Eșec Depășirea unei furtuni | BARBA PIRAT S16E04

Eșec Depășirea unei furtuni |  BARBA PIRAT S16E04

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41 thoughts on “Eșec Depășirea unei furtuni | BARBA PIRAT S16E04

  1. Hi Aubrey, you're so pretty and feminine and I would love to see your naked body doing those yoga's. You have a very sweet voice. Two on and two off I think would be best. Beautiful Cruiser as well you know. For sure when you see waterspouts, head the opposite way. Hope you wasn't turned off the way you were going to do yoga but you brought up the subject. A pretty girl is like a melody that haunt you all day long. By the way I am a UFO researcher and out there in the open blue have you ever seen any? Something sailors hardly ever talk about is washing off the salt spray on the boat. Well sweetie I've rambled on enough and really do appreciate your time and effort so I'll sign off with a sweet goodbye and look forward to your next.❤❤❤

  2. The up side of the bad weather trip is you get a good idea of what Houdini will be like in strong seas.

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  4. Hey, windows has several undelete functions. first check the Recycle bin. If its there you can undelete it. Also there's Windows file recovery. Or you can use a third party software like Recuava.

  5. Ok so there are several thing wrong. Why not just delay? Where is the Bird? Where is Serrell? Drinking on watch? You can loose you captains license. That is if it’s not just bad editing, which I suspect.

  6. There are many watch standing options and I’m sure you will find one that works for you and the crew. My favorite is what I call a modified Swedish watch schedule. 6, 6, 5, 4, and 3. 6a to noon, noon to 6p, 6p to 11p, 11p to 3am, and 3am till 6am. Obviously you can tweak start and stop times, but this is an example. During the day, the six on six off is great and we find this allows us to stay rested and manage the night shifts. Sail on!!

  7. Enjoyed your channel! Just Subscribed.I’m trying to convince my wife that a circumnavigation is a great retirement project and went so far as to even start a little channel (@NavalGazingatCampDavid) to sell her on the life style….desperate times and all that. Lol. Thanks again for the great content. I have a whoooole new appreciation for the time and care it takes to create these episodes!

  8. sailing librety does prirate role playing … she acts a winch he acts like a pirate it adds fun to the sailing channel

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