Era ea o fată de iaht? Partea 2 (Meghan Markle)

Era ea o fată de iaht?  Partea 2 (Meghan Markle)

#meghanmarkle #hgtudor #narcissism HG Tudor continuă cu The Great Exposure luând în considerare dacă Harry’s Wife a fost sau nu o fată de iaht. Consultați Narc Detector Empat Detector. Knowledge Vault. Mai multe informații. E-mail:


29 thoughts on “Era ea o fată de iaht? Partea 2 (Meghan Markle)

  1. They are such a vexatious litigants for things even less damaging than yacht girl rumor and yet they did nothing. Thats already answer enough.

  2. There are some misconceptions about high end prostitutes here. You don't need a perfect anything. You don't even necessarily need to be young. You need to be attractive, outgoing, well groomed, discreet, educated, possibly multilingual, and able to travel on little notice. You don't have to pop your cork at every Tom, Dick or (oops!) John; you have choices if he's an ass. But yachting like this tends to a fair amount of visibility for those on board, and that's indiscreet. That's why the one on one's are preferred by models and starlets. But yachts are more in demand.

  3. I will never judge a woman who sells herself due to drug addiction,severe poverty and grew up in hellish ways that an average girl cant even fathom.On the other hand a spoiled child adult who does it for poeer popularity and riches,walking around later after doing the dirty deeds with highend clothes believing their shit does not stink all due to possessions….lol a begger has more class! Selling yourself when its not a nessesity for survival is someone who sold their body and soul to the devil and by the way….your shit does stink much worse then the girl in hand me down.She may be uneducated,she may make minimum wage but she has class…something yaght girls will never acquire.Meghan actions and behavior and pre prince scoring days makes it very easy for me to believe she was a…prostitute.She probably is the one who changed prostitute to yaght girl because she thinks people will see yaught girl as apposed to prostitute as prestige lmfo…a prostitute is a prostitute !

  4. Harry's Wife is alleged to devote large amounts of time to keeping her hair unnaturally straight. She slipped up here at 00:50 in this photoshoot.

  5. Ich glaube es weiterhin nicht. Ich bin kein Fan von ihr und ich glaube, sie hat sich einmal ein Stück weit drauf eingelassen (Bild mit den sich nicht berührende Frauen und sie rechts hinten im Bild). Aber dass sie sich mehrfach auf eklige und demütigende Techniken gegen Geld eingelassen hat, glaube ich nicht. Dafür hat sie eine zu hohe Meinung von sich, denke ich.

  6. Good for HW , if i could do that itd be easy money ……..ooooh ….oooh!!
    I thought it was just having a ride on a boat , like going on the Norfolk Broads ( theyre waterways,not Hos) . .
    Id be firmly seated with my mouth shut

  7. I heard somewhere, can't remember where, that Marcus, H and HW had a threesome and taped it without H knowing. Don't know if that is true, but it would not surprise me at all.

  8. What a bunch of BS. Meghan Markle is a yacht girl and everyone knows this. Not only was she a yacht girl she was a Soho house prostitute and a sadistic madam call girl and escort and a sadistic sex slave Jeffrey Epstein and sadistic lover to Gillian Maxwell and she was also a big part in the sex trafficking organization of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Meghan Markle is nothing but a madam and a sadistic woman. Meghan Markle is one of the most corrupt prevented sick woman on this planet.

  9. Harry revealed he met her on Instagram??

    But in their joint interview— sitting on the couch appearing so lovey-dovey— after the announcement of their engagement, the actress said a friend whom they cannot name out of respect for her privacy introduced them to each other.😅

    Indeed, if Harry had to pay her to “meet” her at SOHO, that explains why they had to keep the friend’s name a secret😅, because perhaps there was really no friend to begin with, and that should also explain why Harry said he wet his pants on that first date because he was actually acquiring the service of a highly-paid escort.

  10. She doesn’t sue because it’s true—exactly, because of the discovery process which would uncover the evidence. We know she has no problem perjuring herself under oath, so it is most definitely the discovery process that terrifies her.

  11. What about that lady to whom Prince Andrew paid the settlement? Her lawyer suggested Harry’s wife could attest of the relationship with Prince Andrew.

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