Progres mari la catamaranul meu de 2000 USD | Sălbatic Sailing

Progres mari la catamaranul meu de 2000 USD |  Sălbatic Sailing

Mi-am lipit geamurile bărcii cu bandă VHB și silicon. o mare lucrare pentru repararea Wharram pahi 42 finalizată. Andy O face mai bine: Instagramul meu: @boat.fella Facebook:… Întrebări despre afaceri: thewildlingsofficial@ Muzica pe care o ascult de fapt: Mulțumesc foarte mult oamenilor incredibil de generoși care folosesc linkurile de mai jos PayPal: https://www. Ko-fi: Patreon:


21 thoughts on “Progres mari la catamaranul meu de 2000 USD | Sălbatic Sailing

  1. The music is a bit brutal in this one at times. It’s not always easy to find decent copyright free music. I was going for 70s vibe in this one 😂 hope you enjoy it. Thanks for watching!! ✊

  2. I'm a salior owned blow noats, the tape is a great start but with out screws your screwed in a heavy sea, even better , trim out the out side area with teak screwed to the facia. lots of flexs in a glass haul , Neptune finds the flaws every time.

  3. There is no way that double sided tape would hold in seas, in either good or bad seas. . Your like one of those idiot worker in youtube. Sorry man, your doing shirtcut job on a very important task. Very bad job!!!

  4. Hardener pumps crust up. Wash it out with hot water, it will have a second or third life. And if you're mixing up more than a few pumps worth, measuring cups or scales are easier. Was that nine pumps, or ten 😉
    And I'll second the many comments about mechanical fasteners on the windows – that's no place to go cheap and experimental.

  5. I'm not experienced in sailing the seas but safety critical systems usually have double protection, ie bolts through frames and glue/sealant. Relying on one aspect only is high risk. On a lighter note I like the yellow frames against the white. That all yellow and blue scheme hurt my eyes!

  6. Cracking progress Mark, bet that was an enjoyable week!! I also learnt pretty much everything I know about epoxy and fibreglass from Andy at @BoatWorksToday!! He's a legend, as are you mate. Keep it going.

  7. Please don't take this the wrong way but, Why a CATAMARAN? I see it as twice the problems than one boat, I do congratulate you on you're efforts though. I'll keep watching to see how you tackle your project!

  8. Great work, nice to see such good progress! I think, I would be inclined to run a bead of sealant/caulking around the inside of the windows too, just to be sure!

  9. I echo the other commenter my friend. I would NOT be going offshore with taped windows. Just saying…

  10. Mark
    you CANNOT rely on the 3M Double Tape for your Port Windows.
    THAT WILL NOT LAST 1 YEAR with that tape.
    Bro. Do it Right the First Time , Do NOT CUT CORNERS. I 1000% ASSURE and PROMISE you that 3M tape will NOT HOLD Watertight once waves start hitting it.
    I SWEAR to you from EXPERIENCE Mark.
    you MUST Screw or BOLT them in to be Water Tight

  11. The 'bashing strip' is actually a rubbing strake. Traditionally made of a hardwood such as teak and often covered in a corrosion-resistant metal. They are regarded as sacrificial to protect the hull so should be fitted so that they are easy to replace.

  12. That 3M Tape is going to let go at a bad time and it will really suck. Fine for the boatyard for the moment but that isn't going to take you to sea.

  13. To help with the distribution of paint out of a can, partially submerge them in hot water to help pressurize the can. This aids in atomization of the paint particles when you spray.

    This has helped me on more times than one, including my past motorbike rebuilds and current landcruiser project.

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