14 | Navigați pe Insulele Societății, Mo’orea și Huahine

14 |  Navigați pe Insulele Societății, Mo'orea și Huahine

Am părăsit Tuomotus pe un pasaj de 240 de mile marine către Mo’orea în Insulele Societății. Aceste insule sunt ca o combinație geologică a falnicelor Marquesas și a panglicilor de corali ale Tuomotus. După o scurtă vizită la Tahiti pentru a ridica echipaj suplimentar, am explorat ruinele antice și priveliștile falnice ale Mo’orea înainte de încă o trecere de 80 de mile către insula luxuriantă Huahine. Nava noastră Julia este o barcă tradițională din lemn. A fost construită în 1960 după designul Ingrid de William Atkin. Ea ne-a purtat în siguranță pe mii de mile de navigație în larg și a făcut ca visele noastre de croazieră în apă albastră să devină realitate. muzică: toată muzica prin amabilitatea https://www.epidemicsound.com Just the Banjo de Pearce Roswell Legende murale de Adriel Fair Try and Find Me de Adriel Fair ‘Till You Show Up (Versiune instrumentală) de Windshield Flight de Johannes Bornlof Of Virtue de Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen, Anna Dager, Hanna Eksm


41 thoughts on “14 | Navigați pe Insulele Societății, Mo’orea și Huahine

  1. Missed seeing your wonderful videos. So glad to see a new one hit my notifications!

    Hope you two have had the time of your life the last several months. Thank you for once again sharing a magnificently recorded, edited, and narrated video!

  2. Loved your coverage of the Marquesas and now here you are in Moorea and Huahine! Been awhile, but worth the wait! Thanks for sharing your journeys.

  3. It has been a long time, but it was worth the wait. French Polynesia is such a magical place. I have been there many times when I was living in New Zealand, and fell into the charm of Moorea, Bora Bora and the Marquises. If you head west, don't miss the Cook Islands, Aitutaki in particular.

  4. i looooove your series ! keep updating, and really want to know more about you guys. Im so qurious in whats your earlier experience, earlier job, (if I can ask , budget for the trip) and so on. I think I could watch an interview with you two in hours to go! Love this. hope it never ends ! Hope both of you having a great day. thank you!

  5. Dang…!

    Reading all the comments I realize the my wife and I weren't the only people concerned that after sailing over the horizon from
    Tuomotu there was no word from y'all for over 4 months.

    So, we get it, you're doing what you're doing because vol want vour freedom (including freedom from social media). Hopefully you can see from the comment section on this video that there are people who truly care about your well-being!

    I personally DON'T want to pressure you to produce a certain number of full length, cinema quality videos via some time table, but maybe, for those of us who have kids your age, that worry, you could possibly put up a very short (30-45 second) video update now and then, in between your full length videos so us "old timers" don't lose sleep at night wondering if you're at the bottom of the sea!

    We’re so glad to see that all is well…!
    Keep rocking it…!

  6. My thoughts also. Too long between videos and I was concerned. Very glad to see your adventure continues and everything seems to be OK. Thanks for another wonderful video!

  7. Great stuff, truly! So much beautiful scenery to look at yet I kept finding myself drawn to the magnificent woodwork on Julia. What did you use to varnish her that has lasted so nicely?

  8. A great channel. Beautiful boat, great videography and narration. I hope not another 4 months before next one. It's so watchable and entertaining. All the best.

  9. Thank you! No rush from this viewer. No metrics. No worries here. Fair winds and following seas! I can’t wait for the next time it fits for you!

  10. Thank you for another great episode – we have loved watching your journeying and are hopeful we will see you in Australian waters one day. Fair winds and following seas. Rod & Lillian (Sapphire of London)

  11. Waiting (in)patiently for this episode, I watched it immediately and had great satisfaction as always. Your channel is truly the greatest. Wish you all the best for your next year of sailing. ❤

  12. So glad you continue to share your adventure with us. I was worried after four months. Incredible storytelling and cinematography yet again. Looking forward to your future videos.

  13. Huahine is truly paradise. I was there 15 years ago. Rode my bicycle around the islands for a month with my ex. It is paradise found.

  14. I got introduced to cruising in the 1970s reading the stories of Lin and Larry Pardey. Your magnificent videos (and your beautiful boat) remind me of those halcyon days of cruising in wooden boats. I think the wait between your video posts is well and truly worth it. Well done. I am definitely a fan and will follow you as long as you keep going. Maybe we will see you in Australia some day?

  15. I am discerning a different tenor from Whitney and less of her fabulous smile.
    I am hoping that Whitney is still enjoying the adventure.

  16. After a month with no posts, we were relived to see that you two made it OK to the Society Is. You're simply (and non-pretentious) channel is a relief from the burgeoning Bikini Boat channels that seem to have popped up like feather worms, over the last couple years. We also noticed the USCG jumpers patch. You guys are the best! We spent 8 years involved with USCG Aux, and were proud to lighten the load for the USCG. We're looking for ward to your next post, and appreciate the love you put into your wooden boat! Fair Winds and Following Seas to you both (Dorian and Cathy, Caliber 40 – SV Arcanum)

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