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24 thoughts on “De ce APROAPE RENUNȚEM – Și Acum ÎNCEPEM DE LA CAP | SailAway 234

  1. Good on you for powering thru your issues. I having a problem getting the videos via patron vs regular you tube which blocks casting to the TV
    Are we still on your list?

  2. I agree to the others why this Channel doesnt have more views but I love to watch you guys because other than good,bad and ulgy you two are the only real ones left to watch that are really expérience expérience going thru the real stuff with sailing . keep sailing guys.

  3. Way to persevere you guys. The fruits of your labor are ripe for picking now! Awesome that you’re finally able to push off. I agree with the other commenter, not sure why you don’t have more subs. You’re one of my favorites!

  4. You have the most honest and realistic channel. I can sense the pressure you feel to provide and congratulate your wife on how she stayed so strong. Together you two are getting it done.

  5. Hey you guys. Tom on SV Magrathea. I have been on MB 4 at SA Municipal Marina for 3 weeks. Great clean Marina. Got a front row seat for the 4th fireworks with no traffic. It was fun to see all the same places I go almost on a daily basis in your video. I know these are a little dated so I hope you are safe in your hole for the season. Spanish water in Curacao for me next year. Thank you for the last part of your video. I have been battling the project boat blues for months now and can't seem to shake it. It's just me and the 13# terrier so if I throw in the towel I only have myself to disappoint. And it's still not an option. Little routines help, like an ice cream sandwich at the Philli cheese steak place and a couple games of Rush pinball. I know I should have my own channel for posts like this but just don't have the time or energy. Hoping you found some joy. Hope this helps others in the same boat. Ha Ha see what I did with that??? Be safe. Tom and Meka

  6. Have you looked at putting a hard start on the watermarked? Any electrical motor that pulls high amps even for a second will benefit from one. Hope this helps. And they are cheep and will save you power…..🎉

  7. Is there a long term plan for the port motor? Can it be fixed/rebuilt? If you do that, will you be able to rebuild the starboard one at around the same time?

  8. Well done guys for hanging in there. It WILL all be worth it, when you finally go down south. Have a safe passage (if you haven’t already!) fair winds and following seas 😊.

  9. You might possibly need a slow start for that high pressure water pump because it's probably spiking too high… Many people use that for their air con too… And also off grid well pumps probably a lot more things too…

  10. tried a search without success.
    I recently bought & installed a used Village Marine Stowaway 600 Watermaker. (110V AC). We had hoped to run the unit off the inverter while underway.
    It draws ~12 A when running. This is not an issue for our 9 KW generator but when I attempt to run it off the almost new inverter (Magnum MS2812 rated for up to 23 A ) it trips the over current breaker on the inverter.
    It appears that when the high pressure pump on the Watermaker starts up, it has a brief spike of up to 90 A of draw which trips the inverter.
    I understand that installing a soft start circuit might make the watermaker draw less when starting. These Soft Start modules don’t appear to be cheap & most on the market are designed for Air Conditioners.
    Does anyone here have any experience in solving this issue?
    Thanks for any feedback you can offer.

    Here was one of the answers back from this guy's question… They are only $10-20 and can reduce inrush current by 30% or so. The next step is much more expensive, maybe a Dometic or Micro-Air soft start kit. These cost several hundreds but are reported to reduce inrush current by up to 75%.

    I have never used one on a water maker but if yours is a 115V, single phase, capacitor start motor it may work. Contact the manufacturer to be sure… Not sure if you allow links so in a next comment I will past the link to this forum

  11. I would have stayed in the States and rather rebuild the one motor that is locked up. If you having issues with working motor, you back to square 1……

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