Cum să rămâneți ACTIV pe mare – Inventăm un sport nou! | Navigand cu Sase | S2 E29

Cum să rămâneți ACTIV pe mare - Inventăm un sport nou!  |  Navigand cu Sase |  S2 E29

Alăturați-vă nouă în acest episod, în timp ce primim o vizită rapidă a insulei Grand Cayman înainte de a porni din nou spre Isla Mujeres, Mexic. Acesta este un pasaj de 320 nm care ar trebui să ne ia aproximativ două zile și jumătate. Pasajul este unul zgomotos, cu multă ploaie și vânt puternic. Avem probleme cu Iridium Go! baterie se defectează și există, de asemenea, o mulțime de trăsături „pe mare”! Creăm un nou joc internațional offshore. Sperăm să vă bucurați de „Eyes Shut Twirl” la fel de mult ca și Căpitanului! Comentați mai jos, apăsați subscribe și deveniți Patreon… Alăturați-vă familiei noastre Patreon Urmărește-ne pe Instagram Facebook https://web.facebook .com/sailingwithsix/ Site-ul web


33 thoughts on “Cum să rămâneți ACTIV pe mare – Inventăm un sport nou! | Navigand cu Sase | S2 E29

  1. This is one of your most entertaining videos, mate. Other than the "floating cities" (a phrase my 11-yr old Sunshine Coast grandson, Gichii, has now adopted), the Caymans seem little changed since I was last there over 30 yrs ago. Back in the day, when my second and third sons sailed with me, the tykes favourite exercise was "topping", which was climbing to the top of the mainmast, and "keeling", which was freediving under the keel from one side to the other. The boys were 10 and 11 back then. One is now a barrister, so I doubt he could do today what he did 20 yrs ago. You're a great example to your billy lids! Have fun, but watch out for a dangerous hurricane season ahead. The sea temperatures around the Caribbean are crazy high this year.

  2. you would have been told before , but , you have a Beautiful Family and a great life style . The kids , if they stay on board , will be fantastic sailors and a very cheap crew 🤣🤣. I am a subscriber and watch you as often as possible , calm sea ..

  3. Great to see the family in safety harnesses, you are very responsible parents! and thank you for this episode good to see that your are travelling well – Be safe and take care team!

  4. "I did come up stalkers from the toilet." I can't locate the use of "stalkers", in this manner. I understand it's a slang term. Do you know its origin? I'm so interested in linguistics. Please understand that I'm not trying to call you out or put you on the spot. I'm simply interested in learning. I thoroughly enjoyed your new sport. 😂 Thanks for sharing.

  5. When I saw "How to…" I was afraid this would be a teaching video, but thankfully it was, rather, an enjoyable thirty minutes of life on passage with this amazing family, a few spills and thrills included. I'm sure you're accumulating a lot of know-how that you might want to pass on. Not sure, however, that just anyone can learn to pull off these adventures the way Team Fothers does it? The outro "Sailing with Six" graphics are a nice touch.

  6. Ahaha!
    Who ever came up with that twirl game!?🤣

    And tnx. for the Aussie slang lesson!😄

    Also. An idea! Would it perhaps be possible ,to remove the battery cells from the iridium battery pack.
    And solder on a pair of cables in to the empty "pack" ,and connect the cables to a power source from the boat
    (of course being very careful about getting the right volt/amperage) just as a backup i mean?

    Finally, it always astounds me how well-behaved and helpful kidz on sailing boats are ,yours in particular
    (well, at least as long as the camera is on..😁)!

    Fair winds from Scandinavia!👋🏻

  7. As Amateur's Radio Operator I would have had HF SSB and now with Vara (Software TNC) one can get Grep file, email etc free under your callsign.

  8. I'm super impressed with how knowledgeable the older ones are getting, not only in handling the boat and the lines, but in understanding the winds and how they affect the boat. What a fantastic job everyone is doing! Good on ya' !❤😂👍

  9. 1. If you think those cruise ships are big, imagine being on a US Aircraft Carrier, I spent a 6 month deployment on the USS John F. Kennedy CV-67, it's 1056 feet long (322 meters) and 250 wide (76 meters), 5000 sailors.
    2. It really looks like your crew is shaping up, that's awesome.
    Great video, cheers from Texas.

  10. Oxymoron is when you use two words that are opposite in meaning. Example: military intelligence or president Biden.

  11. I loved the diving! My niece and I just did 8 dives a piece in two days. The currents were too strong to do our deep wreck dives sadly. We got to do a deep drift dive, though, which was cool. 75' deep! We head home in the morning so keep sharing that ocean with us land locked Texans please!

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