INSANE Wahoo Catch! Cel mai bun pescuit de adâncime din viața noastră! (Pacific Crossing 5 din 8) SV Delos Ep. 420

INSANE Wahoo Catch!  Cel mai bun pescuit de adâncime din viața noastră!  (Pacific Crossing 5 din 8) SV Delos Ep.  420

E WAHOO MADNESS pe marea liberă! Suntem la 10 zile de călătoria noastră de 3.000 de mile marine prin Oceanul Pacific, iar Regele Neptun este pe cale să ne binecuvânteze cu cel mai emoționant moment al călătoriei de până acum… După ce am servit un prânz cu tacos de pește proaspăt prins dintr-un listao. în acea dimineață, echipajul era amânat într-un mod de comă alimentară/siesta odată cu rostogolirea bărcii. Dar am prins viață când am auzit acel sunet inconfundabil…..FISH ON!!! Cârligem un MONSTRU absolut care ne pune la încercare abilitățile de pescuit. După ce am pregătit peștele și am reușit să introducem cantitatea obscenă de wahoo în frigiderele și congelatoarele noastre, singurul lucru care ne rămâne de făcut este să ne bucurăm de fructele muncii noastre… un catch and cook potrivit pentru regi cu niște fripturi wahoo grase și suculente! Puteți găsi toate echipamentele pentru cameră pe care le folosim, elementele noastre esențiale pentru croazieră, instrumente, lectură recomandată, echipament de siguranță și multe altele în vitrina noastră Amazon! Consultați canalul YouTube al lui Hannah! Urmăriți seria noastră de documente din 4 părți: Protejați-vă de soare! Susține videoclipurile noastre- Trimite-ne dragoste Ne finalizăm navigarea în jurul lumii, așa că mai sunt multe de văzut ! Sprijinul dvs. va finanța echipamente mai bune pentru cameră, internet pentru a încărca videoclipuri și, desigur, lubrifianți creativi pentru a ușura procesul de editare 🙂 – Abonați-vă la noul nostru site minunat. – În culise. – Like-ne pe Facebook – Sprijină-ne cumpără un tricou dulce Delos!


27 thoughts on “INSANE Wahoo Catch! Cel mai bun pescuit de adâncime din viața noastră! (Pacific Crossing 5 din 8) SV Delos Ep. 420

  1. I very disappointed to hear you throw the glass and tins and alloy beer cans in the Oceans have you not see the plastic mountain . Disappointed

  2. Very good episode. Love the big catch of the day. I'm guessing the fish will be lasting until next port by the looks of it. Thanks for sharing and good luck to you on the next half of your journey. Love the chemistry with the crew. Everything is great!

  3. Nice going.. to inform you about the small soda cans they do have a plastic coating on the inside.
    Going deep it takes ages to decay. And that’s is similar to glass. It won’t decay as it sit still on the bottom. Just have think and wonder why the found wine bottles some even filled with wine next to the titanic.
    Why are wrecks fond so complete after years. This all due to the lack of oxygen. To make good decay/ rust you need oxygen and movement. I’m not pride to see you guys dumping materials where you assume they will fall apart over time in the deep ocean. Sorry you can’t dump much overboard , only organic material .

  4. Yeah, you shouldn’t be bragging about how little trash you have created if you’re throwing cans and bottles into the ocean. They don’t belong there and you have room on board to store them.

  5. Amazing vid guys, the true excitement of catching the Wahoo was awesome. I was sitting screaming: DON'T COME OFF, DON'T COME OFF.

  6. Ive never bothered to comment on YT before, but I do so now to put greater emphasis on what many have already said– it is NOT acceptable to throw cans and bottles into the ocean! I've seen and watched other boats do this (to my dismay), but I was, for some reason, absolutely gobsmacked that you guys do this too– and have been doing it for YEARS, by the sound of it!! Please please please do a quick google search of what can and cannot be thrown into the sea; there are many useful infographics out there. I wonder now what other malpractices you might have through ignorance or neglect…

  7. I hope you do address the littering in one of your next videos! It's such an important subject because so many other sailors out there are uneducated about this as well!

  8. I reslly like the part where the cucumbers are rolling back and fourth onnthe counter. Some great B roll. And the music fit do well. The film making magic somtimes makes me so happy. Big love for Delos . Oh Btw , nice Wahoo!

  9. Next time you catch a skipjack, cut it behind the gills and blead it out in a bucket of salt water. You won't be able to tell the difference between a regular tuna.

  10. I hate to tell you but metal coke can are plastic lined watch a video where they resolve the metal but the plastiliner inside the can remains. Just say there us plastic in a coke can.

  11. Dang… what a disappointing episode. I was honestly disgusted with the littering. We have got to do better. I was not expecting that. Take your trash with you or better yet… do drinks that don't involve metal cans and glass. How about tea or juice? To be honest…it might be a deal breaker for me causing me to unsubscribe even if it is common practice. Please do better!

  12. I love you guys, you inspire us every episode!!
    Constructive criticism, review the way of dealing with garbage. Aluminum cans can take 500 years to degrade. Glass over 1,000 years old. They are recyclable, odorless, easy to compress and store. Can you imagine if every boat threw aluminum cans and glass bottles into the sea?
    You are an example for many of us and we would like you to continue like this!!❤

  13. As a scuba diver, who has participated in several ocean cleanup days, I am saddened by the thought of throwing cans and bottles overboard. Those did not come from the sea, they will take a very long time to break down (the bottles may never break down) and they generally make the ocean a "trashier" place.

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