EROARE pilot automat Atlanticul de Nord – Navigare către ISLANDA [EP 201]

EROARE pilot automat Atlanticul de Nord - Navigare către ISLANDA [EP 201]

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26 thoughts on “EROARE pilot automat Atlanticul de Nord – Navigare către ISLANDA [EP 201]

  1. You're so cool. It's inspiring to see how you manage the different situations that occurs to you. Wish you all the best for the rest of the journey to Iceland.

  2. Sailing channel "Expedition Evans" currently putting out a daily video while crossing the North Atlantic…..Just Saying. 😆

  3. Just read about a seriously dangerous air quality warning for Iceland as consequence of erupting volcano. Don't know what your lag time between posting video and actual time. Stay safe

  4. Great fix on the AP mount. Can I ask why you were not using your hydrovane anyway? We have one as well and often don’t use it for no good reason. Well the main reason is we don’t want to pull in the extra reef needed to balance the boat, especially reaching, to make it easier for it to work. Interested in your reason.
    Also re winch repairs at sea, pinning a towel to the lifelines helps enormously to reduce prospects of critical bits going overboard. I learned this when I had to service main cockpit winch on long passage.
    Last, cold usually starts with feet. After 40,000 sea miles I finally bit the bullet and bought Dubarry leather seaboots for both of us. Best $900 AUD ever spent. Bar none. Bar none. You know it makes sense!

  5. For when you make it to Iceland, just saw in the news that the volcano has erupted again and the lava flows are spectacular.

  6. Why haven't I found you before.
    Great video Guys plotting your way through the raw truths of sailing – 1. expect the unexpected, 2. what can go wrong eventually will & 3. on a philosophical note, "plans are what makes God laugh!"
    Overcoming these hurdles makes for good viewing, so well done & thanks & here's to the next vid.

  7. Wow, I'm envious… You don't know how lucky you are, having this adventure. Some days, I'd pay anything to get out of my working rut, to get away from the same old places, same boring routine.

    This experience will change you, profoundly. Respect!

  8. Looks as if your repair is stronger than the original bracket, maybe need to beef it up when you get a new one fabricated.

  9. "He's an engineer and he's Ok! He sleeps all night and works all day! He sails the world with Kiaria and gets to do fun things in boats". Cheers and watch out for volcanoes!

  10. I think this was a first class episode! Cruddy north Atlantic weather – things going wrong ✔, whales ✔, rain ✔, terrible decisions to be made ✔, repairs when underway ✔- just like us couch sailors imagine it should be like!
    Next episode we want scurvy – and mutiny from the illiterate, knuckle-dragging 1st mate!

  11. You guys should be proud of yourselves. You really took the next step. You've gotten so much experience but have barely pushed yourselves, which for me is the part that makes sailing fun. Then, when you did decide to just go for it, you ran into a major failure. But you realized you still had many layers of safety and that guy could even fix it. I was so surprised you kept pressing. First thing I thought when when I saw that break was that I bet it could be repaired or rugged to work with something you have onboard. There's always a way. So shocked and glad that you changed your mind and didn't immediately head to port.

    You guys are really growing. Lesson is, everything should be overbuilt if you can manage the cost and weight. It will definitely be much easier, at least faster, to fix it in Iceland. As long as the volcanoes and eruptions don't interfere. At least you'll get to see some amazing lava flows!

  12. Just get the new Kraken you really want. You have practically rebuilt the boat from scratch and it still keeps failing very consistently.

  13. Great video as always! Have you considered mounting a couple cameras for some fixed views of you and the boat while underway? Keep up the awesome work!

  14. It's wonderful to see you both so confident, at ease, rolling with the flow, and upbeat! Seems you are made for long passages! Thank you for sharing this journey – it's exciting and inspiring to hear from you, and it encourages those of us who dream of going further from shore and sailing nonstop.

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