Ne aducem copilul acasă! | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 126

Ne aducem copilul acasă!  |  Sailing Soulianis - Ep.  126

După o iarnă lungă, într-un hambar departe, singure, ne aducem barca acasă! A fost o treabă dificilă să-i potriviți grinzile înalte prin ușa garajului, o putem scoate fără incidente? Și… Avem o surpriză de împărtășit cu tine! Sper sa iti placa! Lauren, Kirk & Renata Filmat: aprilie–iunie 2023 *SOCIALE + BLOG* Patreon: Instagram: Facebook: https://www. Site: Instagram-ul lui Kirk: *MUSIC* Melodie tematică: Adventures by A Himitsu -himitsu Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: Muzică lansată de Argofox Muzică promovată de Audio Library https://youtu. be/MkNeIUgNPQ8 Toată cealaltă muzică: ARTLIST — — Utilizați acest link pentru a obține 2 LUNI GRATUIT de Artlist! Căutăm mereu muzică! Dacă dvs. sau un prieten, rudă sau cunoștință faceți muzică originală și doriți să o prezentați pe canalul nostru, trimiteți-ne un strigăt la *CAMERA GEAR* #sailingfamily #trimaran #homestead


23 thoughts on “Ne aducem copilul acasă! | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 126

  1. Renata sure is a cutie! Already knows 'Cheers!'. Impressive. Can't wait for her to meet a new sibling soon. Good luck with everything!

  2. Love the ice cream cheers shot, Renata is growing so well, what a little treasure! Growing stuff takes practice, I had some of the smallest green peppers ever grown once, while the tomatoes grew so many I had too much! Augmenting the soil is a bit of an art form, given that you have sandy soil, it will probably take a while to dial it in. Perhaps hydroponic delivery?

  3. As always, another great episode, I really enjoy watching your happy-go-lucky family. Did I read someone's comment correctly? Are you guys having another child? Sorry, I must have missed something if so. Lol

  4. Do you want the heater? Probably. Animals mean mice. Maybe it's good that we winterized it. 120 odd plants. Wish I could do more but this little thing in here … and that was before the boat fun! I was in Oceanside a few times, heading from San Clemente to Del Mar. 😄

  5. Kirk: Tell me when the amas get close to the front of the garage.
    Lauren: Right.
    Renata: We need more shoes in the shoe basket, ok? Come on come on, guys!

  6. I normally do not comment on videos but I must say the Renata’s vocabulary is amazing. I watch several other channels and I can say with certainty that I have seen no children her age speak the way she does. God bless her, the future bro or sis and the parents!!!

  7. Congratulations to all of you! So excited that you will be adding another cast/crew/family member. 🙂 Renata continues to steal the show and this is all so great to see. Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. Ama strut scraping solution. My friend had a Farrier and he had the same issue with garage door height. We released the amas and the struts dropped several inches for easy entrance/exit.
    Maybe it will work on your model as well. 😜

  9. Not sure how much longer you'll store the boat in that barn, but if you do it again it seems like if you could extend the amas just a few inches it would be enough to reduce the air draft to get through the door. It seemed like there was more room at the sides than at the top. Just a thought, hard to tell if you could make it work or not. Either way glad to see the boat back, and congrats on the future little one! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I really like this new chapter. The cruising was fun to watch/experience, but this is really more relatable. I look forward to you new adventures. Congrats on the new baby, your daughter is so sweet and bright.

  11. Your daughter is hilarious, sweet, and so ahead of her years. Since your first episode, I’ve been impressed, now even more so. Thanks for sharing a snippet of your life.

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