„Voi face tot ce pot” ULTIMELE CUVINTE FAMOSE…

„Voi face tot ce pot” ULTIMELE CUVINTE FAMOSE...

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27 thoughts on “„Voi face tot ce pot” ULTIMELE CUVINTE FAMOSE…

  1. Next time you taste homemade booze, let Mattie taste it first, give it two hours and if he doesn’t fall off his chair, it’s ok for you to try. If he does fall off his chair, I would like to buy his slippers.

  2. Hey bro! In a concentration of sea weed, you need to change your technique. We “jig” in congested places like that. Look up “crappie rig” “ trot-line”, and stop trying to “troll” through sea weed. Sit still/drift, drop a line with live/cut bait. Its a real grab-bag on what you’ll pull up, but, fish do hang around ANY structure/seaweed, rock, wrecks. Get jiggy with it! Lol! Happy hunting!

  3. You did it for us… your sacrifice is breathtaking…did you also propose to a beautiful and enchanting lady for us??? Sir , your commitment is absolute and we applaud you for it 🙂 (you can tell this was written by a Brit who hopes you get the military tongue in cheek humour Bro)

  4. I always look forward to Sunday mornings so I can watch you two. I am interested in getting some handy dandy headsets like you use. I didn't see them in your Store. Are they an Amazon item?

  5. with the hooch matt its best not to shake it or disturb the sediment , decant the liquid off to make it as clear as you can , another wee trick is to stick the entire bottle in the freezer , alcohol doesnt freeze but the water does , so what you pour off after the freeze is pure booze , just add flavor of anykind after that , coconut is nice .

  6. For goodness sake, twist a wire on to the hook that you have in the ballyhoo and put a treble down near the tail. To keep it on there good, twist a little piece of wire around the tail. They bite at the tail first, the treble will solve your problem.

  7. I apologize for commenting after the fact, but, I would have had you secure the new anchor cleats perpendicular to the way you did it. The reason is strength(pulling against the bolts rather than tipping them over sideways). Anyway I'm way too late and just keep track if the cleat closer to the cockpit is tilting, becoming loose. Always enjoy your vlogs and efforts. Chuck

  8. Hello from Dominican Republic, We have been watching Your Videos from the beginning, and Love all Your videos, You may want to try rubber squids with a quarter ounce lead up towards the tail, 40-60 mono leader, not a 100 percent, but flicks off weed by itself to some extent., Best Regards!⛵

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