Înapoi pe iahtul meu italian vechi de 30 de ani și e mai rău ca niciodată

Înapoi pe iahtul meu italian vechi de 30 de ani și e mai rău ca niciodată

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44 thoughts on “Înapoi pe iahtul meu italian vechi de 30 de ani și e mai rău ca niciodată

  1. I truly wish you the best with this but I believe you're going to knock the crankshafts thru the bottom of those oil pans with those ls engines. Yes those Cummins 903's are hard to get parts for and are very unreliable but those LS's wont make a 1/4 of the torque the diesels make and thats what moves the boat.Good luck and thanks for the video.

  2. Haven't watched in a while, made some great progress on that jewel, those LS twins are looking so good. Way to go, will check back more often

  3. You want simple and efficient. In a boat unlike cars were they can be fixed almost anywhere on land unlike a boat. Complicated for fun isn't fun when your counting on that part for literal survival

  4. this is a such a bad engine choice. you'll be rebuilding these engines every 150-200 hours of cruise power. or you rebuild the diesels and go 5000-10000 between overhauls.

  5. Switching from diesel to gas is the wrong move. Double the fuel rate and gas is almost twice as much as diesel (in my area anyways). Should have put Cummins engines in there.

  6. Strip the switches down to the plate, dissolve the lettering in paint stripper
    Repaint the description letters then sand the plate smooth

  7. I started watching during the Evora build while I was in high school. The thought of just some regular guy taking a gamble and committing to rebuilding what many would call a lost cause was inspiring, so much so that as a completely broke college student I bought a wrecked 2018 Kia as my first project car. The investment I made in it was tenfold time to money, and it's still what I drive daily today. Even though I am much better off financially now, and could afford a lot of pretty cool new cars, I still drive it. This kind of content to me is in the vein of just throwing money at a problem, taking what you have for granted and acquiring more and more projects that you half-ass for views. As an older fan, I want to see you improve vehicles you already have and make something truly unique to yourself, using the resources you now have, rather than just getting more and more.

    Spend years making something incredible and worthwhile dude, not 4 weeks on some bullshit deadline show car that's going to rot in dry-dock forever.

  8. This guy doesn't do boat stuff much does he? Essentially just throwing money at a bonfire with this thing. By the time it's even remotely operational in any acceptable manor, he would've spent less on a newer nicer yacht that a proper company with engineers and tons of R&D built lol. Guess the saving grace is that $30k in motors was probably a sponsored bit

  9. Looks like non of your fuel system is marine, that' s an explosion waiting to happen. You can't just throw race car parts in an enclosed hull like that…

  10. That's super special anti-corrosion so-called paint that you used it's not to blame. The coating not paint that you put on probably didn't stand a chance because you didn't do a good enough job on the preparation. Guaranteed

  11. Back on the boat, just toss alot of cash on it. I am curious to see what it looks like down below and the state of it, this bad boy needs some work! Glad to see you guys back at it

  12. Probably because it was neglected. You fixed it, neglected it, made a video about it. Neglected it. Rinse and repeat.

  13. Sustained high HP on automotive engines. Ones way over their stock output as well. Im calling it now … Those engines will eat themselves.

  14. B is for Broke. because I bought a big a$$ boat 🚤

    I remember when this happened I looked
    on the internet and saw an unused military surplus engine
    for $10,000

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