never ending projects.
    What’s the name of the inflatable fender company again? I couldn’t find them on the Internet. I think you said PWI?

  11. Im surprised you didn't use synthetic rope standing rigging Dyneema ect… seemed to be a trendy thing to do for a while or you could use Stay-Lock or Norseman fittings that way you don't need a rigger and his special swaging tool even to replace a cable or a fitting

  12. Yeah the advantage to a bigger boat is that the inch submersion per pounds carried goes up so you can carry more water and fuel and food and beer. That is one disadvantage to a catamaran boat is the narrow hulls are low drag but they don't provide as much buoyancy per foot as a mono-hull with a wide beam would but your not ballasted down as much with the catamaran either everything is a pro and con give and take though. Always buy the biggest boat you can afford to own with in practical limits that way you don't run out of carrying capacity and have to limit your tankage and stores even though it is popular to try and circumnavigate the globe in the smallest boats possible I look at that as a stunt that is not something that most normal people would want to even attempt. I am not saying you need a bigger boat to do it though just when you have a bigger boat you have more reserve capacity to carry along everything you might want or need and more of to last longer to with a smaller boat you have to be very picky about what all you bring with you so you have to have your priorities in order and be stingy with weight.

  13. Sailboat Data doesn't list the full specs for the Lagoon 450 like it does most other sail boats I don't see the spec for pounds per inch of submersion listed but that is a pretty heavy boat at 33000 lbs displacement.

  14. A boat owner on anchor in Cairns had to put his dog down as they wouldn't let him into the country even after 3 months quarantine. I hope U have thought about it !

  15. We tow our tenders everywhere if you are planning to tow or have it side tied I would use a line with some stretch to take some strain off cleats and whatnot

  16. I hope you solved replacing your rigging. If Not. However, I can share it with you, Colin. I changed all my wire rigging, weighing in at 240 kilos for 30 kilos of Dyneema. Except for the forestay as it has a roller furler. I couldn't be happier. You could carry the Dyneema in your hand luggage, However, I needed to weld 3 new sets of spreader ends to run the Dyneema rigging. These ends you can purchase from a mast maker. Also, I had to change the rigging screws made in NZ designed for this job… if you need more info let me know. It would be a shame if you miss the Pacific crossing, we will also miss your video adventures. Best of luck. SV Skoirern IV

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